Season 6 Episode 3

My Coffee

Aired Tuesday 9:30 PM Dec 14, 2006 on NBC

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    I like to think of this as a post-delivery episode, but regardless this episode was hilarious and eventful. Although seeing "Coffee Bucks" out of nowhere and the episode revolving around it got tiresome after awhile. Still this had some good bits, and it was also emotional and eventful.

    Turk fears that he is going to be the only one supporting his family when Carla says she might never work again. Meanwhile, Elliot is having trouble treating a doctor, since the doctor wants to treat himself, but it helps her out in the long run when she gets offered a job. Once JD and Turk are talking about the babies and seeing if they will be fine, JD finds out soon after that Kim got offered a job in Washington. Which could mean she could move away with his baby. So 2 very eventful occurrences that made this episode all the more worthwhile.

    Seeing Cabbage again was a nice surprise and Janitor vs. Dr. Kelso is always enjoyable, since the janitor usually wins. A great hilarious eventful episode. A memorable bit: Testing to see if Elliot can hold a baby. Absolutely hilarious.
  • Great episode as coffee is an awesome running gag... I do have one question tho... Who plays Cindy from the coffee shop? She is HOT!

    Great episode as coffee is an awesome running gag... I do have one question tho... Who plays Cindy from the coffee shop? She is HOT!

    As for main storyline value this episode doesn't really add much to it and is mainly a fanservice/filler episode...

    For a person in almost all professions coffee and all the little and/or unforgettable instances that result from coffee this episode is a tribute to that. Of course all of the experiences are "Scrubs"aggerated and that is what makes this episode one of my personal favorites. Go caffeine! The world's most addictive legal drug!

    Thank you for reading....
  • Turk and J.D. give medical advice to stranger who offer them a few bucks in exchange because both are nervous about the expenses of becoming fathers.

    This is an episode that brings me back to the Scrubs of an earlier time. We get back the the corkey relationship between J.D. and Turk. We the funny and absurd along with a little sadness. But that is what the show is all about, showing us life's ups and downs in a thirty minute slot in order to show us that everyone feels the same at some time or another. The first two episodes of the season were quite good and I'm looking forward to more touchy feely episodes but the relationship between Turk and J.D. just wasn't there. I am happy to say that the two best friends are back at it and I'm looking forward to the upcoming musical episode with the song sung by J.D. and Turk, "Guy Love." Now that's some funny stuff.
  • Got Coffee?

    this epsiode of "Scrubs" is post-baby delivery epsiode. The focus is not on Carla whatever or not to return to work after the birth of her son, but the hosptial is full of coffee. a new coffee Bucks just opened and a a lot of people in the hospital are taking advange of the new store. I think the coffee joke wore out after only five minutes and there are people everything drinking coffee. it suppose to be a take off of the Statbucks chain and it wasn't a bit funny. The only reason why I'm watching "Scrubs" is that I'm waiting for "30 Rock." a good excuse. I'll take that.
  • Great plots with intersting conclusions

    While the episode isn't as grand as the first two of the season, it is definitely entertaining and worth nine out of ten, with great Starbucks' parodies, also involving classic Kelso and Janitor moments and very interesting developments involving the rest of the Sacred Heart doctors.

    Elliot deciding to become Private Practice is a big step for the show as is Kim leaving for Washington, which may be a bit of a detour for JD to get to work on his scooter and Turk having to deal with raising a family on one salary, all of which may bring entertaining tension between characters in the upcoming episodes - JD and Kim, Cox and Elliot, Turk and Carla, Janitor and those millions of cups... I can't wait for the rest of the episodes to come.
  • Yay!

    The very highly anticipated return of Cabbage!
    Well from me anyway.
    Ok the muffin puppet was so darn hilarious! Janitor really has come a long way as a character as exemplified in this ep.
    I have to say I feel more and more sorry for Ted with every episode. Poor guy being at the end of both lines... awwww.
    Poor Teddy. Isabella is just adorable and it was so perfect to reference the inevitable competition between JD and her for Turk's attention LOL!
    Ok a bit predictable was Elliot accepting the private practice gig and Kim finding a job at tacoma (not Tacoma that was predictable just her finding a job elsewhere)
    And Kieth? What of him, where has he gone?
    Anyway radical episode hooray for Scrubs!
  • Coffee invasion!!

    This episode is a good continuation at what we were left off. First of all, Kelso decides to open a "Cafe Bucks" outside the hospital which Perry immediately declines for, but finds out that everyone is ok with it. Also, JD discovers that his incompetent last year intern, Cabbage, returns as the attendant in the cafe, but the Janitor soon takes responsabiltiy for the cafe when he tells Kelso that they need a dental plan, and threaten him not to give him his blueberry pancake. JD feels awkward when Turk begins taking money from everyone to diagnose outside the hospital, and Elliot tries to convince Dr. Turner not to do surgery on himself. I really like this episode, what I really like was the fact that everyone was obsessed with getting the coffee and the end where Kelso agrees from the insurance and says "Clean this up", we see a thousand cups of coffee cups. What a cool episode, I laugh a lot, really cool!
  • Good episode

    This episode was a good episode of Scrubs, definitely not near the best though. The older seasons of Scrubs have been better than the new season so far. Janitor was aweoms eagain though. He really works for what he wants and he is really good at minipulating people. He knew Kelso would have to give them dental otherwise there would be no one to clean the hospital. I think Elliott made a good decision. Dr. Cox has always been so mean to her and now she doesn't have to answer to him. I loved how they made fun of Starbucks by having two coffee houses so close to each other.
  • Coffee changes lives.

    If I'm going to write a review I normally wait a few hours after I've watched the show in question before I write it.
    I find that after a few hours I either feeling like I want to watch it again, can't believe I wasted my mind and am now quietly wackinh myself with a copy of TV Guide or at a loss to remember much about the show at all.

    In this is instance it's the latter. This episode was fine, ok, yeah, hmm,right. I don't know. More often than not I throughly enjoy Scrubs. It brings a smile to my face, makes me happy and serves my mindset more than any brand of SSRI. But this episode was just average. That's all I can say really, yet I will go on...

    The tale of Turk's fear of being the sole provider for his family was well placed but poorly executed. Not because of the players but the writing. There wasn't enough of the story int he episode for it to have the emotional impact they wanted it to. Also J.D.'s child related terror/relationship seems all but abandoned by his humourous indulgents. I know that the show has a style and a method but personnal I think he's a more interesting character and that his progression into a more "adult" way of life should be more tanelising to the writing of the show. This episode had all the componants of a scrubs classic but somehow it didn't have the energy. All of the previous seasons have the odd episode like this one.

    Ok, worth watching, but only necessary in terms of the overall season arc.

    Man, writting a review can make you seem like such a fool.

    With love

  • Great start, and great end!

    I felt that the beginning of this season, was very under-par for scrubs, that's not saying they were bad! On the contrary even those episodes would retain an 8. But I have come to expect more from scrubs, this sensational series. Why do I think that this epi has brought the standards back? The beginning was brilliant i thought, a "classic scrubs" if I may. Funny, and especially the way the jokes are used.

    The ending was not as conventional which was good, JD was actually quite funny!

    Although it did feel odd seeing as most of the cast had really small parts except for Janitor, Kelso, Eliot, Turk & JD...and JD XD