Season 3 Episode 19

My Choosiest Choice of All

Aired Tuesday 9:30 PM Apr 20, 2004 on NBC

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  • Magnificent episode.

    "At the end of the day, you have to be proud of the choices you make." A lot of memorable quote sin this episode, I definitely enjoyed this episode. This episode is pretty much the aftermath of Elliot & JD sleeping together, and Elliot goes back to Sean, and asks JD not to tell Sean that they slept together. JD, upset, sleeps with Danni, and he realizes she isn't as delightful as he remembers. So basically Elliot & JD play the jealousy game with Danni & Sean. Does it bother anyone else that the Elliot/Sean relationship has been going on for nearly a whole season? Does it also bother anyone else that Elliot was acting like the hugest slut in this episode? She sleeps with JD only to go to Sean? It made Elliot seem very unlikable from my standpoint. Turk & Carla morph in to Tarla, when they become one of those annoying couples who think they know everything about relationships. It was a nice plot. Cox starts liking Dr. Miller, I like how they incorporate her in other plots other than being head of the surgical team. Cox ends up having to make a choice between Jordan & Dr. Miller at the end of the day. It reminded me of "My Fruit Cups" since in both cases, Cox chooses Jordan. Jordan also dyes her hair blond for Cox, to get attention from him. The janitor becomes a security guard which I though was absolutely hilarious, when he has to stand up to Dr. Kelso. He shows "integrity." JD continues to date Danni and chooses not to tell Sean about what happened. A great concept and it was a nice tie in of the plots by the end. Magnificent episode.
  • Excellent

    After hooking up with Elliot, J.D feels miserable because Sean is back, so he decides to hook back up with Danni, his old girlfriend who is now a heavy smoker. Dr. Cox starts having a crush on Dr. Miller. The Janitor becomes a security guard. Turk and Carla start analyzing the other people relationships, thinking they know everything about the subject now that they are engaged.

    This episode was rlly good. It was so funny and it had good drama. Well written and protrayed. Havin J.D sleep with Elliot, then Sean returning and J.D now going back with Danni: Excellent! Really funny the deal with Dr. Cox, having a crush on Dr. Miller, and having Janitor as a security guard was also rlly funny. This is a great episode. Any Scrubs fan would like it.
  • J.D. is rather unhappy with the latest situation with Elliot

    One of the best of Season 3. I loved how JD tried to get back together with Danni who is very very dominat now. I really enjoyed Jelliot, but i HATE how they always get them back together and then break them up. I mean, how many times can they do that before it gets old? But don't get me wrong, in Season 3 i was still shipping them. Sean is just ANNOYING and i wished that he's go already!! I would have rated it higher if there was no Sean. Elliot's boyfriends are just mostly not likeable, while JD has some really great girlfriends!
  • Elliot cheats on Sean with JD because he was there for her when she didn't have to ask. Sean suddenly comes back from New Zealand to be with Elliot and JD isn't happy.

    This was one of my favorite episodes. I liked how JD was thinking of Elliot's happiness. When Sean has suspicions that something might have happened between Elliot and him, JD tells him nothing happened because he wanted Elliot to be happy. I loved the song at the end and how well it went with the scene. The janitor found his integrity was more important than his new job as a security guard and stood up to Dr. Kelso. The episode ended with JD saying "you have to do what's right for your friend even if it means sacrificing your own happiness". He then says "when it comes down to it, you just have to be proud of the decision you made" (Probably my favorite Scrubs quote). The episode ends with the janitor back in his regular uniform. The ending was what truly made this episode great.
  • JD deals with being ditched by Elliot when Shawn returns. The Janitor gets the job of Hospital Security guard after.JD hooks up with Danny to deal with Elliot being back with Shawn. Dr Cox has a crush on the new surgeon.

    Incredible. I just watched the re-run on Comedy Central. I think this is probably the 10th time i have seen this episode and i review it so high because it really never gets old. I think the music selection is great, the plot is great, and just the "feel good" level of this show was really high. The show had a good but somewhat cliche message and Turk and Carla were indeed kind of annoying, but kind of annoyingly funny. This episode is definitely one of the best i have seen and i have pretty much seen every episode. Watch it when you really want to feel good about things.
  • J.D. discovers that he might actually be in love with Elliot so he goes with Danni in order to get revenge...

    This episode is awesome, it tells about JD and Elliot's problem, as Elliot thinks that JD is being unfair with him, just because she sleep with him and now that she knows how will it end, she doesn't tries to try it, but instead tries to make JD trust in her and be her friend again, but JD is so jealous about them. While Carla and Turk believe that now they know everything about love and everything just because they are about to get married, and Janitor gets himself to be a security guard which causes some anxious among the doctors, but especially from Kelso. While, Dr. Cox tries to make up his mind of whether he has a crush on the new doctor he is supposed to hate.
    This episode is really good and I think that it is one of the best episodes of Scrubs.
  • One of the best...

    This is one of my favourite episodes, especially the Janitor as a security guard and the new, disgusting Danni that is very repelling and rough.

    Turk and Carla thinking they knew everything shaking their heads at everyone’s predicaments, whether it be Janitor’s lack of integrity, JD and Danni’s relationship or Cox’s crush on Turk’s boss is a very good subplot throughout the episode.

    This episode, as the title suggests, shows JD doing something unselfish for once and lying to Sean about he and Elliot hence his “choosiest choice”.

    The end of this episode was terrific, Jordan becoming a blonde, the Janitor tackling Kelso and JD simply saying “no” to the very good song sung by the patient’s band, a great end to a hilarious episode.
  • Elliot prooved once and for all why she's not such a good person and why JD ought to forget about her.

    There were many good aspects of this episode. The comedy was not up to its usual standards but it was more about developing the characters in this one. In some cases it worked, in some cases it didn't.

    It worked for "Tarla and Curk". I loved the portrayal of the ever-so-wise couple, it was spot on. How annoying don't you find couples that are like that? The best touch was when they sat down at the same time to eat and then tasted their soup as one person. A great parody of real life.

    It worked for the Janitor. It's nice to see him dream for once, and to stand up for his principles. You'd think he didn't have any (especially after that comment about the organ thief). And his tackle of Dr. Kelso was priceless. I'm glad to see the Janitor doing something else than bugging JD for once.

    It worked for Dr. Cox. As it usually does. Jordan obviously knows him very well; she knows that by leaving the choice entirely up to him he will choose her. Great storyline for the two of them.

    It didn't work for Elliot and JD. Honestly, are we supposed to think Elliot is in any way right in this episode? She cheats on her boyfriend by getting back together with JD, then she dumps JD the minute Sean comes back and she doesn't see why JD is mad at her. Hello? Earth to Elliot! This episode really killed the JD/Elliot thing for me. Why would JD want to be with her when he knows she's cheated on her boyfriend in the past and that she didn't even care enough to have second thoughts about it? Elliot was anything but likeable in this episode and I really disliked the fact that JD was painted out as the bad guy. Enough with the "the women are always right no matter what" now.

  • Brilliant episode with one of the greatest musical moments in Scrubs' history!

    This episode is a fine example of why Scrubs is brilliant and so "out there" when you compare it to other shows.

    The main highlight of this episode is the musical ending, the "Polyphonic Spree" play a feel good and uplifting song as we see all the main characters make their choices.
    The Janitor chose to stand up to his principles which gets him fired from his security man job.
    Dr Cox chooses Jordan over Dr Miller.
    JD chooses to be a friend to Elliot and not tell shaun about their passionate night together, despite how he feels about Elliot, he's more willing to be there for her as a friend even if it means sacrificing his own happiness.