Season 4 Episode 25

My Changing Ways

Aired Tuesday 9:30 PM May 10, 2005 on NBC



  • Quotes

    • Janitor: No better pick-me-up than a slice of Mom's pie!
      J.D.: Why are you so obsessed with this?
      Janitor: I dunno. I think it's 'cause this time, I wasn't trying to mess with you.
      J.D.: Really?
      Janitor digs in and takes a bite.
      Janitor: Really.
      J.D. takes the fork and has a bite.
      Janitor: Huh?
      Cut to Men's Room
      J.D.: Who would do this to themselves?
      Janitor: Totally worth it.
      J.D.'s Narration: As every piece of food I'd put into my body in the last year was rushing out of me, it got me thinking.