Season 4 Episode 6

My Cake

Aired Tuesday 9:30 PM Oct 12, 2004 on NBC
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When Dan resurfaces, J.D. is shocked to learn that his father has passed away. The reactions from his co-workers help J.D. a little, but the one person who he wanted to be there for him, Dr. Cox, is too busy with J.D.'s patients. Meanwhile, Dan sits drunk in the bath tub the whole day and Turk finds out he has Type II Diabetes.moreless

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  • JD's father dies.

    The episode dedicated to John Ritter, after his untimely death. In memory of John Ritter, who played JD's dad on Scrubs. Even though John Ritter's death was terrible, I loved how they incorporated his death in to the show. A very emotional episode, and it's that time of year again, Dan comes to visit, but this time with some bad news: JD's father has died. It hasn't hit JD yet, but Dan wallows in JD's tub throughout the episode. Meanwhile Cox takes all of JD's patients so JD can have some time to deal with his father's death. But when he asks for Cox's conventional wisdom, Cox can't do that for JD. It ends in a fist fight. It still is awkward between Elliot & JD since their breakup so Elliot can't help much. Molly interferes with Turk & Carla's relationship when Turk starts feeling sick, and Carla insists that Turk should go see a doctor, he refuses constantly. Until he finally does, and it turns out he has type 2 diabetes. Definitely a setting stone in Turk & Carla's relationship, with that eventful kiss at the end. Cox gets Dan out of the tub to help JD after punching him in the face. A very simple final scene, just a couple of guys watching a football game, remembering their dead father, but something about that scene made the episode overall so powerful, that this episode definitely deserved a perfect score. Amazing emotional episode.moreless
  • JD's dad dies and his brother shows up with a cake.

    I LOVED THIS episode. It really showed how Dr. Cox cared for J.D even though he doesn't like to admit it. I like the way Dr. Cox takes all of JD's patients and doesn't tell him. Because if he told him that would me he really cares about someone and Dr. Cox can't care. I also like the way Dr. Cox tries to hug JD and ends up punching him. In the end it makes you cry because Dr. Cox and Dan care for JD so much and only know one way to show it. I also thought it was nice how they made an episode that reflected John Ritter's death.moreless
  • Shows a good sign of how Drf. Cox can be.

    It was a very good episode, it really showed how every one at Sacred Heart really care for J.D. Even Dr. Cox showed how he felt for J. D. even if it was hard for him to show it. The hug scene was really neat it showed that Dr. Cox was trying to care and then J. D. just took it the wrong way. Love the scene with Elliot and Dr. Cox with her asking him how it went, and Dr. Cox goes I punched him in the face. I mean it was really cute, mean, but cute. Just shows me that they all really love each other on the show. The same with the scene where JD and Turk were talking about stealing the thunder between the diabeties and his dad dieng. That was cute.moreless
  • One of the best episodes of Season 4!

    JD is shocked when his brother Dan shows up, with cake. Their dad has passed away. After the funeral, Dan gets into the tub and decides to stay in there. JD looks for confort in Cox, but Cox just keeps turning away. Meanwhile, Turk discovers he has diabetes, but doesnt tell Carla. Cox finally tries to confort JD, but JD makes him mad and Cox punches him. Molly tells Turk he doesnt want to tell Carla because she considers him "her Superman." He finally tells her and discovers she already knows and has a "Turks Diabetes Box" Cox talks with Dan and makes him get out of the tub. They all three watch a football game and talk about JD and Dan's dad.moreless
  • Great drama from comedy series!

    In a series where comedy is the primary selling point "My Cake" shows how this show can be an amazing drama series as well! The fact that this episode is a tribue to John R. makes it even better and touching. It is also great to see Dr. Cox care in his own unique way, it shows that he is indeed a human and not an android like some have come to believe! It was the little things in this episode that really sold it! Such as the Janitor not messing with J.D. Elliot attempting to overcome her oddness with J.D. etc... It is great!moreless
Donald Faison

Donald Faison

Dr. Christopher "Chris" Duncan Turk

John C. McGinley

John C. McGinley

Dr. Percival "Perry" Cox

Judy Reyes

Judy Reyes

Nurse Carla Espinosa

Ken Jenkins

Ken Jenkins

Dr. Robert "Bob" Kelso

Neil Flynn

Neil Flynn

The Janitor

Sarah Chalke

Sarah Chalke

Dr. Elliot Reid

Femi Emiola

Femi Emiola

Young Woman

Guest Star

Ross Mackenzie

Ross Mackenzie


Guest Star

Ming Lo

Ming Lo

Dr. Kim

Guest Star

Thomas Cavanagh

Thomas Cavanagh

Dan Dorian

Recurring Role

Heather Graham

Heather Graham

Dr. Molly Clock

Recurring Role

Sam Lloyd

Sam Lloyd

Ted Buckland

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (12)

    • When Dr. Cox is talking to Elliot, he says he can only muster one hug a year. However, this has been dubbed over afterwards as he appears to actually say two hugs.

    • Dr. Cox, J.D. and Dan are all wearing Detroit Red Wings hockey jerseys, despite the fact that they're watching a college football game.

    • We find out that (at least for this episode) Monday is "Ethnic Day" - the day where Dr. Cox calls J.D. by ethnic girls names (example in the episode: Rosalita).

    • Dr. Kim (the doctor who makes everybody drop their pants) is played by Ming Lo; Ming Lo plays another character by the same name in the season 9 episode of the X-Files, "4-D".

    • This is the only episode, in which J.D. isn't tormented by the Janitor, not counting "My Lucky Day", in which the Janitor doesn't appear.

    • Featured Music:
      "Stop Joking Around" by Hawksley Workman
      "Sanford and Son Theme"

    • The music playing in Turk's "head" during J.D.'s fantasy sequence is a version of the theme from "Sanford and Son". J.D. and Turk talked in Season 1 about how it was one of their favorite shows.

    • This episode is "Dedicated to Our Friend John Ritter". John Ritter, who played J.D.'s father in episode "My Old Man (1-19)", died September 11, 2003 - about 13 months prior to the premiere of this episode.

    • Towards the start of the episode Dan can briefly be seen wearing underwear/bathing suit, whilst in the bath yet later in the show, when he gets out of the bath, Dr Cox's reaction indicates that he is in fact naked.

    • In the scene in Dr. Kelso's office the brass magnifying glass goes from half on the yellow pad to squarely in the middle of the pad and back to half on again in five seconds.

    • In the first bathtub scene, the rubber ducky next to Dan's shoulder vanishes halfway through the scene, while he has a beer can in each hand. Later, in the final tub scene, when Dr. Cox first walks in, the duck is seen near Dan's left elbow but is gone one second later, when Dr. Cox sits down.

    • Before Dr. Cox punches J.D., his stethoscope goes from inside his lab coat to outside (when Ted swings by) and back.

  • QUOTES (46)

    • Carla: It's impossible to get a doctor to go see a doctor.
      Molly: I'm on it.
      (In the men's room. Turk is posing with an Afro drawn on the mirror)
      Turk: Excuse me...did somebody say they're lookin' for the baaaaddest detective in town?
      Molly: Awesome afro. I'm sorry to barge in on you, BUT I'm a little rusty on the medicine side and I was wondering if you could help me. See, I have this patient, constantly tired, always peeing, losing weight.
      Turk: You should have him checked out, he might have diabetes.
      (They exchange glances)
      Turk: ...oh.

    • J.D.: And it's our dad, and he's ranting and raving because he's an office supply salesman and he can't find a paper clip in the entire house.
      Dan: Meanwhile, he gets to work the next morning, and he realises he's got a million of 'em in the trunk of his car.

    • Turk: Baby, I got diabetes.
      Carla: Oh no, Turk, really?
      Turk: Carla.
      Carla: I call this "Turk's Diabetes Box."

    • Dr. Cox: You know, when my father died, all I could focus on was how he was never there, but you - you're lucky, you've got some positive stuff you can dwell on - throw the ball, Jackass!
      Dan: He is a jackass.

    • Dan: I gotta tell you little brother, you were always the apple of Dad's eye... you know, that's the worst thing about college football, the male cheerleaders - ooh, God, that's a chick.

    • J.D.: Oh my God! I'm sorry about the "Wash Me!" thing!
      Dr. Cox: Put that on.
      Dan enters with beer
      J.D.: Dan? You were out with him? I thought you'd dissolved.

    • Molly: Well, Carla calls you her "Superman," and you love that... but diabetes makes you feel vulnerable, and you're afraid if you're open with her about it, you won't be her Superman anymore.
      Turk: Yeah. Devil Woman. Sorry.

    • Turk: I want to apologize to you for that whole "Devil Woman" thing. I promise you, I will never call you that again.
      Molly: It's okay. I mean, I can understand why you're uncomfortable around me. I sometimes do see everyone as a patient.
      Turk: You know, surgeons do that, too. C'mon, let's see who's better at it. Hip replacement.
      A man with a "Foam Dome" helmet.
      Molly: Alcoholic. That was easy.
      Turk: Yeah.
      A heavy man enters.
      Turk: Quadruple bypass. Two on me!
      Molly: Constantly trying to validate herself so she'll sleep with anyone.
      Charice: Hey, Turk.
      Turk: What's up, Charice. Uh, but that, that was before Carla.

    • Dr. Cox: And I have got to believe that the two of us, together - together, Dan - we can make it at least half-way to one legitimate adult.
      Dan: You're right, Coxy. Dammit, Coxsmith! Crybaby time is over! The kid needs us, and he needs us now, right?
      Dr. Cox: Towel.
      Dan: Thank you. Let's rock and roll!

    • Dr. Cox: Look, Dan -
      Dan(points at his "beard"): Captain Bubblebeard. Avast, matey! Shut yer scupper and bare yer steel, we should be seeing la-AAH -
      Dr. Cox pushes his head under the water. He gets back up without the "beard"
      Dr. Cox: There. Now you're Dan again.

    • Dr. Cox: Hey! Where's your brother?
      Dan: J.D.!... He's not here.

    • Dr. Kelso: Ahh!
      Ted: Thanks again for inviting me to your house for dinner.
      Dr. Kelso: I did?
      Ted glances up. The Janitor points at him and mouths "Yes."
      Ted: Yes, sir, you did.

    • Dan: I smell cake! If Uncle Bernie died, someone's gonna have to go on a beer run!

    • J.D.: Why haven't you told her?
      Turk: I'm not sure. Can I tell you something weird, though?
      J.D.: You can tell me anything.
      Turk: I feel like your dad dying has stolen my diabetes thunder.
      J.D.: Oh my God, just this second I was thinking your diabetes is gonna get in the way of my dad dying.

    • J.D.: What's the occasion?
      Turk: I... have type II diabetes.
      J.D.: Really?
      Turk: Yeah.
      J.D.: That sucks. Carla is aware that if you eat that your foot will fall off, right?
      Turk: Well, I haven't told her yet. But I'm pretty sure she knows, 'cause right now she's trying to get me to 'fess up by tempting her Chocolatey Goodness with chocolatey goodness.
      Carla: Babe? Do you want some hot fudge sugar sauce?
      Turk: Oh, hell yeah! (he shakes his head to J.D.)

    • Turk: Do you want me to kick his ass?
      J.D.: No need. I already got him back, and then some.
      Flashback: Cox approaches his car, and sees the message "WASH ME!" scrawled in the dust of the car
      Turk: On the window, huh?
      J.D.: Uh, yeah!

    • J.D.: So now you're making fun of me because I need a little help getting through this?
      Dr. Cox: No, I'm-I'm really trying.
      J.D.: You know what, I am sick of getting dumped on, and I am sick of you!
      He gives Cox a small shove.
      Dr. Cox: Newbie, don't shove me.
      J.D.: Oh, really, why not?
      He shoves Cox again
      Dr. Cox: Because whenever anyone shoves me more than twice, my mind goes blank and all I see is this white-hot flash of fury.
      J.D.: When someone shoves you like this?
      He shoves Cox again.
      Cut to...
      Elliot: So, how'd it go?
      Dr. Cox: Punched him in the face.

    • Dr. Cox: Hey, Wonder Bra? Do you, uh - do you have a second?
      J.D.: For what?
      Dr. Cox: I'm giving you a hug... Oh. I was wondering what that crane was for... So now, how would you like this whole hug thing to go down? Do you wish to remain seated, would you like to stand? I, of course, don't care, as long as it's under three seconds and I don't feel your breath on my neck.

    • Ted: Well, it took a whole tube of gel, but I finally got my hair down.
      Dr. Kelso: No one male or female ever cared, Ted.

    • Elliot: Why are you still antagonising him!?
      Dr. Cox: I don't know. I can't stop.

    • J.D.: Hey, Dr. Cox, can I talk to you for a second?
      Dr. Cox: Uh, no.
      J.D.: Really? Not even just like two seconds to talk to me.
      Dr. Cox: Look, Newbie. (his pager beeps) Oh, for God's sake. I'm a little swamped, here. (a nurse hands him a folder) Thank you.
      J.D.: You know what sucks? I thought you were actually going to come through for me this time.
      Dr. Cox: (to his pager) In a minute! to J.D.) Hey, Newbie? Just in case you didn't actually notice, I have been covering all your patients, answering all your pages, and doing pretty much everything shy of picking up your sundress from the drycleaners.
      J.D.: Well, I didn't ask you to do any of that, did I?
      Dr. Cox: Outstanding! You're walking away like a pissy little ingrate. I mean, bravo! (starts applauding) Bravo, ah!
      Ted walks up and joins in clapping.
      Ted: What are we clapping for?
      Dr. Cox: His dad just died.

    • Patient: I'm here for my ear infection.
      Dr. Kim: Go in and take your pants off.

    • J.D.'s Narration: Maybe it was because I finally slowed down, maybe it was remembering Dad's passion for bodily functions, I don't know. But at that moment, it all hit me. Unfortunately, I'm not sure Dan's the guy to talk about it with.
      Dan(to bath duck): Slow down, little duck. Some ducks can't hold their water. (he laughs a bit, then sobs) It's okay. I know.

    • Dan: What is this?
      Dr. Cox: That's your basic homemade anti-drowning device, to be worn until your brother returns.
      Dan: I like it.

    • Dr. Kim: The good news is that it's Type II diabetes. It's still serious, but it's totally manageable.
      Turk: Devil Woman gave me diabetes.

    • Carla: Baby, look at you, please, go see our doctor.
      Turk: I hate Dr. Kim. He always makes me take my pants off, even that time I went in for Pink eye.

    • Elliot: Hey.
      J.D.: Hey.
      Elliot: I just wanted to...
      J.D.: Yeah.
      Elliot: Look...
      J.D.: Thanks.
      Elliot: 'Kay.
      J.D.: 'Kay.
      Dr. Cox: Say, Barbie, for a second there, I thought you were being a little bit cold, but then you really saved it with the "... 'Kay."

    • J.D.: You think you'll get out of the tub today?
      Dan: Yeah, today doesn't look good - by the way, could you get me another beer?
      J.D.: No, look, I put a six-pack for you in the toilet.

    • Dr. Kelso: I did no such thing. Now I'm not sure how one would go about making a janitor's life even more miserable...

    • Janitor: Well, howdy, Dr. Kelso. Ain't she a beaut'? I rented her so I could repair the air conditioning unit.
      Dr. Kelso: Looks expensive, who authorised it?
      Janitor: Why, you did, sir. Must have been Tuesday last.
      Dr. Kelso: Stop talking like a farmer!

    • J.D.: Dan, you've been in here for, like, nine hours, you okay?
      Dan: Well, I'd feel a lot better if you could give that ol' "H"-knob there a little twist. Body temp's a bit low.

    • J.D.'s Narration: One thing Turk couldn't get accustomed to was his wife being friends with a psychiatrist.
      Carla: Babe, what do you want for lunch today?
      Turk: Baby, please, not in front of her.
      Molly: Turk, why are you not comfortable around me?
      Turk: You have the ability to get in people's heads. And I don't want you to take this negatively or anything like that, but that makes you a Devil Woman.

    • J.D.: You know, it wasn't exactly easy showering with you in there.
      Dan: Well, it wasn't exactly easy for me either... you have Dad's butt.

    • J.D.'s narration: Working at Sacred Heart you grow accustomed to a lot of things. Sickness, death, Ted's morning self-formation ritual.
      Ted: (To himself) People are laughing with you, people are laughing with you... (weakly) people...are laughing with you.

    • J.D.: What happened?
      Dan: What? A guy can't take three days off work, travel eight hundred miles on a bus with a double-layer fudge cake just to say "Hey, how're things"?
      J.D.: Dan...
      (Very long pause)
      Dan: Dad died.

    • J.D.: What do you want me to talk about? The pros and cons of blitzing a weak-side quarter when you're in third-and-long situations?
      J.D.'s narration: Thank you "Football for Dummies".

    • Dr. Cox: Let's break down the kid's support system, shall we? He has me, an emotionally-crippled narcissist; and, he's got you, an emotionally-crippled narcissist who's soaking in a tub which by now has to be mostly your own urine.
      Dan: I believe the ratio has shifted that way, yes.

    • Dr. Kelso: He's not a day over fifty-five and he has Alzheimer's. Really makes you think, doesn't it?
      Janitor: You're over fifty-five, aren't you sir?
      Dr. Kelso: What's your point?
      Janitor: Nothing.

    • Ted: Look, Mr. Cannon, let's drop the forgetful act. Now, if you don't sign these papers, this hospital will discharge you, and then we'll see what you do and do not remember!
      Dr. Kelso: The man has Alzheimer's, bozo.

    • J.D.: Hey Dan, if dad were here, what would you say to him?
      Dan: (Belches)
      J.D.: I think he'd be glad to hear that.

    • Turk: I need to pee.
      Carla: Don't you think it's weird you've already gone seven times today?
      Turk: I think it's weird you're counting.

    • Turk: Sorry I had to blow outta there after the funeral, but how was the rest of the week.
      J.D.: It was alright, we spent most of the time trying to deal with the headstone problem. See, since dad was an office supply salesman, he wanted it to be shaped like a pencil.
      Turk: So?
      Dan: So, it looked like a giant marble penis. Which I maintain, dad would have liked even more.

    • Dr. Cox: What do you want me to do, anyway?
      Elliot: Be more sensitive. Try giving him a hug.
      Dr. Cox: Barbie... you've met me before, yes? Now, at most, I can muster one hug a year, and nine months ago I hugged my son, so: you're gonna have to do it.
      Elliot: Um, you saw us before, we're still awkward from the break-up.
      Dr. Cox: H-Hold the phone: are you suggesting that if I sleep with him, that I won't have to deal with problems like this? Because I'm seriously considering taking that hit. I mean, honestly, what is he like in post-game? Is there spooning? Because I don't spoon, I'm not a spooner.

    • Elliot: What are you going to do, hide from him all day and then call him "Ginger"?
      Dr. Cox: No. It's Monday, which of course means it's Ethnic Day, so I'll be going with Rosalita, and besides, I have a plan.
      Elliot: Which is?
      Dr. Cox: Yeah, unfortunately, the first part of the plan is not to share it with people who annoy me. Want to hear the second part?
      Elliot: Sure.
      Dr. Cox: I can't. My hands are tied by the first part.

    • Carla: You're not allowed to get sick, you're my "Superman". I mean, if you're in bed, who's going to give me my back rubs, or unscrew the peanut butter jar, or...walk around all day in my new high heels just to stretch them out.
      Turk: (Quickly, to Molly) She's kidding! I've never done that.(Quietly, to Carla) Not in front of the Devil Woman.
      (Carla leaves)
      Molly: I got a new pair of pumps.
      Turk: No.

    • Turk: Dude, relax...and enjoy hot chocolate love... (He then leans in for a kiss)
      J.D.'s narration: SNAP OUT OF IT! ABORT! ABORT!!
      J.D.: (Coming out of day dreaming) Stop it! I don't have gay jungle fever!
      Turk: (Long pause) Okay...we should go...

  • NOTES (2)


    • Turk: Excuse me...did somebody say they're lookin' for the baaaaddest detective in town?

      That line is a famous line from the oldies tv detective "Shaft".

    • Dr. Kelso: The man has Alzheimer's, Bozo.
      Ted: It still won't smooth down!

      Dr. Kelso calls Ted "Bozo" because his windblown hair is similar to that of Bozo the Clown, a legendary children's entertainer who was created and first portrayed by Vance "Pinto" Colvig in 1946. Bozo was played by several other actors over the next 55 years; the last first-run Bozo program aired in July of 2001.