Season 4 Episode 25

My Changing Ways

Aired Tuesday 9:30 PM May 10, 2005 on NBC

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  • Changes.

    When you think of amazing mind blowing finales, you don't usually think of Scrubs. I'm never fully satisfied with the finales they have on this show, I think the only finale I was satisfied with was the season one finale. The season four finale was loosely based on JD moving out of the apartment. JD gets his feelings hurt by Turk and is mad at him throughout the whole episode, in the end, he moves out and learns to accept change. Jordan starts working at the hospital for a while, and it is torturous for Cox. Kelso then offers her a full time job, she turns it down after Cox makes her feel guilty. But then accepts it again, when Cox reveals his intentions after feeling bad. Jake, Elliot's controlling new boyfriend, is anyone else getting flashbacks of Elliot's season 2 boyfriend, Paul, who had the same problem? Anyways Jake convinces her to go to a fellowship interview which makes Carla upset because she feels as though Elliot is leaving her behind. Elliot leaves for her new job in the end, but Carla & Elliot remain friends. So far every plot has been tied up, and there has been no possible cliffhanger. Until Carla says to Turk, that they should try to get pregnant, Turk agrees quickly, and you could only assume that Carla will be pregnant next season. So that's the only thing left up in the air, definitely not an enticing cliffhanger. So this epsiode as usual wasn't very good as a finale, and felt like any other episode. But it was good as an episode on it's own. Okay finale.