Season 3 Episode 11

My Clean Break

Aired Tuesday 9:30 PM Feb 03, 2004 on NBC

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  • JD continues to be

    a massive arsehole to the women that (for some legitimately mysterious reason) actually gives a crap about him.
  • Danni & JD break up.

    A solid episode with some good plots that continued the arcs. It was also enjoyable considering the format of the episode, revolving around Cox talking to someone, venting his problems to someone, a person you'd think is his psychiatrist. Cox has been seeming really nice lately, and it's because everything has fell in to place for him, but it turns out the only way Cox can teach well is through fear. JD tries to find a way to break up with Danni, since he has never broke up with someone in person, all the while he still tries to manage his feelings for Elliot. Dannie ends up beating JD to the punch, and he spends the episode trying to find out why Danni broke up with him. Elliot fears that no one likes the her appearance. So she tries to lose the makeup, and pull up the bangs, she does just that and doesn't get the greatest response. I liked how the janitor stood up for Elliot to Kelso, and got away with it. It's funny how the 2 most unlikely people can end up to be friends. JD finds out that Danni broke up with him because he still had feelings for Elliot, the relationship was good while it lasted, but it was starting to die out, so it was good they ended it when they did. Elliot goes back to caring about the way she looks and she doesn't care who judges. It turns out Cox was a talking to his child the whole time, a nice twist that tied in all the plots. Great episode overall that was eventful in ways.
  • Danni and JD break up

    When Danni has plans for her and JD to move into a place together, JD immediately realizes he needs to break up with her. Dr. Cox realizes that by losing his fearful influence over his residents, he may have lost control over them.The Janitor starts flirting with Elliot again. Of course, i saw the whole JD and Danni thing coming coming. They never let JD's girlfriends stick around, for some reason. Maybe so they can do Jelliot once again. I enjoyed the Janitor and Elliot because once it's not Sean ("The broom reminds me of blond doctors bangs" *lol*). I loved the Cox plot as well.
  • Very good

    A very enjoyable fun Scrubs episode. I liked it a lot, especially Elliot's point of view scene where her bangs are covering her face when Dr. Kelso criticises her about her look. That is a nice touch and it was very funny. J.D. tries to break-up with Danni but after failing to many times, she beats him to it when she realizes that she will always be second place to Elliot in his heart. That was sad when he closed his phone but it was still on and Danni could still hear him say 'I always have time for you' to Elliot. I liked Danni by the way. Dr. Cox suddenly becomes a nice guy and throughout the episode it looks like he has found a new shrink to talk to but he was talking to his son the entire time lol. This episode features many hillarious moments, such as Turk's bugle witch nails, JD's miracle 5 second hairdo and Cox's rant against 'the crazy lady who spent the last hour chainsmoking and talking on her cell phone while her kid ate sand'. That was funny!
  • This episode stood out as a great one!

    In this episode JD and Danni finally finish there short relationship as JD is not yet over Elliot. He decides he will wait it out if his not over Elliot. Good episode, had lots of jokes that were as always hilarious. It also has some good flashbacks, one being JD talking to all his ex girlfriends and seeing some guy from his soccer team.

    Another good episode, not a lot happen in it but it was just really good to watch. One of the mid season episodes that really stood out. Worth a watch.

    Almost gets a 10 out of 10
    Thumbs Up
  • A brilliant and sadly overlooked episode.

    This episode is brilliant, one of the best of season 3, but is not often recognised in the list of classic episodes by Scrubs fans.

    It features three plots. One is about JD's increasingly serious relationship with Danni (Tara Reid.) JD decides to break up with her, but she ends up breaking up with him because of his love for Elliot. This means the sad ending of one of JD's best relationships, as Danni is perfect for him in this episode, but also gives us hope for his relationship with the love of his life. The episode features some nice scenes were JD supports Elliot because of this.

    A second plot Regards Elliot's new look and people's attitudes towards it. Kelso tries to make her abandon it and look more 'professional' after complaints by jealous female nurses, but Elliot resists and stands up for herself.

    Cox meanwhile talks to his 'shrink' about his life and the way that fatherhood has changed him, providing a great insight into his life. But he later decides that he must change back to his old, harsh self to maintain control over his disobedient residents. And in a clever plot twist, we then find out that he is in fact talking to baby Jack.

    This episode features many side-splittingly hillarious moments, such as Turk's bugle witch nails, JD's miracle 5 second hairdo and Cox's rant against 'the crazy lady who spent the last hour chainsmoking and talking on her cell phone while her kid ate sand.'

    Overall, a brilliant episode. The way it is sometimes overlooked by Scrubs fans is just plain wrong. Watch it!
  • Great episode!

    JD wants to break up with Danni when he finds out that he is too much for him to handle, and when she insists in moving on together on a new apartment. Later, Jordan tells JD that Danni wants to break up with him, and later finds out that he overheard his conversation with Elliot for not turning his cell OK, and that causes them to split up. Meanwhile, Kelso makes fun of Elliot's aspect saying that she looks like like a slut but gets revenge from the Janitor, and Cox begins to be a nice guy, but when his interns begin to ignore him, he regains his control and begins getting bad again. What a really cool episode, its really cool!
  • The end of JD and Danni

    The twists and turns in this episode were brilliant and the episode is really entertaining from start to finish, the best twist being that the whole break-up occurred because JD was too stupid to turn off his cell phone – pure Scrubs humour. This also shows that JD isn’t over Elliot yet (as if he ever will be!) which paves the way for further plots in JD’s life and Scrubs.

    Elliot’s non-professional hair was a pretty funny plot in this episode but the episode also has great momentary scenes such as Laverne’s coconut allergies, Turk’s cheesy fingers and The Todd’s… well, any scene with The Todd is usually golden!

    Overall, this episode is a good one and shows that JD has got a long way to wait.