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Season 3 Episode 19

My Choosiest Choice of All

Aired Tuesday 9:30 PM Apr 20, 2004 on NBC
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Episode Summary

J.D. hooks up with Danni again, after Sean returns, but he can't forget about his passionate night with Elliot. Meanwhile, Dr. Cox realizes, that he might actually have a crush on the one doctor he loathes.

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  • Magnificent episode.

    "At the end of the day, you have to be proud of the choices you make." A lot of memorable quote sin this episode, I definitely enjoyed this episode. This episode is pretty much the aftermath of Elliot & JD sleeping together, and Elliot goes back to Sean, and asks JD not to tell Sean that they slept together. JD, upset, sleeps with Danni, and he realizes she isn't as delightful as he remembers. So basically Elliot & JD play the jealousy game with Danni & Sean. Does it bother anyone else that the Elliot/Sean relationship has been going on for nearly a whole season? Does it also bother anyone else that Elliot was acting like the hugest slut in this episode? She sleeps with JD only to go to Sean? It made Elliot seem very unlikable from my standpoint. Turk & Carla morph in to Tarla, when they become one of those annoying couples who think they know everything about relationships. It was a nice plot. Cox starts liking Dr. Miller, I like how they incorporate her in other plots other than being head of the surgical team. Cox ends up having to make a choice between Jordan & Dr. Miller at the end of the day. It reminded me of "My Fruit Cups" since in both cases, Cox chooses Jordan. Jordan also dyes her hair blond for Cox, to get attention from him. The janitor becomes a security guard which I though was absolutely hilarious, when he has to stand up to Dr. Kelso. He shows "integrity." JD continues to date Danni and chooses not to tell Sean about what happened. A great concept and it was a nice tie in of the plots by the end. Magnificent episode.moreless
  • Excellent

    After hooking up with Elliot, J.D feels miserable because Sean is back, so he decides to hook back up with Danni, his old girlfriend who is now a heavy smoker. Dr. Cox starts having a crush on Dr. Miller. The Janitor becomes a security guard. Turk and Carla start analyzing the other people relationships, thinking they know everything about the subject now that they are engaged.

    This episode was rlly good. It was so funny and it had good drama. Well written and protrayed. Havin J.D sleep with Elliot, then Sean returning and J.D now going back with Danni: Excellent! Really funny the deal with Dr. Cox, having a crush on Dr. Miller, and having Janitor as a security guard was also rlly funny. This is a great episode. Any Scrubs fan would like it.moreless
  • J.D. is rather unhappy with the latest situation with Elliot

    One of the best of Season 3. I loved how JD tried to get back together with Danni who is very very dominat now. I really enjoyed Jelliot, but i HATE how they always get them back together and then break them up. I mean, how many times can they do that before it gets old? But don't get me wrong, in Season 3 i was still shipping them. Sean is just ANNOYING and i wished that he's go already!! I would have rated it higher if there was no Sean. Elliot's boyfriends are just mostly not likeable, while JD has some really great girlfriends!moreless
  • Elliot cheats on Sean with JD because he was there for her when she didn't have to ask. Sean suddenly comes back from New Zealand to be with Elliot and JD isn't happy.moreless

    This was one of my favorite episodes. I liked how JD was thinking of Elliot's happiness. When Sean has suspicions that something might have happened between Elliot and him, JD tells him nothing happened because he wanted Elliot to be happy. I loved the song at the end and how well it went with the scene. The janitor found his integrity was more important than his new job as a security guard and stood up to Dr. Kelso. The episode ended with JD saying "you have to do what's right for your friend even if it means sacrificing your own happiness". He then says "when it comes down to it, you just have to be proud of the decision you made" (Probably my favorite Scrubs quote). The episode ends with the janitor back in his regular uniform. The ending was what truly made this episode great.moreless
  • JD deals with being ditched by Elliot when Shawn returns. The Janitor gets the job of Hospital Security guard after.JD hooks up with Danny to deal with Elliot being back with Shawn. Dr Cox has a crush on the new surgeon.moreless

    Incredible. I just watched the re-run on Comedy Central. I think this is probably the 10th time i have seen this episode and i review it so high because it really never gets old. I think the music selection is great, the plot is great, and just the "feel good" level of this show was really high. The show had a good but somewhat cliche message and Turk and Carla were indeed kind of annoying, but kind of annoyingly funny. This episode is definitely one of the best i have seen and i have pretty much seen every episode. Watch it when you really want to feel good about things.moreless
Donald Faison

Donald Faison

Dr. Christopher "Chris" Duncan Turk

John C. McGinley

John C. McGinley

Dr. Percival "Perry" Cox

Judy Reyes

Judy Reyes

Nurse Carla Espinosa

Ken Jenkins

Ken Jenkins

Dr. Robert "Bob" Kelso

Neil Flynn

Neil Flynn

The Janitor

Sarah Chalke

Sarah Chalke

Dr. Elliot Reid

Jennifer Anderson (I)

Jennifer Anderson (I)


Guest Star

Brogan Roche

Brogan Roche


Guest Star

Hank Lindsley

Hank Lindsley


Guest Star

Scott Foley

Scott Foley

Sean Kelly

Recurring Role

Bellamy Young

Bellamy Young

Dr. Grace Miller

Recurring Role

Tara Reid

Tara Reid

Danni Sullivan

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (5)

    • For some reason it seems like Jordan has become a little nicer to people since she dyed her hair.

    • Featured Music:
      "Far From Me" by Tart
      "Jump Off" By Keren DeBerg
      "Section 9" by The Polyphonic Spree
      "Light & Day" by The Polyphonic Spree
      "Reach for the Sun" by The Polyphonic Spree

    • The Janitor reveals that he has problems distinguishing colors.

    • At the start at the hospital when the man Irv chased parks where is normally a basketball court, which now is the emergency curb and the basketball net, where Turk plays is gone.

    • When Irv is trying to suffocate the patient, Carla jumps on his back and is injecting a syringe into him. She never pushes down the plunger so he doesn't get any of the drug, but he falls over anyway.

  • QUOTES (45)

    • Danni: Giddyup, Dr. Dorkian!

    • Dr. Cox: Did you... did you do that for me?
      Jordan: I thought it'd be fun. See, now there are two blondes you can't have sex with!
      Dr. Cox: I don't care! It is so naughty!

    • Janitor: Don't look at me like that! This is your fault, anyway! You two made me dream again.
      Turk: Hey, we weren't the ones who caved in to Kelso.
      Janitor: I do not owe you an explanation for that!
      Carla: You're right, you don't owe us an explanation!
      Turk: Lay some truth on him, baby!

    • Bandmate: How you feeling?
      Jeff: Hey, Rick!
      Bandmate: Hi!
      Jeff: Audrey! Ryan! Tim! Jamie! Tobey!
      Bandmate: Hey, Jeff!
      Jeff: Joe!
      Dr. Cox: I hope this won't be awkward for ya, but I promised the whole band you'd have sex with them.

    • Danni: Okay, I'm gonna buy the next round. Which one of you handsome boys wanna help me carry it?
      Sean: We're both good-looking guys, am I right? We'll sort this out when I get back!

    • Turk: Baby.
      Carla: Hmm?
      Turk: I would never sleep with your sister. She's hideous.

    • J.D.: So, you'd rather hang out with someone you don't even like than be alone?
      Danni: Yeah, pretty much.
      J.D.: Yeah, me too. I mean, come on, how many couples out there actually have fun together?
      Sean: Guys! Elliot and I are in the middle of a marathon game of Hide & Go Seek. If she comes in, you didn't see me!

    • J.D.'s Narration: In a big hospital, you can hide from almost anything. Except your conscience.
      Jordan: Hello.
      Dr. Cox: Oh, hey! Hey, Jordan! You know what's weird?
      Jordan: Tell me.
      Dr. Cox: We're so close, and yet if anybody asks if we're married, all either one of us can say is-is no.
      Jordan: Actually, I say we were married for five years then got divorced, now we're back living together, have a child, but we're in a long-term, committed relationship.
      Dr. Cox: Yeah, that's what I say, too... That or... no.

    • Dr. Miller: Excuse me, I need to get a, uh-
      Dr. Cox: Book about supply closet etiquette? Yeah, look, I'm kinda using this area?

    • Dr. Kelso: Listen, Serpico, I go four steps out that door to my car every day. And that's important, because if I don't beat Enid home from her thighs & buns class, I have to help her peel off her leotard.

    • Carla: Bambi, when you broke up with Danni, you said it was the happiest day of your life!
      J.D.: No, that was only because 'Barney Miller' came out on DVD.
      Turk: And WoJo's commentary on it? Priceless!

    • Dr. Miller: Okay, that's all from me, Jeff. Any other questions you might have you can direct to Dr. Cox, here. I'm sure you'll find him to be quite... something!
      Dr. Cox: Ha-ha!

    • Janitor: My cousin is a bank teller, and he gave me one of those exploding ink cartridges they put in stolen money so I could figure out who's been disconnecting the emergency exits!
      He finds Dr. Kelso standing there, covered in blue ink.
      Dr. Kelso: Nice work.

    • Dr. Kelso: Okay. This badge is now yours.
      Janitor: I just want to thank you for believing in me. And I want to assure you that I am gonna be guarding these hospital gates the way Cerberus guarded the gates of Hell!
      Dr. Kelso: Yeah, that's terrific.

    • Dr. Cox: Honestly, Jordan, I have never despised anyone more.
      Jordan: Oh, my God. You have a crush on her.
      Dr. Cox: Who said who to what now?

    • J.D.: Do you have to do that here?
      Danni: What? I like smoking after sex.
      J.D.: And during. God, you never used to smoke!
      Danni: Yeah, but back then I was pretending to be someone I thought you wanted me to be, and that didn't work. So now... I'm gonna let the real me come out.

    • Dr Cox: I went ahead and took a look at your little rock star's chart.
      Dr. Miller: Oh, didja?
      Dr. Cox: Yes, I did. And his urine output is dropping, so you should probably start him on Lasix.
      Dr. Miller: You amuse me. So even though he's post-op and still technically my patient, I'm gonna pretend to consider your opinion before I walk away and do whatever I want! Hmm. No!

    • Dr. Miller: Oh, yeah. That incision's healing up nicely.
      Jeff: Thanks again, Dr. Miller. I'm gonna have my band write a song about you.
      Dr. Miller: Well, I'm glad I struck a chord!
      Dr. Cox: Yeah, listen: While you were proving once and for all that pretty girls do not in fact need to be funny...

    • Elliot: Listen, J.D... Last night was really important to me.
      J.D.: I know. I mean, you don't want to be rusty at sex before you throw down with your real boyfriend, do ya?

    • Carla: Aww, Bambi freeze up again?
      Turk: It's not our problem, honey.

    • Elliot: J.D., I can't talk right now.
      J.D.: Should we just hold each other?

    • J.D.: I'm actually on my way to see somebody, so, you know...
      Danni: Oh, okay. I'll see you later.
      J.D.'s Narration: Oh, be nice.
      J.D.: Danni, wait! How've you been?
      Danni: Well, actually, I-
      J.D.: Ooh! Gotta go!

    • J.D.: Danni!?
      J.D.'s Narration: When you run into someone you used to date, either you find them totally annoying or enough time has passed that you've idealized everything about them.
      Danni: Hey, J.D.
      J.D.'s Narration(mocking): "Hey, Jay-Dee!"

    • Irv: I've been trying like the dickens to cut down on my snacking, but it's just so-
      J.D.: Ehp-ehp-ehp! You look great, Irv!
      J.D.'s Narration: Irv didn't look great, but I didn't have time to talk.

    • Irv: I'm sorry, sir. But there's no parking allowed at the emergency curb. But I'd be happy to park your car for ya, and run the keys up to you in a jiff.
      Guy: Yeah... Except this is my only set? And I'm afraid you might eat them. Okay? See ya, tubs.

    • J.D.: What should I do?
      J.D.'s Narration: That was a huge mistake. Because the closer Turk and Carla got to their wedding, the more they became one of those annoying couples that thought they knew everything about relationships.
      Turk/Carla: Look, J.D...
      Turk: You first, honey.
      Carla: J.D., love is like a butterfly. Hold it too tight and... you'll crush it.
      Turk: Too loose and it flies away.

    • J.D.: She's already back with Sean.
      Carla: How soon after you guys hooked up?
      J.D.: About ninety seconds.

    • Turk: Dude, ignore her. That's three years in a row - who's feeling you?
      J.D.: You be.

    • J.D.'s narration: I was so mad at Elliot I couldn't sleep last night. Also Danni snores like a gutted wild bore, but mostly it was the Elliot thing.

    • J.D.: (To Sean, who is kissing Elliot) You've got something on your face.
      Sean: What?
      J.D.'s narration: The love of my life.
      J.D.: You got it.

    • Carla: Now I'm gonna let my husband-to-be tell you what life's really all about, because he has more of this than any man I know.
      Turk: Archie comics?
      Carla: No, the other thing.
      Turk: Oh, that's right - integrity.

    • Elliot: Oh, you seem real crushed! I mean, you jumped into bed with Danni so quick you didn't have time to change the sheets!
      J.D.: You know I only have one set.
      Elliot: Look, J.D., can I ask you a favor?
      J.D.: Could I ask you one?
      Elliot: Sure, anything. What is it?
      J.D.'s Narration: Damn, I don't have one.

    • Carla: Turk, he wants to be with Dr. Miller because he thinks it'll make him what?
      Turk: Happy.
      Carla: Exactly. But he's really only happy when he's...?
      Turk: Miserable.
      Carla: Right! So why does he really want to be with Dr. Miller?
      Turk: 'Cause she got big-ass boobies!
      Carla: No, no, no. Because he likes being miserable.

    • J.D.: Hey, you wanna play darts?
      Danni: Sure!
      J.D.: Great! Have fun, I'll be over here.
      Danni: Do you even enjoy spending time with me?
      J.D.: "Enjoy" is such a strong word... I...I'm used to it. You know, like cafeteria food, or the constant threat of terrorism.

    • Dr. Cox: Look, I honestly don't think that going to some dive bar is necessarily appropriate for somebody who just had kidney surgery. Although, don't get me wrong, the fact that it seems to be pissing you off so much is the true definition of an added perk. Seriously, you can-you can look it up in the dictionary. It's under "P" for "perk". It's right next to "pain in the ass" and, curiously enough, your picture is right next to it.

    • Carla: Look at you in your new uniform! And they give you a nightstick!
      Janitor: Well, actually, this is my dad's. He used to use this baby every day at work.
      Turk: Was he a cop?
      Janitor: Uh, no, cat trainer.

    • Dr. Cox: Look, there's a new doctor at the hospital, and she is such a relentless chore that every time she's harping at me, I actually see your face.
      Jordan: I love that you think about me at work!

    • Janitor: Some hooligan keeps disconnecting the alarm. I told Security to look into it? But no, no, they'd rather catch the guy who's stealing organs from the transplant ward. If I was a security guard around here, things'd be different.
      Carla: You really want to be a security guard?
      Janitor: Who around here commands more respect than the men who wear blue and green?
      Turk: The uniforms are black and gray.
      Janitor: You got me. I don't see colors well. Happy now?

    • J.D.: I totally understand. You know, Danni and I are getting back together, too.
      J.D.'s Narration: We are?
      Elliot: Danni? Danni, Danni, Danni... What was her last name?
      J.D.'s Narration: Damn! I should know this!
      Elliot: Blonde hair!
      J.D.: Yes! Raspy voice!

    • J.D.: You don't enjoy hanging out with me, do you?
      Danni: Not really, I'm more into tough guys, you know.
      J.D.: Last night in bed I knocked you unconcious!
      Danni: For like 5 seconds.

    • J.D.: [to Danni in the other room] You want any water? [sees Turk and Carla watching him] ...Well do you guys?
      Carla: Bambi, we know you were in there with Danni, we heard you say her name.
      J.D.: Oh, no no, I was in there with my buddy Danny, from the gym.
      Turk: But we heard you say "Take it all, Danni!"
      J.D.: ...He's a ... really good buddy...

    • Dr. Cox: Oh don't even start "Tarla" or "Curk" whatever you're calling this little two-headed judgemental freak-show. Why don't I do a little piece for you, I like to call "Your First Year of Marriage." 'I do.' Oh kiss, kiss, kiss. 'Why can't we have a baby?' 'Why you spending so much money on clothes?' 'Why you sleeping with my sister?' 'Why can't I hang out with my peeps?' Pkkkkkkkk...

    • Janitor: Woah, woah, woah, woah, woah! Movin' a little quick there aren't we bub. Got a story to tell me?
      Dr. Cox: Here's a story. It's called the security guard who was sodomized with his own nightstick.
      Janitor: Why don't we just consider this a warning?
      Dr. Cox: Yeah.

    • Danni: I get so gassy after sex. Oh, by the way, some skank named Barbara called; I told her to back off!
      J.D.: Barbara's my mom.

    • Carla: What's wrong with him?
      Turk: He slept with Elliot last night.
      Carla: Oh, that time of year again.

  • NOTES (1)

    • Bill Lawrence says in the commentary that the title of this episode was chosen (pun intended) because of the overuse of the word "choice" in some of the narration. (Not the stuff that made it into the final episode, but the kind of stuff that they were writing at 02:00 in the morning just came out sounding ridiculous, so they decided to spoof this in the title)


    • When having a conversation about J.D. and Elliot's long term on-off relationship, the Janitor says to J.D. "You're not Ross and Rachel".

      This is an obvious reference to Friends where the two characters Ross and Rachel are best known for their on-off, long term and friendly relationship. However, the Janitor then said that he was talking about two doctors who were going out.

    • Serpico:
      Dr. Kelso calls Janitor "Serpico" after he successfully catches Kelso redhanded. Serpico is the title character of a movie about an honest cop out to fight corruption in the police ranks.

    • The Polyphonic Spree: The band that Dr. Cox brings to the hospital room at the end of the episode is The Polyphonic Spree, a 15+ member band that dresses in white robes with a colored stripe at the bottom and plays up-beat indie pop music.