Season 5 Episode 17

My Chopped Liver

Aired Tuesday 9:30 PM Apr 04, 2006 on NBC

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    Scrubs continues to be outstanding this season with this episode. Sure it doesn't stand out as much as Carla getting pregnant, but all the plots are fantastic! The setup for the feel good ending was also great. Usually on Scrubs, when you're watching an episode. The first couple minutes don't really define a great amazing episode, it's always the Scrubs endings that get you in a good mood or just lets you know that this was a great episode. That was the case for this episode. I like how they didn't forget that JD went bald a couple episodes ago, so the continuity was great. All the plots and characters were dynamic. And you could definitely say there were some memorable scenes in this episode. Like the "Brick House" scene, or Cox & Jordan being drugged with roofies. When you remember things from an episode and you smile, that's a sign that it was a good episode. All plots came together and it was just fantastic overall.
  • characters development

    wow!! one of the best episodes ever written!!! scrubs is ingenious at comedy/drama mixed in together! my favourite parts had to be jd walking in on what he described as a "bi-racial lovefest" his mentor being nice to the interns..since its what he has always longed for! hilarious! and dressed the same as keith jds long time rival..although the rivalry is basically one sided!also carla learning wat it means to be the bad guy giving out no's to the staff for doctor kelso while he grieves for his dog baxtor episode was fantastic scrubs continues to be a standout of all shows everywere!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Scrubs continues its winning streak...

    The past few Scrubs episodes have been top notch, and this episode continues that compliment. This episode shows some more character development as Turk tries to find a way of telling JD that he can't hang out with him on Thursday nights because he uses it to catch up on work; Carla on the other hand helps out Dr. Kelso who his trapped in his office over his deep emotions from his dogs death, this puts Carla on the spot as the other staff, from the help of the Janitor, resent her due to sucking up to Kelso; my favourite syoryline is Elliot & Jordan double dating, we see Jordan grow into a nice character, whilst Dr.Cox hates the fact that he has to spend time with "Barbie, and yes i know it's way too easy... Ken" (that was my favourite line).

    Overall, another great installment.
  • All of the plots in this episode are golden!

    Whether it be Cox's happy place (where a seaside noise helps him ignore everyone) or JD's jealousy over believing Cox to be nice and helpful to everyone but him (and thus returning the pen Cox lent to him on his third day and forgot all about, JD thinking it was a way of reaching out), this entertaining episode is definitely for everyone and is a great example of why I watch Scrubs.

    "Barbie" and "Ken" (I know, too easy) double dating Jordan and Cox (why doesn't Jordan like his last name?) was my favourite plot of the episode followed by Carla refusing requests for Kelso, the funniest moments being the Janitor's requests and the group's evil eye.

    Overall, this episode shows what people do for their buddies (Turk), wives (Cox) and bosses (Carla) and is dealt with very well, the humour also once again proving just how funny Scrubs is.

    Carla has to help out Kelso when Kelso can’t stop crying after his dog has passed away and in the presses upsets Lavern, Todd, and the Janitor.

    JD change his scheaduale to spend more time whit Turk,but Turk doesn't like this.

    Lastly,Cox have to go to a double date whit her wife.

    All this scenes somehow disapoint Turk,Cox and Carla,but they see that the person who did that were happy whit,and just wanted their happiness.

    This is a great episode.It's really THE SCRUBS,whit hapiness and sadness togheter.And I am really happy that doctor Cox wife appears.I love she so much!!!!She's so much pretty!!!!
  • J.D feels he has not spent enough time with Turk, and ends up distrupting his \'Turk Time\'. Carla earns enemys when she takes over refusing requests for Dr.Kelso. J.D walks in on Dr.Cox giving affection to an intern.

    This episode is the funniest i\\\'ve seen in a long time. Right from the beginning with the follow up of J.D shaving his head, and the krishna. Some of the best scenes. The best is when J.D hears that Dr.Cox is mentoring the new interns, and he walks in when Dr.Cox is sarcastically being affectionate to a chinese intern, and confronts his about it. \\\'I am so g darn pissed right now...i walk in on this bi-racial lovefest!\\\' Absolute classic. This along with My Lunch has to be the best episode of this series, as it is pure comedy genius!
  • Another good episode

    There were three storylines in this episode that ran along side of each other and they all had something in common.

    Carla helps out Kelso, Dr Cox went out on a double date with Elliot and Keith and Turk sacrificed his own time to spend it with JD. Each one of them were doing a good deed, but it ended up blowing up in their faces. There were all set to confront those people who they helped and say "I want out" but they each realized that by spending time with the people around them, they give comfort to them and that was more important.

    I like it when they do this on Scrubs, but I was a little frustrated this time. It was too predictable for me. Watching three different stories come together and have three individual characters say the same thing is great, but if they could chuck something completely different in their I would be more happy.

    I was happy watching the Wizard of Oz episode or in the "air band episode" when on the monitors everyone said "because I know you" but Scrubs is an original show with original ideas so when they repeat the same thing a couple more times I'm get a bit annoyed!

    This is just me being picky because I have such high expectations of this show!

    This week JD decides to alter his schedule in order to spend more time with Turk, but what he does not realize is that Turk had a whole routine on his day off where he does his paper work, and ahem…ahem, other stuff. Carla has to help out Kelso when Kelso can’t stop crying after his dog has passed away and in the presses upsets Lavern, Todd, and the Janitor. Lastly, Dr. Cox is forced to go on a double date with “Barbie” and “Ken”. All these scenarios lead up to building frustration with Carla, Turk, and Cr. Cox, but they each individually realize that by spending time with the people around them, they give comfort to there loved ones, and coworkers.
  • This episode of Scrubs was one of the best, and aside from The King of Queens, Earl, and the Office, it's one of those shows in which EVERY episode is funny.

    This was a great episode. The gag about J.D. in blackface was so funny, I laughed until I cried.
    There were some other good scenes, like the Hare Krishnas and "LESLIE!!!", and as usual the drama is handled well. Great script, performances, and directing from Will McKensie (Andy Richter Controls the Universe). As hilarious as My Big Bird.
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