Season 2 Episode 3

My Case Study

Aired Tuesday 9:30 PM Oct 10, 2002 on NBC

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  • JD tries to impress Cox & Kelso at the same time.

    Definitely a great concept, this episode. Whoever has the most interesting case study, gets to represent Kelso and the hospital and present the case study to the medical board. I enjoyed this episode, very funny. I like Kelso's plot the most which is rare. One day of the year, Kelso is nice and gives anything people ask of him, it's his anniversary. I love the day after, where he's all mad again, and he hurts all those people in his pathway, I laughed so hard. So hysterical. Anyways it turns out Kelso was lying just so people can only ask him for stuff only one day of the year. Very clever, and now since Turk knows the secret, he ends up getting something new for the surgical room in the end. Once JD seems to be not interested in the case study, Cox starts respecting him more. Only JD is interested and wants to impress Kelso to be successful but wants to impress Cox because he considers him a friend. In the end, he ends up taking the case study, and he wins the competition. He tells Cox he wants to be him. only more successful. He came off so harsh, I thought Cox was going to blow up. Meanwhile Elliot tries to find similarities between her & Carla so they can be true friends, they end up being brought together by a breast augmentation. They both realize they envy some things about each other which brings them closer together. I realized that Elliot is such a mess, she always says the wrong things, but I love it. Definitely a great fun episode.
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