Season 4 Episode 6

My Cake

Aired Tuesday 9:30 PM Oct 12, 2004 on NBC

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  • JD's father dies.

    The episode dedicated to John Ritter, after his untimely death. In memory of John Ritter, who played JD's dad on Scrubs. Even though John Ritter's death was terrible, I loved how they incorporated his death in to the show. A very emotional episode, and it's that time of year again, Dan comes to visit, but this time with some bad news: JD's father has died. It hasn't hit JD yet, but Dan wallows in JD's tub throughout the episode. Meanwhile Cox takes all of JD's patients so JD can have some time to deal with his father's death. But when he asks for Cox's conventional wisdom, Cox can't do that for JD. It ends in a fist fight. It still is awkward between Elliot & JD since their breakup so Elliot can't help much. Molly interferes with Turk & Carla's relationship when Turk starts feeling sick, and Carla insists that Turk should go see a doctor, he refuses constantly. Until he finally does, and it turns out he has type 2 diabetes. Definitely a setting stone in Turk & Carla's relationship, with that eventful kiss at the end. Cox gets Dan out of the tub to help JD after punching him in the face. A very simple final scene, just a couple of guys watching a football game, remembering their dead father, but something about that scene made the episode overall so powerful, that this episode definitely deserved a perfect score. Amazing emotional episode.
  • JD's dad dies and his brother shows up with a cake.

    I LOVED THIS episode. It really showed how Dr. Cox cared for J.D even though he doesn't like to admit it. I like the way Dr. Cox takes all of JD's patients and doesn't tell him. Because if he told him that would me he really cares about someone and Dr. Cox can't care. I also like the way Dr. Cox tries to hug JD and ends up punching him. In the end it makes you cry because Dr. Cox and Dan care for JD so much and only know one way to show it. I also thought it was nice how they made an episode that reflected John Ritter's death.
  • Shows a good sign of how Drf. Cox can be.

    It was a very good episode, it really showed how every one at Sacred Heart really care for J.D. Even Dr. Cox showed how he felt for J. D. even if it was hard for him to show it. The hug scene was really neat it showed that Dr. Cox was trying to care and then J. D. just took it the wrong way. Love the scene with Elliot and Dr. Cox with her asking him how it went, and Dr. Cox goes I punched him in the face. I mean it was really cute, mean, but cute. Just shows me that they all really love each other on the show. The same with the scene where JD and Turk were talking about stealing the thunder between the diabeties and his dad dieng. That was cute.
  • One of the best episodes of Season 4!

    JD is shocked when his brother Dan shows up, with cake. Their dad has passed away. After the funeral, Dan gets into the tub and decides to stay in there. JD looks for confort in Cox, but Cox just keeps turning away. Meanwhile, Turk discovers he has diabetes, but doesnt tell Carla. Cox finally tries to confort JD, but JD makes him mad and Cox punches him. Molly tells Turk he doesnt want to tell Carla because she considers him "her Superman." He finally tells her and discovers she already knows and has a "Turks Diabetes Box" Cox talks with Dan and makes him get out of the tub. They all three watch a football game and talk about JD and Dan's dad.
  • Great drama from comedy series!

    In a series where comedy is the primary selling point "My Cake" shows how this show can be an amazing drama series as well! The fact that this episode is a tribue to John R. makes it even better and touching. It is also great to see Dr. Cox care in his own unique way, it shows that he is indeed a human and not an android like some have come to believe! It was the little things in this episode that really sold it! Such as the Janitor not messing with J.D. Elliot attempting to overcome her oddness with J.D. etc... It is great!
  • When Dan resurfaces, J.D. is shocked to learn his father has passed away. Eve , Dr. Cox, who he wanted to be there for him is too busy with J.D.'s patients. Also in the episode, Turk finds out he has Type II Diabetes.

    I LOVED THIS episode. It really showed how Dr. Cox cared for J.D even though he doesn't like to admit it. It turned out well how they tried to make the episode serious, but they also allowed humor to be apart of it. I also thought it was nice how they made an episode that reflected John Ritter's death.
  • This episode is pivotal in terms of character development as well as reaffirming that Scrubs is a quality drama not just a hilarious comedy.

    This episode is pivotal in terms of character development as well as reaffirming that Scrubs is a quality drama not just a hilarious comedy. JD shaken by the news of the death of his father looks to his co-workers for support however Elliot still unsure how to act after the break up offers little help, and Dr. Cox helps the only way he knows how by punching JD in the face while trying to give him a hug. In the end Dr. Cox does come through for JD, forcing Dan out of his week old bath of most urine and encouraging him to be a better brother and help JD. In a touching scene Dr. Cox and Dan bond with JD and talk about his father while watching football and drinking beer. This adds a new dimension to the JD-Dr. Cox relationship showing Dr. Cox really does care for JD a great deal.
  • Thomas Cavanagh

    Thomas Cavanagh guest stars as J.D.'s older brother and I really think Cavanagh skills are showcased. We can see him do serious and comedy, all at the the same time. If that makes any sense. His on screen chemistry with Doctor Cox and J.D. is great to watch. And I love the edition of the Elliott story line to his character I think it was a pleasant way to return she and J.D. to their friendship and get some laughs in the process, classic Scrubs.
  • Poor JD...

    Dan comes with a cake (that in the family means bad news) and tells JD that their father passed away, and later on Dan begins to stay all of his time in the bathtub drinking beer, while in the hospital JD recieves consolations from everyone from the Janitor to Carla, and later tells him that he has no turn that day and he wants Cox to be with him, but Cox is too busy taking care of his patients. Later, that provokes a fight between the two of them as JD did not ask for his help, so at the end Cox, Dan, and JD managed to go through it thanks to their support and when Cox tells JD how proud is of him. Turk finds out that he has Type II Diabetes but he is unable to tell Carla who keeps giving him a lot of sugar eating things, and finally Carla reveals that she knew about it. And the Janitor amuses himself with Kelso trying to convince him that he has Alzheimer as one of Kelso's friends... really funny episode, but most of all sad...
  • A wonderful episode and a tribute to John Riter.

    I really liked this episode, I think that it was quite a character development for Dr. Cox mostly.

    I laughed pretty much with Dan in the bathtub, JD sexys fantasies and the Janitor messing with Kelso, but the part that I enjoyed the most is that this time is Cox who tries to reach JD. For the first time we see Cox worried for JD and thinking plans about how to make his life easier. The hug part was also hilarious. I really like the ending, when Cox finally tells him he's proud of him.

    On the other side, I think that is a well deserved tribute to the great John Riter, that passed away about a year ago when this episode premiered.
  • Dan won't get out of the tub!

    This episode is the first one I saw of season four and it did not disappoint, though it was very sad at times. JD's brother Dan coming back with the news that their father had died was obviously a life-changing part in JD's life but Scrubs still makes you laugh with great scenes such as Cox punching JD in an attempt to cheer him up and Dan in the tub, fishing beers out of the toilet.

    The Janitor making Kelso think he has Alzheimer's was brilliant and a good side plot along with the serious plots of JD's father and Turk's diabetes which both manage to be funny aswell.

    All of these scenes prove just how good Scrubs can be when it comes to death and despair.
  • This is why Scrubs is one of the best shows on TV.

    After finally getting to see this episode at 11.30 Monday night (Australia is a little slow you see, and our TV stations are also mentally retarded), I can honestly say that this episode is the best example of the brilliance that is Scrubs. If I was to describe this show to someone who has never seen it before, this would be the episode I would show them. Scrubs is one of the few shows that can combine unique humour with touches of drama, honesty, and genuine sentiment and feeling, and this episode is a perfect example of that. 8 Simple Rules paid tribute to John Ritter in an honest and touching way, and Bill Lawrence and the rest of the crew and cast did the same for Ritter in this episode. Everything was done perfectly and (most importantly) tastefully, but still remained funny, which I hope that Mr. Ritter would have enjoyed (and I hope wanted) had he seen it.
  • J.D Father dies and DR.cox helps him through it.

    There so much to discuss in this episode I honestly don’t know where to start, J.D Dad died, usually when this happened on TV you are a bit sad however only fans of the show will know that his dad was played by John Ritter in S2 who died last year on the set of 8 simple rule, he died of heart-defect. I’m so glad the producer didn’t cast anyone else to play J.D dad. It was always great to see J.D brother.

    Dr.Cox, wow for first time he did something nice for J.D which is take all his patient but I really loved when Elliot told him to give him a hug and DR.Cox was actually going to do it but instead punch him after J.D pushed him. I laughed when it was being sarcastic about sleeping with J.D. In the end he came through football match and some beer.

    If that wasn’t enough we found out Turk had diabetes, was afraid to tell Carla but her reaction was that she knew and that was nice. Molly is really becoming a regular on a show I mean she been in all 6 episodes. I love the Janitor, making Kelsco think he has getting forgetful but highjack Ted from Kelso office has be highlight on that sketch.

    This has been best episode this season.
  • Alright so maybe it wasn't like an episode of Oprah where Dr. Phil comes out and tells someone to take control of their life, a bunch of people cry, and all is well after an hour...but this episode probably saved my life.

    Alright so maybe it wasn't like an episode of Oprah where Dr. Phil comes out and tells someone to take control of their life, a bunch of people cry, and all is well after an hour...but this episode probably saved my life.

    At the time of the original airing I was perfectly healthy but I can't believe I would ever be happy for episode repeats. This past April I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. Sure I probably would found sooner or later but because of this episode I found out sooner. They re-aired this episode and I realized I had the same symptoms as Turk. I went to the doctor, luckily I didn't have to take my pants off, and sure enough it was type 2 diabetes.

    So that's why this episode is a very special episode...because it probably saved my life.

    And of course any episode featuring Dan is great.
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