Season 5 Episode 11

My Buddy's Booty

Aired Tuesday 9:30 PM Feb 28, 2006 on NBC
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J.D. is still dealing with his recent breakup and trying not to kill intern Keith, who has become annoyingly perfect. To make matters worse, a favorite patient is in a serious coma and each of the staff finds their own way to deal with it. Dr. Cox and the Janitor bond over drinks at the bar and Carla makes it her mission to make the hospital's gym female friendly. Meanwhile, Turk suggests that J.D. and Elliot find themselves 'booty calls'.moreless

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  • Elliot hooks up with Keith.

    This episode is where I started hating one of JD's interns, Keith. And JD agrees with me, in this episode Elliot and JD are apparently closer than ever. I honestly thought they were going to sleep together in this episode because of it's introduction and since JD just broke up with Julie. But I was wrong, Elliot & JD agree to get some with the interns, by doing booty calls. Since their interns are extremely ugly, they decide not to do it. But then Elliot ends up sleeping with JD's arch nemesis, Keith. This is when he really start getting annoying. He is messed up to JD and he actually starts to act arrogant. Carla wants gym supplies for woman in the hospital gym but Turk comes in to realization that he doesn't want to see Carla everywhere. So he lies. And strangely enough, the janitor and Cox become friends, it makes sense sort of. In this episode the janitor becomes embarrassed of talking to Cox at work. We got to see a softer side of Cox in this episode in a way. Jordan continues to be hysterical. The plots might have been lacking a bit in development, but the one thing this show continues to carry on is being funny. And this episode was funny which boosted the rating for this episode way up.moreless
  • One of my favourite episodes of season 5. Contains plot spoilers.

    Despite my positive reviews, season 5 is not the greatest season of all time, it's probably the worst season of scrubs. However if you compare this season with the best season of another sitcom i.e. Friends, Will & Grace etc. It will be their best season by far. Seriously.

    This episode though really turned my perspective of this season around. Usually in a typical episode of any sitcom, you have one amazing storyline and another one or two average, filler storylines. However, this isn't the case with this episode, as all the storylines were interesting and had great character development. First you have both JD & Elliot looking for booty calls, since JD's break up with Julie (great comment on Grey's Anatomy by the way); Secondly, you have Dr. Cox and the Janitor forming an unsuspecting friendship; and Carla convincing Turk to make the gym more female friendly.

    JD ends up not recieving a booty call, however Elliot spends the night with JD's enemy and intern, Keith. This results in JD being unfair to Keith at work.

    Turk is convinced by Dr. Cox not to change the gym, because it's the only place guys have alone from their wives. Carla catches on and the whole female staff hate him.

    Probably the funniest storyline; Dr. Cox and Janitor build a strong relationship, but that is until the Janitor doesn't want to be friends at work due to his representation.

    The highlights of the episode are;

    -Dr. Cox and the Janitor pulling a prank on JD

    -The shot at 'Grey's Anatomy'

    -The elevator scene where all the characters are arguing with each other due to the storyline; Jd - Elliot; Carla - Turk; Dr. Cox - Janitor; plus Kelso & Doug are in there for good measure.

    One of my favourite episodes of the season. Pure gold. Classic Scrubs.moreless
  • Bar Buddies, Booty Buddies and Gym Buddies

    Scooterblading is yet another hilarious game created by JD and the start was classic with Elliot and JD both trying it out, along with the shower pranks and a cocky Keith, showing he has changed from the first episode of the season.

    After the theme music, the episode gets even better, all the plots being hilarious and coming to a very good conclusion, the petty arguments fading away when a patient pulls through.

    Cox and Janitor being bar buddies is a terrific plot, especially when they break into JD’s apartment, and later set his bed on fire, the Janitor keeping the $90 JD gave him to take it back to his place.

    Keith starts dating Elliot which annoys JD in a very humorous way, and apparently the relationship continues the rest of the season, according to the threads on the site.

    My favourite scene probably comes from Turk and Carla’s plot where he tells Kelso that Jim demands more equipment and also the pen/stapler throwing.

    Another episode of this quality and season 5 probably will be my new favourite season, meaning this is a very entertaining Scrubs episode.moreless
  • JD and Elliot search for booty calls and Janitor and Dr.Cox bond...just not at work.

    This is a classic Scrubs episode. Sometimes I miss the way old Scrubs would flow, with a nice balance between jokes and lessons, but this one lived up to the episodes of the past. The best part was the Grey's Anatomy dig (Elliot: Can't we just go home, and put on our PJs and watch "Grey's Anatomy"?

    JD: Oh, I do love that show. It's like they've been watching our lives and just... put it on TV.) I laughed so hard at that bit that my roommate had to come check out the show, then ended up getting hooked. Great episode of a great show.moreless
  • Booty booty booty in this very funny not hugely important but very very funny episode

    Why do i love this episode? Is it the quick gags and the set pieces coming from way out left field? nah its the one little scene where they demolish Greys Anatomy in 15 seconds. Pure gold, critisism has rarely been so funny. Love you Bill Lawrence! The Janitor and Dr Cox friendship is a match made in hell as well. And makes a pure fan like me sratch his head why they didnt come up with this earlier!

    Airbrush: Fans Forever!!!

    Greetz Dylanmoreless
Donald Faison

Donald Faison

Dr. Christopher "Chris" Duncan Turk

John C. McGinley

John C. McGinley

Dr. Percival "Perry" Cox

Judy Reyes

Judy Reyes

Nurse Carla Espinosa

Ken Jenkins

Ken Jenkins

Dr. Robert "Bob" Kelso

Neil Flynn

Neil Flynn

The Janitor

Sarah Chalke

Sarah Chalke

Dr. Elliot Reid



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Callard Harris

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Rachel Jenkins


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Travis Schuldt


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Christa Miller-Lawrence

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Michael Learned

Mrs. Wilk

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (13)

    • There was a joke about Grey's Anatomy. Jack Yang (who played one of the patients) appeared in a few episodes.

    • Michael Jackson:
      When Turk was dancing in front of Mrs. Wilk, she cheered, "Go Michael!" This was most likely a reference to the very famous pop singer Michael Jackson, who dances in a similar fashion.

    • Dr. Cox supposedly took a picture of him, the Janitor, and J.D. with his cell phone and then blew the picture up to poster size. However, this would not be possible since the resolution of a cell phone picture could not be blown up to that size.

    • When J.D. comes out of his room and sees Elliot broke the no booty rule, he is wearing a shirt that says New Jersey. Zach Braff is from New Jersey.

    • Before J.D. hits the black van, you can see there's already a sizable dent in the door, probably from repeated takes of the same scene.

    • Featured Music:
      "Shadow" by The Southland
      "Open" by Rob Laufer
      "Head off" by Moris Tepper
      "Without You" by Tart
      "Blue" by The Jayhawks

    • Elliot's looks were compared to Gary Busey's in "My Missed Perception" as well. Elliot said that her picture on her driver's license looked like Gary Busey and Gary Busey himself replied that his picture did too.

    • When J.D. finds out about Keith and Elliot, he finds a condom that says "el toro grande". In English, that means "the large bull".

    • Doug said he has to take the dead body back down to the basement. Yet during the elevator argument, It starts with Dr. Cox and The Janitor at the Lobby, this is known because of the large sign behind them. Then in ends with J.D. and Elliot getting on at the 2nd floor, this is known because there is a large number 2 behind them. Why would Doug travel upwards to go to the basement?

    • When J.D. and Elliot walk into the elevator there is a bird's eye view of everyone in the elevator. If you look towards the bottom right you can see the top of the black camera which is looking at Turk and Carla.

    • When Carla and Turk enter the elevator Carla stand at a angle to the elevator wall. But a second later she is standing parallel to the wall talking to Turk.

    • When Dr. Cox falls from boredom from J.D.'s story, there is a nurse in pink scrubs; when he stands up, she has moved to the left of the screen.

    • Eliott actually does place a picture of herself over Julie's face, then when it cuts back the picture has changed to Gary Busey.

  • QUOTES (16)

    • Dr. Cox: You know what else I hear about Kelso? His hair smells like a pet store.
      Janitor: Oh, actually, that's my fault. I filled his hairspray can with dog sweat.
      Dr. Cox: Dogs don't sweat.
      Janitor: No? What the hell am I putting in there?

    • J.D. walks away with scratches on his back.
      Jason: Dr. D, what's that on your back?
      J.D.: Those Jason, are the panicked scratches of the adolescent raccoon, who until animal control can get into my home, is currently residing in my sock drawer.

    • J.D. comes in, in pain
      Keith: You ok, Dr. Dorian?
      J.D.: Keith, it's like you're begging me to hate you.
      Keith: I don't feel like I am.
      J.D.: You can't stop, can you?

    • J.D.: A whole week of sleep, you're going to have some killer bed head. I'm nervous, I'm sorry. I love bed head, see?

    • Caveman bootycall
      Cavewoman: Why you go now?
      J.D.: Oh hey, you're up. Um, look, I don't know what you're looking for but I just got out of a really tough relationship with this girl, Debbie. Also, my sister was carried off by a giant bird so we've all been in mourning about that. And my brother ate my foot. But you are just fantastic. The things you were doing last night were well, crazy. Ok? So when I clear up my own stuff, I'd love to get back together with you.
      Cavewoman: Hungry.
      J.D.: Ok I should really go.

    • A woman sits next to Dr. Cox at the bar
      Dr. Cox: I'm actually saving that for someone.
      Woman: That's not allowed.
      Dr. Cox: Fair enough. Say, that's a real nice pantsuit you have there.
      Woman: Oh well, thank you. It's 40% off.
      Dr. Cox: I say you swing by my place and see if we can get it 100% off.

    • In J.D.'s room
      Janitor: I come by here a couple times a week and move stuff around. Turn off his alarm. Maybe cut his bangs.
      Dr. Cox: You're clearly in need of help but darn it, I'm not gonna give it to you. How sound a sleeper do you think he is?
      Janitor: Well, watch this.
      Janitor hits the bed and J.D. sits up then lies down again
      J.D.: Why?

    • J.D. holds up a condom
      Elliot: J.D., I can explain.
      J.D.: (As he picks up another one) Oh you did it twice! Alrighty. Somebody's a stud. We got a stud alert here! (Makes a siren sound then picks up a bunch of condoms) Ok this is just mathematically impossible.

    • J.D.: "El Toro Grande"? I'm not familiar with this brand.

    • J.D.: Your hero Keith here, forgot to check the blood levels on Mr. Joy this morning and guess what? He's dead. Way to go, Keith.
      Keith: I've never even seen this guy before.
      J.D.: Oh! Way to get to know your patients there, murderer.
      Doug: There's Mr. Joy. J.D., did you steal him from the morgue?
      J.D.: I left a note on the decapitated guy's stump that I'd have him back by 2. It's 1:45!

    • J.D.: Does anyone know what the cause of death may have been?
      Keith: Maybe when you leaned over to check his I.V., you smothered him to death with one your love handles.
      J.D.: What did you say, Keith?
      Keith: Dr. Reid told me if you picked on me I should stand up for myself. And that you're very sensitive about your doughy physique.

    • Patient: I keep getting light-headed and passing out but you haven't seen it because it only happens when I yawn.
      Dr. Cox: Newbie, quick, tell him a story.
      J.D.: Lay off bub, okay? I'm still pretty upset about the whole Julie thing...
      (Patient faints)
      J.D.: You know in high school once there was a...
      (Dr. Cox falls down)
      J.D.: Hope that hurt.
      (Dr. Cox jumps back up)
      Dr. Cox: Totally worth it.

    • Todd: You know where there's all kinds of equipment for women? (Points to himself) Todd-land.
      Turk: Damn it, Todd. What did I tell you about talking like that around my wife?
      Todd: Wait until she leaves and then say it?
      Turk: Exactly.

    • J.D.: Once when we were dating, Elliot asked me to urinate on her!

    • J.D.: You think you're better than me? With your rock hard abs and your dynamite areolas, well you're not.

    • Elliot: J.D., I really don't wanna do this. Can't we just go home, and put on our PJs and watch "Grey's Anatomy"?
      J.D.: Oh, I do love that show. It's like they've been watching our lives and just... put it on TV.

  • NOTES (0)


    • Garden State:
      The scene where Zach Braff's character "J.D." was imagining himself as a caveman, he gave a speech, which involved leaving to sort his own life, out to a cavewoman. This speech resembled the speech given by Zach Braff's character "Andrew Largeman" to a female character in "Garden State" ("Garden State" was written and directed by Braff, incidentally).

    • When Janitor calls Dr. Cox, Doogie. He was referring to the character Doogie Howser played by Neil Patrick Harris on the TV show "Doogie Howser, M.D."

    • Gary Busey:
      Gary Busey's face on JD's painting is a reference to Gary Busey the actor, who has had distinguished appearances in many films but has yet to attain the consistent popularity that would make him a major star.

    • Grey's Anatomy:
      When Elliot asks J.D. if they can go home and watch Grey's Anatomy, J.D. says that he loves that show. He then says that "it's like they've been watching our lives and then just put it on TV" at which point they both ponder for a second then give a resigned nod. This is a backhanded comment about the similarity between the two shows. Both are about a group of young interns in a hospital, centered around one person who provides voice-overs including deep, thoughtful ones at the start and end of episodes. Of course Scrubs came first so J.D.'s comment implies that Grey's Anatomy examined Scrub's success and then copied them.

    • The A-Team:
      The janitor's new black van with orange stripe is made to look like the one used in The A-Team.