Season 5 Episode 11

My Buddy's Booty

Aired Tuesday 9:30 PM Feb 28, 2006 on NBC

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  • Elliot hooks up with Keith.

    This episode is where I started hating one of JD's interns, Keith. And JD agrees with me, in this episode Elliot and JD are apparently closer than ever. I honestly thought they were going to sleep together in this episode because of it's introduction and since JD just broke up with Julie. But I was wrong, Elliot & JD agree to get some with the interns, by doing booty calls. Since their interns are extremely ugly, they decide not to do it. But then Elliot ends up sleeping with JD's arch nemesis, Keith. This is when he really start getting annoying. He is messed up to JD and he actually starts to act arrogant. Carla wants gym supplies for woman in the hospital gym but Turk comes in to realization that he doesn't want to see Carla everywhere. So he lies. And strangely enough, the janitor and Cox become friends, it makes sense sort of. In this episode the janitor becomes embarrassed of talking to Cox at work. We got to see a softer side of Cox in this episode in a way. Jordan continues to be hysterical. The plots might have been lacking a bit in development, but the one thing this show continues to carry on is being funny. And this episode was funny which boosted the rating for this episode way up.
  • One of my favourite episodes of season 5. Contains plot spoilers.

    Despite my positive reviews, season 5 is not the greatest season of all time, it's probably the worst season of scrubs. However if you compare this season with the best season of another sitcom i.e. Friends, Will & Grace etc. It will be their best season by far. Seriously.

    This episode though really turned my perspective of this season around. Usually in a typical episode of any sitcom, you have one amazing storyline and another one or two average, filler storylines. However, this isn't the case with this episode, as all the storylines were interesting and had great character development. First you have both JD & Elliot looking for booty calls, since JD's break up with Julie (great comment on Grey's Anatomy by the way); Secondly, you have Dr. Cox and the Janitor forming an unsuspecting friendship; and Carla convincing Turk to make the gym more female friendly.

    JD ends up not recieving a booty call, however Elliot spends the night with JD's enemy and intern, Keith. This results in JD being unfair to Keith at work.

    Turk is convinced by Dr. Cox not to change the gym, because it's the only place guys have alone from their wives. Carla catches on and the whole female staff hate him.

    Probably the funniest storyline; Dr. Cox and Janitor build a strong relationship, but that is until the Janitor doesn't want to be friends at work due to his representation.

    The highlights of the episode are;
    -Dr. Cox and the Janitor pulling a prank on JD
    -The shot at 'Grey's Anatomy'
    -The elevator scene where all the characters are arguing with each other due to the storyline; Jd - Elliot; Carla - Turk; Dr. Cox - Janitor; plus Kelso & Doug are in there for good measure.

    One of my favourite episodes of the season. Pure gold. Classic Scrubs.
  • Bar Buddies, Booty Buddies and Gym Buddies

    Scooterblading is yet another hilarious game created by JD and the start was classic with Elliot and JD both trying it out, along with the shower pranks and a cocky Keith, showing he has changed from the first episode of the season.

    After the theme music, the episode gets even better, all the plots being hilarious and coming to a very good conclusion, the petty arguments fading away when a patient pulls through.

    Cox and Janitor being bar buddies is a terrific plot, especially when they break into JD’s apartment, and later set his bed on fire, the Janitor keeping the $90 JD gave him to take it back to his place.

    Keith starts dating Elliot which annoys JD in a very humorous way, and apparently the relationship continues the rest of the season, according to the threads on the site.

    My favourite scene probably comes from Turk and Carla’s plot where he tells Kelso that Jim demands more equipment and also the pen/stapler throwing.

    Another episode of this quality and season 5 probably will be my new favourite season, meaning this is a very entertaining Scrubs episode.
  • JD and Elliot search for booty calls and Janitor and Dr.Cox bond...just not at work.

    This is a classic Scrubs episode. Sometimes I miss the way old Scrubs would flow, with a nice balance between jokes and lessons, but this one lived up to the episodes of the past. The best part was the Grey's Anatomy dig (Elliot: Can't we just go home, and put on our PJs and watch "Grey's Anatomy"?
    JD: Oh, I do love that show. It's like they've been watching our lives and just... put it on TV.) I laughed so hard at that bit that my roommate had to come check out the show, then ended up getting hooked. Great episode of a great show.
  • Booty booty booty in this very funny not hugely important but very very funny episode

    Why do i love this episode? Is it the quick gags and the set pieces coming from way out left field? nah its the one little scene where they demolish Greys Anatomy in 15 seconds. Pure gold, critisism has rarely been so funny. Love you Bill Lawrence! The Janitor and Dr Cox friendship is a match made in hell as well. And makes a pure fan like me sratch his head why they didnt come up with this earlier!

    Airbrush: Fans Forever!!!

    Greetz Dylan
  • J.D. is trying not to kill intern Keith, who has become annoyingly perfect. Dr. Cox and the Janitor bond over drinks at the bar and Carla makes it her mission to make the hospital's gym female friendly. Meanwhile Turk suggests that J.D. and Elliot find th

    Boring...Boring...Boring. I just couldn't understand the radical change in the storyline as well as the characters. Even the comedy was too boring. The different ways of people cooling off the steam was yawnable. I also couldn't understand that why Jedi has a problem with the intern. Putting naked Jedi out on the road also failed to evoke any laughter. Nothing just clicked. I liked it though when Turk asked for a pen and he was thrown at by all the ladies. That was hilarious and totally unexpected. Also the 1 min dance by Turk was awesome. Man he can dance !