Season 4 Episode 25

My Changing Ways

Aired Tuesday 9:30 PM May 10, 2005 on NBC

Episode Recap

J.D. sits on a box in an empty apartment and wonders how it got there. We flash back where J.D. and Turk play basketball. J.D. makes a scheme to make everyone believe he's good at basketball but hits the ball against the board and hits his own head.

Elliot attempts to be able to talk to people while on the toilet but it doens't work, even with Jake's help. Dr. Kelso has to fix the budget and Dr. Cox recommends Jordan to do it for him. He hires her. Turk and J.D. lie around in the parking lot and J.D. tells him the news that he found an apartment.

In the cafeteria, Carla says this time of the year everybody takes new jobs. Turk has one more year of residence left and Elliot & J.D. took jobs as staff internists. Jake asks if she wants to do that and it turns out she didn't take another job because she was too afraid to go for it. J.D. gets to keep Roudy as Carla hates him.

Elliot tells Jake how she always gets a nose bleed when she has an interview. Jake says she needs to be more confident but it doesn't help. Dr. Cox is annoyed that Jordan comes to work with him everyday from now on so Dr. Kelso offers Jordan the job full-time on purpose.

Turk & J.D. play a trick on Hooch who goes crazy. J.D. says he will miss the schemeing of these kind of jokes so they make plans for tonight as their last night as roommates. Carla reckons Jake is always telling her what to do and that he shouldn't have pushed her into taking that interview.

Dr. Cox shows Jordan a sad patient case and Jordan goes away crying. He has paid off a kid to lie in bed sick. Turk comes home with an 82" pizza but J.D. had already moved out. Elliot got a new job thanks to Jake pushing her around. Jordan declines the job offer from Dr. Kelso and J.D. tells Turk it wasn't a big deal to spend one last day together, but he does take the pizza awy from him.

The next day, J.D. hangs out with Hooch at the cafeteria as replacement for Turk. He also told Hooch it was Turk's idea to play the shower trick on him earlier. Hooch threatens Turk to stop or he'll take one of his fingers. Carla tells off Jake not to influence Elliot too much. Jake confronts Elliot about it and she's trying not to from now on.

Jordan moves out of her new office, but she's sad because this job made her feel valid again. J.D. comes back home with Hooch but Roudy is missing. There's a note that he is at the hospital so they drive back. Turk has got him on the roof. Carla is sad that Elliot is moving on because she expected her to stay longer. J.D. admits he's afraid things won't be the same in the future. Jordan decides to take the job after all and Elliot leaves the hospital. Carla and Turk decide they want to try to have a baby. J.D. is left alone in his new apartment with many changes to get used to.
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