Season 4 Episode 25

My Changing Ways

Aired Tuesday 9:30 PM May 10, 2005 on NBC

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  • Changes.

    When you think of amazing mind blowing finales, you don't usually think of Scrubs. I'm never fully satisfied with the finales they have on this show, I think the only finale I was satisfied with was the season one finale. The season four finale was loosely based on JD moving out of the apartment. JD gets his feelings hurt by Turk and is mad at him throughout the whole episode, in the end, he moves out and learns to accept change. Jordan starts working at the hospital for a while, and it is torturous for Cox. Kelso then offers her a full time job, she turns it down after Cox makes her feel guilty. But then accepts it again, when Cox reveals his intentions after feeling bad. Jake, Elliot's controlling new boyfriend, is anyone else getting flashbacks of Elliot's season 2 boyfriend, Paul, who had the same problem? Anyways Jake convinces her to go to a fellowship interview which makes Carla upset because she feels as though Elliot is leaving her behind. Elliot leaves for her new job in the end, but Carla & Elliot remain friends. So far every plot has been tied up, and there has been no possible cliffhanger. Until Carla says to Turk, that they should try to get pregnant, Turk agrees quickly, and you could only assume that Carla will be pregnant next season. So that's the only thing left up in the air, definitely not an enticing cliffhanger. So this epsiode as usual wasn't very good as a finale, and felt like any other episode. But it was good as an episode on it's own. Okay finale.
  • Script is perfect, but it feels too rushed.

    This episode is written ridiculously well. Nearly every other sentence is a joke. But maybe that works against it as well.

    Scrubs usually has multiple plots interwoven with the different characters, but in this episode, it didn't work out for me too well. Maybe it's because all of the plots involve radical change, and seeing as how that's the theme of the episode, maybe it was supposed to feel this abrupt and rushed. I'm not kidding when I say this episode has above average jokes and writing, even for Scrubs. Some of the lines here are very clever, but I found it to be too fast-paced. Also, JD got way too mad at Turk over something so small, which was unlike him. I mean, replacing Turk with Hooch? It seemed way out there.

    If this episode was paced over two episodes and the plots were fleshed out a little better to make it seem less abrupt, I'd give them both 10's.
  • Season 4 Finale. Much Better than everyone is saying.

    I have no idea why people are criticising this episode so much. Fair enough it's probably the worst season finale of Scrubs. But it is still a tremendous episode non the less.

    JD finale moves into his own apartment, Jake convinces Elliot to go for the fellowship, and Jordan works at the hospital; thust annoying the hell out of Dr. Cox.

    Personally one of my top ten favourite episodes of season 4. Why simply because of the humour it brings. Some of the funny moments are when Elliot shoves a guy into a wall and when Todd on an IV drip due to epic diarea.

    Other funny moments are mainy vocal humor, but still hilarious. Some of the lines are (most to do with Hooch)

    Hoosh - "Hello Chocolate Bear Number 2": When JD thinks it's Turk on the bike.

    Turk - "Where's Chocolate Bear Number 2"

    Flashback - Hoosh standing over a guy after hitting him with his shoe

    Cut back
    JD - "Yeah Hoosh is seriously crazy"

    Overall a funny episode.

  • JD moves out

    This episode marks the final episode of season four of Scrubs and both sums up the season and makes viewers loo forward to season five. The only two plot faults I found in this episode were:

    1. The lack of focus on Elliot leaving Sacred Heart, a seemingly big turning point in the series
    2. The snap decision by Carla and Turk to have a baby which has nothing to do with the rest of the plots, except a vague connection of Carla finding something to replace Elliot who had left the hospital.

    The rest of the episode was terrific, especially Cox’s plot with great moments from Ted and Bob Kelso and the always entertaining Jordan.

    JD moving out eventually had to happen and at the end of a season was definitely a good place for this event to occur with a few Hooch appearances in the JD-Turk friction plot.

    Overall, the episode is somewhat of a cliffhanger with hilarious scenes but could have been handled better in some situations.
  • There were various themes throughout the episode suggesting additional storylines, but My Changing Ways lacked detail.

    "My Changing Ways\" starts off in J.D.\'s new apartment. At the first installment, we catch a glimpse of what appears to be a tear running down J.D.\'s cheek, his dead dog \"Rowdy\" and a bunch of boxes that he is sitting on. This introduction, as it turns out, is actually the concluding scene, in which J.D. explains how he got to this point.

    As J.D. starts off his story, with Turk and himself associating about basketball. We get to see J.D. be the stereotypical \"dork\" he is, and fratenize with Turk about making him (J.D.) out to be the best Basketball player. Of course, things go awry and J.D. ends up on the ground after being hit by a basketball. Yet, a scene that is a grand sketch of comedy, lacks just that. It is too predictable and J.D. acts TOO strongly to be a dork. A major difference from the past three seasons.

    Keeping it a bit more short, there are a few other storylines within the total, as always. The first storyline involves Elliot and her new Boyfriend Jake. It begins with Elliot and Jake eating lunch with the \"gang\", so to speak, and the topic of gaining a fellowship is brought up. Elliot says how much she wants it, but she doesn\'t feel she has the skills. Jake tries to pursue her to go along with an interview, which she goes along with. Carla becomes involved because she thinks Jake is too controlling of her (sound familiar? Nurse Paul Flowers..?), and tells Elliot. She confronts him, not much goes on and then near the ending, Elliot ends up getting the job and we find out she is leaving Sacred Heart.

    The first storyline would have been a great storyline had they spread it out more. I felt that Elliot\'s departure from the Hospital was too abrupt and once again, lacking detail. Elliot\'s leaving could have been so much more powerful had it been acted out further and with more emphasis on one subject.

    The second one is about Jordan never leaving Perry alone at the hospital, and this annoys him. Dr. Cox is even more agitated when Dr. Kelso offers Jordan a full-time job promotion. So, he tries to make her feel guilty by making it seem as if she\'s never with their son. She agrees not to do it, but there\'s always that twist. The twist, naturally, was predictable in that Perry, whom is more soft than usual, feels sour for restricting what his wife wants to do. Once again--Too forced and lacking detail. The twist was a nice addition to the sketch, but it was predictable and didn\'t develop further to make it of interest.

    The third story is of J.D.\'s moving out of the apartment. This leads into a conflict between Turk and J.D., in which J.D. decides that \"Hooch\" is going to be his \"CB2\", or, Chocolate Bear 2. Naturally, Turk is upset, but J.D. is teribly sad to confront him about how he feels. The plot seems to thicken, when suddenly Rowdy is taken and J.D. finds that Turk has it. They talk it out, and tell each other that things will be different, but they\'re still going to be friends.

    This storyline would have been so much better had the characters portrayed more emotion and less of the \"Goofy\" acting, so to speak. It seemed as if J.D. was taking the situation a bit more childish than usual. The moral presented was pretty obvious as well and no real build-up to it. Could have been alot better.

    The last storyline is between Turk and Carla. Basically.. They decide to have a child. This storyline was perhaps the worst played out in the episode for there was no build-up whatsoever, more just an \"Okay.\" and then bam. It lacks detail and in-depth acting.

    Finally, all these storylines meet up to the end with J.D. and we find out that his tear is actually just leaky water. Not such a great ending..

    Overall, the episode presented some very well thought-out story lines, but there was too little time to act out each one in such a short episode. If the acting were better, more detail added to each, less of them acting like children toward rather serious decisions, and the storylines were spread out over two different episodes, it would be a grand finale like First Season\'s Cliffhanger.

    For these reasons, I give it a 71 %.
  • it didnt give the viewers what they wanted what with elliot leaving but still a good episode

    i think this was not as good as the previous episodes in a fantastic season, but the last episodes of a perticuliar show (or season)are usually quite emotional and this was no exception so it cut back on the comedy a tiny bit, but was still good enought to keep me watching.
  • Not a good season-finale

    i was kinda of disappointed by the way this season finishes, Ellote get a new job in another hospital, that it, not exactly a good clifhanger, anyone remember Season 1 clifhanger with Jorden dropping bombshell on dr.cox about sleeping with J.D. That was best season final of scrubs in my opinion. Also J.D moving out, about time don't u think. i think a good bombshell for this season could of been Carla telling Turk she's pregant but i'm gussing that might be next year.

    Dr.Cox, i liked how he guilty her into quit her job by using the child in the hospital then when she told him she wants to actually work somewhere to keep her sane. Dr.Cox admit he's wrong to Jorden and i really liked how she embrassed Dr.Cox in front of interns. i am not going to miss Ellote, i wonder who will replace her.
  • Not one of my favourite episodes but still fine work!With Turk and Carla deciding to have a child,JD moving out, Cox's wife coming work to the hospital and Elliot switching hospital the whole storyline has changed.

    End of the fourth season was pretty dramatical and i can't wait till next season. With Turk and Carla deciding to have a child,JD moving out, Cox's wife coming work to the hospital and Elliot switching hospital the whole storyline has changed. The episode concentrates more on the story than jokes. Concentrating to the storyline makes this episode mutch boring...but in other hand if you like drama more than jokes you might even love this episode. I wonder why they made so much storyline changes...has show lost audience or what...? But still i think next season will be better than fourth (fourth seoson really was not so good as the first three seasons) it will be exiting to see how Cox handles his wife and JD (melissa,lassie or whatever girls-name). And how the newly weds handle raising a baby. So actually there lot of reasons watch next season too.
  • I've been a fan of scrubs since it's premier in 2001. It's 2005 now and something changed... I don't know exactly what, but the writing is different. All said, I think the delivery of the jokes are off. It's a timing thing, and was what Scrubs was famous

    Many of my co-workers and friends never quite understood my love for Scrubs. Some people just don't get the quirky humor. Then again, I just recently read that a study had been done which proves that some people are mentally incapable of grasping sarcasm. If you don't get sarcasm, and you were never on the inside of a joke, Scrubs will probably never appeal to you. Now, having said that, Scrubs to me represents in the here and now the future good old days.

    Weak Season Finale
    I have to admit that something went awry this last season. The writing was good, but the timing was off and it is my belief that good timing will carry bad writing. So, in the final episode of the season, the timing seemed 'short' and the storyline was confusing. JD has to move out; Turk & Wifie decide to start a family & Elliot gets a job elsewhere.

    Where to go from here?
    Where is this story going? Your guess is as good as mine, but if the problems stem from the old directors and producers allowing Zack to direct from the sidelines, then let Zack do what he's good at; Act.
  • Changes


    The season is finally over, and it’s been a strange one, especially the finale. I couldn’t pin down exactly why this episode felt so unlike the usual Scrubs except for the fact that finales are always a bit different (usually in a good way, though). Then again, so many changes have come along all at once it seems like the show is going to get a whole new makeover. J.D. moving out, Turk and Carla starting a family, Elliot changing hospitals, and Jordan getting a job at Sacred Heart (though I never understood what she was meant to be doing). People say change is good, but often that’s when the thing that is changing used to suck. This has never been the case with the Scrubs, except for arguably this season, where it just seemed to drag on (more on that later). Still, there’s always hope that next season, possibly or possibly not the final one, will have been changed for the better, but it hardly filled me with confidence when the final line of this season was from J.D. saying, ‘I hate change.’

    As for this episode, it was definitely not Scrubs on top form, but there was still some good moments that made it worth the while. There was the predictable-yet-funny moment where Dr. Cox bangs his head against the wall, the clever ending to the Janitor-pie scenario whereby he takes laxatives just so J.D. will and he can score another ‘win’, and there were the subtle things like a brief glimpse of Ted’s new office in the canteen. Storywise, however, there were some definite issues. Even though J.D. is and always has been the main character, too much time was spent on his moving out, too little time was spent on Elliot’s life changing career move and certainly not enough time was spent on Turk and Carla’s decision to start a family. In fact, that decision probably shouldn’t have been included given how low-key it was done. This all led to an ultimately unsatisfying episode that strangely makes the next season look promising. At least that’s what I’m hoping.

    A bizarre episode, but not bizarre in the typical Scrubs fashion, that was only watchable for its many sudden plot changes. 3 out of 5 LaxaPies.

    Best line: “Err, Jake is it?...... I know your name Jake, I’m being condescending. Jake, was it?” ---- J.D.
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