Season 3 Episode 12

My Catalyst

Aired Tuesday 9:30 PM Feb 10, 2004 on NBC

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  • Everything's not lost.

    Wow, that was an emotional powerful episode, that you could also call special in a way. At first, this episode was just okay, but as everything was tying together, this episode completely blew me away. The definition of catalyst is someone who changes another person, Michael J Fox guest stars as Dr. Kevin Casey, the catalyst. He has obsessive compulsive disorder, yet he is the best doctor ever, which starts to annoy JD, Cox & Turk. When Kevin steals Turk's thunder in the operating room, he tells JD that someone who waits around for a mentor after being a resident for three years is pathetic, and Casey also outshines Cox during a competition. We learn that Cox has trouble with metabolic diseases. I liked the Elliot/Turk interaction, it seems as though they haven't had a plot together in a while. Ted trying to commit suicide and no one caring, always upsets me. I know it's supposed to be funny, but it's just sad. The janitor stores all of the hospital's trash somewhere, and Kelso wants to know where he stored it, Ted finally falls off the building and ends up falling in all the trash that the janitor stored. A very nice tie in indeed, once all three doctors (Cox, JD, Turk) are about to tell of Kevin, they realize he's always battling with his own demons, and "Everything's Not Lost" by Coldplay playing in the end was absolute perfection, I had chills up my body when I was watching the final scene. JD walking away while Kevin dealt with his OCD, so sad. Even though there was no plots for Elliot & Carla, Michael J Fox did an amazing job with filling in the blanks. Amazing emotional episode.
  • michael j fox!

    Everyone (except Dr. Cox) likes Dr. Casey, played by guest star Michael J Fox, and JD thinks he could be his new mentor. The Janitor and his new assistant take care of a trash problem for Dr. Kelso.

    Good episode. Michael J. Fox was a great guest star. And the janitor plot was pretty funny. I'm not a huge fan of this show but I am starting to watch it more and more. Half the reason I watched this episode was MJF in it, but I also liked the humor and plot. B+ or so as a grade methinks is fair
  • I LOVE Dr Casey!!!

    Dr Kevin Casey a old fellow intern of Dr. Cox's who's now an attending, and also a skilled surgeon, makes quite a few impressions at the hospital - least of all because he has OCD. I loved him as soon as he stepped into the hospital. I loved how shocked Cox was when he saw Casey once again. Michael J. Fox did a great job in this role and i really liked the moral lesson in this one! Dr Cox was superb once again and he secretly DOES want to be JD's mentor. Ted the laywer was very funny in that episode too.
  • Great episode!

    really like this ep.

    thouight micheal j fox as kevin was great.

    his scene at the end with jd was brilliant! u really felt for the guy and totally believed in him! it was such a powerful scene. to watch thsi guy just fall apart really was great and it was so class cos he was this perfect guy in every way excpet for his OCD problem!

    comedy witht eh janitor and ted was great in this epsiode aswel! i dunno what is so funny baout a sucidal man! but he's so funny! poor ted!

    anywasy totally loved the episode my favourite of the season so far!!
  • Micheal J Fox guest stars in an excellent role as Dr. Kevin Kasey.

    This episode fires on all of the Scrubs cylinders. Showing Dr's for who they really are (human) while showing the impact they have on so many others. The writers did an impecable job of integrating Dr Kasey into the storyline. Micheal J. Fox was a natural at playing this part. He shows up and impacts all the staff with his talents even though he is barely functional in everyday life. In the end, all is revealed in a way only found on Scrubs. J.D. turns a corner and realizes a lot about his need for a mentor, which plays out over the next three seasons.
  • Dr. Kevin Casey

    Michael J. Fox guest stars as a fellow doctor with a severe case of OCD. Howeverm despite his illness he seems to show up every other doctor in the place at every turn, even Dr. Cox. Jd thinks he has finally found the perfect mentor in him, the kind of mentor Dr. Cox could never. Even though he is right Dr. Casey is probably a better choice for a mentor, being that Dr. Cox doesn't want to be Jd's anyway, Dr. Casey teaches him a valuable lesson that no one doctor can be this perfect idealized person in his mind or in real life. Every single one has some kind of problem to contend with and Dr. Casey, despite his brilliance, has one mother of a problem to deal with himself. His OCD sometimes get's the better of him and he get's this weak moments, just like everyone else.

    I really think Michael J. Fox did a great job in this role because not only was he funny in it but I really think he held a personel stake in it, being that he has a serious disease himself and probably understands how difficult it is to live and just exsist with something like that every day. Scrubs has such a knack for casting guest stars it's really impressive.
  • Obsessive Compulsive Disorder Doctor played by Michael J. Fox=Amazing!

    Yes, the one and only Michael J. Fox has came and saw in this well written, emotional, comedy known as, "My Catalyst".
    It begins with the normal J.D. looking for a little praise from Dr. Cox, and of course, comes up empty handed.
    However, he quickly recovers when one of Dr. Cox's colleagues, Dr. Kevin Casey, pays a temporary visit to Sacred Heart, but soon over stays his welcome.
    Dr. Cox feels Dr. Casey to be a serious threat to his 'Best Doctor To Roam These Halls' status.
    So, like any threatened man, Cox attempts to prove himself, and, in a rare event, fails.
    After in-directly doing emotional damage to Dr. Cox, he then does the same to Turk and J.D.. Though, J.D. looked at him as the mentor he had always wanted.
    Michael J. Fox really knocks this episode out of the park!
    By far, he is the best special guest so far in 'Scrubs'.
  • A new mentor for JD with obsessive compulsive disorder!

    This is a really cool episode, JD is kind of tired about Cox for not recognizing himself as his mentor, and when a new doctor, Dr. Kevin Casey (Michael J. Fox) comes to the hospital JD tries to find some mentorship in him, but unfortunately he has obsessive compulsive disorder! JD still finds that he is still a really good doctor and begins seeking him as a mentor, as Kevin Casey seems just perfect in every medical treatment ever since strange diseases that even Cox is not able to figure out, to beating Turk in an operation he thought that was he special ability. So as that, both Cox and Turk are mad at Kevin, but JD is trying to wish him as his mentor more and more, until Kevin tells to JD that interns who seek a mentor for almost three years are only pathetic, so all of them decide to give Kevin a piece of what he deserves, or at least until they find out that not even him has a perfect life. Meanwhile, Ted tries to find the courage to jump off the building, and Kelso is trying to find out what happen to the garbage the Janitor threw out, and eventually the two plots mix together. This episode is a really cool episode, I just love it, it is one of my all time favorites!
  • A Very Special Episode

    There is no doubt in my mind that this episode is something special. Michael J. Fox puts in an amazing episode as an obsessive compulise doctor Kevin Casey. As most guest stars on scrubs do, he crafted a character that you really felt for.

    The climax of the story where J.D, Dr. Cox and Turk are going to blame all their problems on Kevin, and see him constantly having to wash his hands was moving.

    But not only is this episode moving, it is funny as well. The storyline of the Janitor and the rubbish is amusing, The Todd's messed up X Box Joke is funny and Turk and Elliot's talk about "These hands" makes you smile.

    But this episode is really about Michael J. Fox. His performance was outstanding and showed again why he is a legend.
  • OCD performance wins.

    "This episode is the first of two in which Michael J Fox guest stars as Dr Kevin Casey, a doctor with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder but happens to be a better doctor than everyone in Sacred Heart.

    This episode has both humour and a dramatic ending, with the Doctors Turk, Dorian and Cox realising that none of them were worse off than Casey." - jimbo001

    The performance given by Michael J. Fox was outstanding - naturally. But every time I watch that closing scene, I notice a profound sense of humility that this show displays so often, and it is definitely seen in this moment - perfected by an encompassing song. Great scene.
  • Obsessive Compulsive Doctor

    This episode is the first of two in which Michael J Fox guest stars as Dr Kevin Casey, a doctor with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder but happens to be a better doctor than everyone in Sacred Heart.

    This episode has both humour and a dramatic ending, with the Doctors Turk, Dorian and Cox realising that none of them were worse off than Casey.

    Todd’s Xbox joke, Ted’s suicidal plot and Cox’s knowledge war with Casey were all hilarious and the Janitor’s garbage plot merging with Ted’s was brilliant.

    Overall, this episode is hilarious and also has a few serious scenes about Casey’s disorder and is very entertaining.