Season 5 Episode 12

My Cabbage (1)

Aired Tuesday 9:30 PM Feb 28, 2006 on NBC

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  • "...and I will try to fix you" :O

    Wow, I got chills at the end of this episode with the Coldplay song at the end, and what was going on... wow.

    At first, this seemed to be like any other Scrubs episode, not a lot was going on except for the fact that Ms. Wilkes is leaving Sacred Heart after being there for quite a long time. The episode also mentions infection, and it passes on quite rapidly. Kelso mentions this because of the janitor's bird. Kelso wants the janitor to get rid of it. But the bird is helping the janitor taunt JD. So he keeps the bird throughout the episode, which was actually quite funny.

    Meanwhile Turk gets mad at Elliot for not having him in her phone. Then they get in to an issue of a paper that they got from a patient, they need to give to his sons if he dies, when he does die, Turk & Elliot lose the letter. So they end up forging the letter, when really the bird had it the whole time. It was definitely a funny situation. JD continues to make Keith's life hell at the hospital, all the while, he doesn't realize that one of his favorite interns are messing up. When Cabbage does mess up, JD suspends him, but then realizes the problem is bigger than he thought it would be, thanks to Dr. Cox. So Cabbage has to leave his job, as he is leaving, the big cliffhanger is he gets infected and then he passes it on to Ms. Wilkes as she is leaving while "Fix you" is playing in the background, and Turk & Elliot renew their friendship. I got chills all over while watching the scene, because it was mentioned beforehand and it was incorporated in to the ending. Great episode, amazing cliffhanger.
  • Though this is a filler episode it is still hilarious, as usual.

    Between Jd and Turk remembering something they had managed to block out for the entire span of their friendship, The Janitor's crow Sanchez, Jd and his interns, and Dr. Cox's insane anger of his clicky top pen I really thought this was a funny episode. Though it is a filler episode that isn't really key to the serious or anything it's still funny. I particularly love when Dr. Cox throws a bedpan at Jd's head. Hey Newbie, watch of for the bedpan! The only thing I don't understand is why Jd hates Keith so much, I never understood that.

    J.D.: You're late Keith. Which doesn't surprise me, because you're a terrible person.
    Keith: Sorry, I was helping with a gunshot victim downstairs.
    J.D.: Lies won't get you anywhere, Keith.
    Keith: I'm... covered in his blood.
    J.D.: That could be anyone's blood.
    Carla: Here's the gunshot victim from downstairs.
    Gunshot victim: Hey, my blood!
    J.D.: That's not your blood.
    Gunshot victim: Yes, it is!
    J.D.: Quiet time.
  • A bit of a drop from last week's.

    The pretty good, and had some great moments i.e the fantasy sequence with Turk and Carla nursing a pumpkin, and when Turk and Elliot are presenting the fake letter to the two twins. However, it was missing something, i don't really know what. Although the ending was good, especially with Coldplay's song 'Fix You' blasting it's emotinal electric guitar rally, really adding impact to the scene with Miss Wilk getting infected, before she's about to leave. The storyline with JD trying to get Keith fired was fun too. The storylines were well written and i was interested, but like i said, it was missing something but i don't know what.
  • A great start to a two part episode

    I ahve to confess that I am a cabbage lover, I share JD's thoughts in why did he have to go? Sure he would have endangered the lives of patients but he would have done it in a sweet and cute way. Still I suppose it all leads to charcter development on JD's behalf.

    I loved the way the germs were shown to move throughout the hospital. It was very clever and thened result was terrible. And just as she was about to go home too.

    In conclusion Cabbage may have been cute and funny but he really was a danger to patients, just look at Mrs Wilks.
  • Typical everyday problems: A friendship on the rocks, Main character has to deal with a tough decision and a pesky crow keeps stealing pens and cash

    Season five is my favourite season and I have been a fan of the show since the beginning of the series. The reason I like this season is not only does it have some of my favourite funny episodes like My Jiggly Ball and My Way Home but it also has very impactful endings to some episodes like My Lunch and this episode. While Scrubs has always been the best at mixing comedy with drama (My Old Lady, My Butterfly), this episode has a great twist because the rest of the episode wasn't as dramatic and you expect a funny ending but in the last five seconds, Cabbage makes a lethal mistake.

    I found the episode sidesplitting right up until the last minute where everything changes for the worse and once again Scrubs proves to be the best sitcom with dramatic moments, with a perfectly chosen song, one of the main reasons that it is my favourite show.
  • Very good, especially the ending.

    This episode was one of the best episodes of the entire series. It was much better than the episode where Dr.Cox had to fire the guy in the cafeteria, this one was much more real. Especially because we got to know the character a little better, and the job being dealth with was much more important. All in all, it was a great lesson for people who haven\'t had their own career. It\'s important to know that you or one of your friends could have to face situations like this anytime so it\'s important to be prepared.

    The cliffhanger was also good because even though it\'s easy to understand, when you do, you get a sense of accomplishment and then you start to imagine all of the different possibilities for the next episode. I came up with about 100 theories throughout the week. The green effect was very clever, as was the selection in song. I was however, disappointed with the sequel, which was not funny at all or as emotional as it should\'ve been. But this episode was still one of the best.

    The ending was what made this episode special.
  • Part of a great couple of episodes.

    This is part of a number of episodes featuring a certain patient, whom all the doctors and nurses have become very attached to. Unfortunatly I have found with most of this series JD's character is abit to silly, he is in his 5th of medicine and still acting the complete fool and the series kinda loses its edge. However a descent story line pulls it out as well as a sad ending. Most of the other characters get very little but very good spots on the show which is a pity because their development has been well done by the actors and writers. A descent try.
  • Good episode with some great moments but i thought Dr Cox was a lil out of character. Another class set of janitor moments.

    "china town is awesome", scrubs seemed to go for a more extreme humour in this episode and i liked it, didnt see the bed pan to JDs head coming an loved it.
    Was another great moment when elliot made up the note.
    Althought i didnt think it was in Dr Coxs charachter to tell JD to axe Cabbage cuz the last two rubbish interns Doug and the intern who was played by the geek from road trip were allowed to stay on and he was no worse than them. An he did an ace ape impression.
    So all in all very funny, just a lil out of character.
  • J.D. has to fire his favourite intern Cabbage instead because he was making way too many mistakes Elliot and Turk find out that they are no longer as close as they used to be. Dr. Kelso is annoyed with Janitor for keeping a filthy bird as a pet.

    A good episode. I liked this episode especially because the last one was too too boring. I actually dozed off seeing the last one. The janitor found a great use of his pet. Actually i was kinda expecting that he will use it to mess around with J.D. Keith seems to be a really nice guy. I really hope that J.D should get off his back. The sequence with J.D wondering about what kind of a dad Turk would turn out to be was awesome ! The scene with Junior Turk getting blown away by a bus seems to be copied from Final Destination.
  • A fantasticly written, well-balanced episode.

    Scrubs Season 5 has gotten considerably wackier than previous seasons -- resulting in situations where implausible or downright stupid things happen not just in JD's flashbacks but real life as well - such as JD living in Turk's bag - and it has suffered slightly as a result.

    This episode is a nice return to form with more character and emotional depth by the end -- something you'd be more likely to see in Season 2 or 3 while maintaining a good level of humour (such as the hilarious pumpkin flashback) and well-written, absolutely crushing cliffhanger ending.

    One of the highlights of Season 5 so far.
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