Season 6 Episode 19

My Cold Shower

Aired Tuesday 9:30 PM May 03, 2007 on NBC

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  • Same crap, different day.

    JD is the only character that has ever made me vocally curse at a screen, I fucking hate that moron.
  • 619

    I seriously have no idea why people like this episode so much, other than the "been there, done that" ending, this episode was not really funny, it was just focused on sex, and how without sex, we can't live? I wish this episode focused more on the "love" side of things, rather than the "sex" kind of things.

    The only highlight was everyone imagining Elliot as their wife, other than that, this episode was a bit of a disappointment. So Kieth proposed to Elliot in the last episode, and then Elliot has to ruin it as she decides to plan her own engagement because the ring didn't fit. Classic Elliot right? Sure, I just felt bad for Kieth.

    Why is Melony still on this show? She wasn't that great in the last episode, and she wasn't that great in this episode, all that she proved was that she was a tease. The emotional ending that everyone is raving about isn't really buzz worthy, JD felt exactly the same way before and completely messed up Elliot's relationship, and screwed her over in the process. So it really wasn't THAT big.
  • Elliot gets the question she's always dreamed of.

    I did NOT like this episode and I can not believe that J.D feels this way yet AGAIN. This is going to ruin everything. I like J.D and Elliot as friends and a like Keith. I really love this show and I didn’t want it to end, but now I’m not so sure anymore. If this is how this show is going to progress then they can call it quits for all I care. They have already done this and repeating this much should be above them.
    I hope J.D will not be so selfish that he ruins this for Elliot and Keith.
    But I understand that many of you have been hoping for this, so to you I can only say congrats.
  • This is by far one of the best episodes to date! Couldn't of asked for more...

    One of the funniest episodes to date, I mean My God, the jokes were so original it was unbelievable. I enjoyed the humour, the references (especially to Friends), the drama (especially the end! Big fat WOW) and the fact no one is getting lucky. J.D. still tries to get together with Elliot's sorority sister Melody, but she just wants to make out with him without going further. Keith re-proposes to Elliot after she gets to make everything perfect, while everyone has fantasies about being married to Elliot. I love everyone's fantasies about Elliot. It brought a fresh sense of humour into Scrubs. Dr. Cox's was by far the funniest but J.D.'s was by far the most genuine!
  • Keith proposes to Elliot.

    I think this episode had some very memorable moments and was an all round good episode. I loved the actual proposal at the end, definitely a very special moment with great use of one of my favourite songs. Keith and Elliot are perfect for each other. Even tho i did love her and JD together i think i would prefer to see Elliot end up with Keith.

    I loved the addition of JD's intern look alike, that provided the comic relief to and somewhat suspenseful episode. I also thought it was hilarious that Elliot is that controlling that she ended up planing her own wedding when the ring Keith bought was too small, causing her to erupt into a marathon of 'Fricks'.

    All in all a solid funny episode.
  • back to the whole Elliot/ JD "thing" (again)

    ok, this episode was pretty good! better than "My Turf war" (the previous one). Keith proposes to Elliot & of course, she says Yes! (c'mon its Elliot, she been preparing for this for 10 yrs. lol) only thing is, the ring doesnt fit lol so, she plans her own proposal! Usual, funny stuff occurs. Everyone imagines what it would be like to be married to her (Dr. Cox is truely insane lol). She & Carla try to figure out whats wrong w/ 2 patients who have similar symptoms.What they have is quite surprising. JD tires to sleep w/ Melody, but gets no where. He then realizes (once again) that he has "feelings" left for Elliot. Now, im a BIG fan of Scrubs, but to see where this was going i was disapointed because this has happened before (3 seasons ago w/ Sean) and JD broke her Heart!!!! it didnt work out then, so why go down that road again after 3 yrs??? I LOVE JD, but this makes him look like a fickle little boy, whos unsure about what he really wants. why does he realize he still "loves" Elliot only after she's all settled down in a serious relationship?? he had plenty of time between then.... its unfair to her & Keith!! (sorry, but, i really needed to rant, lol)
    Anyway, it was interesting and in all, a GOOD Scrubs eppisode!!
  • A various number of new hilarious moments. This episode took another direction to most episodes.

    Continuing with the last episode My Turf War, the show started with Keith on one knee asking Elliot to be his wife. I felt awkward at this moment as I do not like Keith enough to be with Elliot but I suppose its not such a big deal.

    The whole episode was based around sex as JD was trying to get with Melody (Keri Russell), And also there was some strange symtoms for two old patients which turned out to be STDs. "Maybe some were getting it but we were'nt", this explains the title My Cold Shower as none of the guys were getting any.

    The episode had brilliantly constructed scenes such as the Dr. Reid-Athon which relates to JD and Elliot being in and out their relationships. They are now related to Ross and Rachael from friends which Carla clearly stated. The Elliot fantasies were very wacky, also it's funny to see what the other characters think of her. The fantasy which was supposed to be like the Chronicles Of Narnia was a bit far-fetched and it used words which I don't think are particularly suitable for Scrubs. Dr. Cox's homicide fantasy was abosolutely hilarious and I would easy classify it in the Top 5 fantasies of all time.
  • Oh great, not this again.

    Remember three seasons ago? Elliot was in love with Sean. Remember Sean? So anyway, J.D. was in love with Elliot and desperately trying to steal her away. Despite the fact that on two previous occasions (coincidentally, around the same time of the years beforehand) it had been shown that they do not make a good couple. But J.D. stole Elliot anyway, and literally immediately decided that he didn't want her after all. This led to their relationship being destroyed for almost half a season. After that, J.D. "realized" that he and Elliot no longer had any sort of sexual attraction to each other. Now, J.D. once again is in love with Elliot, who once again is involved with another guy. This time she's engaged! This is going to be a terrible way to end the season, and possibly the series.
  • The episode is about Keith proposing to Elliot. Each character imagines themselves married to elliot and what would happen.

    It was a very good episode. I liked Keri Russel. The episode what very funny and showed more character development in Elliots direction and also showed some from JD. The only thing I didn't like is the idea of the idea of JD liking Elliot again because I really didnt see that. I expect JD to live his life with Kim and his child. We'll see in the next episodes when Kim returns.
  • Elliot prepares for her propsal, as JD realises he might still have feelings for her. Turk's tired of Carla's dry spell. The Best Episode of S6 and One of the best episodes ever.

    Warning: Spoilers

    The episode picks up exactly where 'My Turf War' ended, Keith proposing to Elliot with JD and Elliot's friend Melody in the background. However, the ring doesn't fit, and with Elliot as crazy as she is, demands that Keith does it properly after he resizes the ring in front of all her friends. Before the conclusion, the gang have fantasies of being Elliot's husband, including a jaw droping fantasy with Carla as her wife. All the "Elliot's wife" fantasies are hilarious (apart from JD's, but i'll explain later). They all relate to that paticular character. For example, Dr. Cox murdering her after being too annoying. Classic stuff. Other fantasies include a parody of (i think) Narnia, Lion With & the Wardrobe, and a bunch of cold shower sequences which are metaphors. With there being loads of fantasies, it truly felt like a classic Scrubs episode from Season 1, and it was a classic.

    With Todd, Turk, Kelso and Doug, and even all the male staff at the hospital, aren't getting any action, Turk persuades JD to go for it with Melody. However, she still only allows macking (kissing). However as he pushes into it, the more he gets the "cold showers". In the end, at the bar, just before Keith's proposal, she asks him why he's so desperate to have sex with her. He tells her he doesn't know, however ever his narration clarifies that it's because he again has feelings for Elliot and needed someone to take his mind of it. He fantasies about being the two of them married, and unlike the others that were witty and funny, this was emotional, as it's the two of them sitting on a couch and JD telling her how happy he is. As Elliot and Keith celebrate their engagment (which is a resemblement of My Bright Idea, but with a twist) he realises it should've been him.

    I was concerned about how they would bring them back together (if they actually do in the end), i didn't want it to be mushy and gooey, but they seem to be writting it in the right way. Other things that were funny in the episode was Todd's T-shirt -GILF- which is in relation to an old couple with a sexual transmitted disease. Also Kelso's rant how old people still have sex, dropping in a story about him and Enid. A very, very special episode, because it's hilarious and emotional, which is classic Scrubs writing. The upcoming episodes leading to the season finale sound great as well. Overall: The Best Episode of Season 6. And in the top 10 favourite Srubs episodes.
  • Elliot is finally getting married... and as usual, JD is unsure how to feel.

    This episode brings new plot twists into the loop that will shape the rest of the season. Elliot's engagement has made JD completely rethink how he has spent the past two years of his life. He's had Elliot in his grasp before, but as a certain Danni Sullivan would point out, JD always wants what he can't have. One would think that he had grown out of this within season 5 and 6, but his inability to commit and truly know what he wants is back. This episode is well executed by itself. In terms of plot though, the next few episodes will determine whether JD's feelings are real or his imagination. (Although considering the fact that the season finale is coming, I'm sure these feelings will be brought forth.)
  • Elliot and Keith are getting married...

    The show seems to be on the right track now after a very bad beginning to the season. Keri Russell returned for this episode, and it seems like they're dragging the whole "macking" thing out, it was kinda funny the first time, but keep it going is...Ok I get it...She likes to do that, move on with it. They didn't pull the trigger this week on what I thought they were going to do, where JD would tell Elliot that he still has feeling for her...If they still do it that way, I don't know...But, I'm still looking forward to it when it eventually happens. Also, I like Turk's dream about Elliot more out everybody else's...I would rather have Carla too...I like Judy Reyes more, so sue me.
  • awww i dont like the really good sad endings. One of the best episodes of Scrubs ever.

    This episode goes in to the top 10 episodes of Scrubs ever. I think everyone knew how the ending was going to pan out considering we had not seen the "what if i married elliot" daydream from JD. I think Zack Braff pulls off all the sad scenes about JD so brilliantly you just want JD to find happiness one day, sadly this time it wont be with Elliot. Great episode of Scrubs definatly the best of this season which has been very weak at times. Loved the daydreams that the characters had about marrying Elliot, i loved the Dr.Cox one, you knew what was going to happen in that but it was hilarious him just smiling as he got lead away. Next episode sounds very promising lets hope they can do two good episodes in a row this reason.
  • The best of a bad season

    This episode was ok. I guess considering the rest of the season to this point it was the best. This season has been a disapointing possible end to the show. Way too slapstick and goofy. Nothing for the characters to do. This episode was the closest to the good old Scrubs but still nowhere near. I just don't want to see anymore of this JD Elliot stuff. Been there and done that too many times.
  • This is no "My Lunch", but it's just as shocking and moving.

    I realized that I expect too much of Scrubs these days, I wished that every episode would be like "My Lunch" - the perfect scene with the perfect song. Because of this, I missed out on a lot of good episodes. Scrubs is evolving, today's episode is a perfect example of the progress its made this season. It addresses more of the relations between J.D. and other characters, I guess as the show is coming to an end, the producers are trying to find the spiecial someone for J.D. The ending was revealing and the music was a perfect choice too, every second of the melody blended well with the storyline. I really don't know what is going to happen next. No one probably execpted J.D. to ditch Elliot the minute he had her last time they went out, so I am very eager to see what's going to happen next. Personally, I hope Elliot gets to marry Keith in the end.
  • great episode poor jd but scrubs may be in trouble nbc has yet to sign for season 7 !!!! sign the petition bring back scrubs 1 more year !!!!!!:)

    10 another funny episode thats why i love scrubs so much can't belive she said yes then again i can poor jd though jordan was hilarious with the plastic surgery wonder if you really do that with you pits lol anyways I Advise every one to sign the petition cause seson 6 ends in a big !!! cliffhanger !!! and nbc has till may 15th to renew the day after abc picks their fall line up and nbc has not yet ! ! ! renewed ! ! ! so sign the petiton and bring back scrubs for season 7 !!!!!!!
  • J.D.'s heart is on display and the boys don't get any as Scrubs re-opens a delicate situation.

    The balance of power is divided along gender lines. Elliot wants a re-do proposal, Carla keeps her man unsatisfied, and Jordan expands her role in the scheme of things. Turk tries to get his wife to sleep with him to no avail, Kelso gives in and has sex with his wife, and J.D. tries and fails to get a girl to sleep with him.

    See what's going on? The gender roles have switched. That's the most brilliant thing about this episode of Scrubs. The men take more feminine roles while the women take charge. It's absolutely beautiful how the episode was handled.

    Turk just wants Carla to give him a physical expression of love. After suffering from post-partem depression, Carla is still on the road to recovery but feeling somewhat lifeless. This relationship has always been a joy to watch. They take turns, unwillingly, as the leader of the relationship, and usually one taking charge leads the other to be unhappy. They always try to find that balance, and to see this come to the forefront is exciting.

    Keith continues his role as the sensitive type as he lets Elliot decide how the proposal will go. Elliot has always been in relationships that lead her to be the follower, but this is the first that she has taken any control. A lot of people don't like their story arc, but I think it actually fits both characters. They fit in the most unlikely way. The show is known for unlikely direction, and that's what makes this work so well. Elliot has wanted this for so long, and now she has what she wants.

    This leads me to J.D. He finally is letting his emotions go. After losing a child and a girlfriend, he always had one female figure holding him up: Elliot. Carla is trying to get herself together, and he and Elliot have had a history. After completely giving up his feelings, he finally realizes why he stayed close to her. What's funny is that this isn't like other shows that just abruptly bring back an old storyline to keep the show going. Scrubs is showing the natural progression of things. Even better is that the episode did it in a way that was better than the entire arc of Season 3. Season 3 is my least favorite because of how instead of playing with cliches, it just relied on them. The cliches are gone, and what's left is pure emotion. J.D. misses her because she was the closest thing to a perfect fit that he would ever find.

    Everyone fantasizing about life with Elliot was funny and honest. The truth is that every one of those fantasies would have come true if each one of them ended up with her. Overall, a stellar episode of Scrubs, and one that sets the ball rolling toward the season finale.
  • Cold shower takes on a very literal meaning

    This episode is fantastic, with a lot of laughs and a great plot with everyone involved.

    I really like Keith's character but had doubts on whether his relationship with Elliot should be permanent but this episode made me realise how great they are as a couple, both in humour and in relationship.

    Todd's GILF t-shirt is fantastic as is the whole plot of the elderly with STDs and ties in well with Elliot's other plot of the awaiting proposal with a ring that fits. The "spontaneous" proposal in the bar at the end is very memorable and is one of my favourite scenes in the episode.

    The thoughts of being married to Elliot were all hilarious, especially Cox's and Turk's, and Carla's but for reasons other than comedy.

    The cold showers are terrific scenes as are the characters sympathising with JD and Kelso announcing to the hospital about he and Enid's rabbit sex.

    The only downside of the episode is the last five seconds with "it should have been me" because while JD and Elliot are funny as a dysfunctional couple, they are much better off as friends and if they do for some reason get back together, I don't see how they'll get their friendship back once they inevitably break up. The only worse thing than that would be to have them end up together, and after the whole series poking fun at sitcom cliches, it's bound to become hypocritical.

    However, despite that last cold shower, this episode is hilarious and in a way touching with JD realising he too should be in a commited relationship, Keith and Elliot being engaged and Carla and Turk rekindling the flame that Turk has been showering away to. As far as comedy goes, this episode is terrific with very few faults.
  • Such an amazing episode! Scrubs has 136 episodes and this one definitely ranks in the top 5, maybe even the top 3! The storyline was perfect, jokes were original and of a high quality!

    There has been a lot of discussion about JD & Keith & Elliot. Keith proposed to Elliot and this episode, Elliot accepted which led JD to realise (again) that he still has feeling for her.

    Then janitors jokes were hilarious ("God is watching!") and the flashbacks each character had imaging they were married to Elliot, Carla's took me by surprise! I'm not sure what my opinion on Keith is, I have nothing against the guy but I don't think him and Elliot suit each other. I don't mind JD with Elliot or JD with Kim but I don't want to see him alone.
  • A finally truly great episode of Scrubs.

    after all the argument that have raged over the quality of season six, they finally came up with this one - an excellent episode. Some of the jokes here were top notch eg, Janitor and God, and Kelso and Enid's adventurous 'relations'. And as well as being funny this episode pulled off the negagement true Elliot style, crazy! And finally, the writers finally got aroundto it once again, JD and Elliot - effectively forecasting a reunion between the two sometime soon. From here on in the writers have proved that things can only get better, and that the drama and humour of Scrubs will continue till the end!
  • What happens when Eliot gets engaged?

    So what happens when Keith pops the question? Well...being her loveable but neurotic self, Eliot makes him re-propose at a time and place of her choosing (to maximize the effect). Meanwhile the rest of the staff (or at least the main characters) dream about what life would be like if they were married to Eliot...with some fascinating results.
    And while everyone dreams about Eliot, JD is trying to hook-up with her college pal (Keri Russell). Their scenes together are priceless. As the title suggests there are several cold showers when things don't work out the way they're planned.
    In the end JD realizes HE wishes he was with Eliot...and says "it could have been me"
  • In this episode Elliot plans her own engagement.

    I don't like Elliot and Keith together. I loved how J.D. really did realize that him and Elliot should be together. I was a little perturbed by this episode. It was kind of creepy, if you know what I'm saying. I liked how everyone wondered what it was like if they were married to Elliot. I was thinking the same thing, but I never saw a clear picture. Haha. I really don't want Elliot and Keith to get married. I liked the plot about the old people and their condition. It was so funny! I loved it. I just think this ep. was a classic!
  • JD's feelings for a certain someone resurface and wedding bells are in the air. elliot and carla struggle with two patients with identicle symptoms, and nobodys getting any...

    One word for this episode, superb. This episode was one of the best worked episodes in scrubs' history. The comedy and drama both mix in together to form a great episode revealing something which we all knew what was coming. The last line in the episode tops it off making it a really sad episode because jd realizes that he has made the biggest mistake in his life regarding a decision about him and elliot. Even the characters thoughts on what they would do if they were married to elliot show a mix of comedy and freakiness (dr. cox's) to finish (my first review) i gotta say about how much of a superb team of writers that scrubs have in the way they uses past storylines yet still make them seem unused. Au Revoir!
  • A great episode, oozing with brilliant hilarity and heartwarming delight.

    This episode picks up where "My Turf War" left off; with Kieth (Travis Schuldt) on one knee, proposing to Elliot (Sarah Chalke, Roseanne), with Elliot's friend and sorority sister Melody (Keri Russel, Felicity) and J.D. (Zach Braff, Garden State) as witnesses. Elliot accepts, but when the ring is too small, Kieth suggests letting Elliot plan out the time, place, and way he will re-propose, this time 'fitting' the way Elliot had always neurotically envisioned it going. Carla (Judy Reyes, Oz) and Elliot deal with two elderly patients with identical symptoms, and who are diagnosed with an unusual disease for people their age. J.D. deals with Melody's stict "No Booty : Macking Only" policy, repeatedly resulting in him taking a cold shower, and chanting his mantra "Great aunt Judy's arm fat." Meanwhile, Turk (Donald Faison, Remember the Titans), Dr. Kelso (Ken Jenkins, I am Sam) and other Sacred Heart staff take cold showers of their own; Turk and Carla are on a sex-hiatus, Dr. Kelso's internet connection is down, and The Todd (Robert Maschio) is all talk and no 'action'. The episode wraps with a heartbreaking, and all-too-familiar admission from J.D., and Elliot as Kieth's bride-to-be. John C. McGinley (Office Space) and Neil Flynn (Mean Girls) also star.

    This episode, in my opinion, went back to what we all love so much about this series. It wasn't too terribly unrealistic (ie, Janitor swooping down and hooking J.D. to a flagpole in the season 6 premier), and the flashback sequences were utterly hilarious. The end was extremely emotional, and for any real [Scrubs] fans who religiously follow the show, this episode cannot go without being watched.

    I hope you enjoyed this review, it took me like 15 minutes to think up and write.
  • One of the best of the series.

    Really good episode. Melody annoyed me a lot less this time. I'm still not so sure about the whole Elliot and Keith thing, but they are playing it out very well. The cold shower theme was great, and reached a poignant moment at the end which was expected, but I really loved anyway.

    I loved the fact that we're seeing Jordan as more of a fuller character now. Although I think Dr. Cox is being slightly comprimised as a result. He's just not the same as he was, Jordan seems to be totally dominant.

    But it was a really great episode.
  • I can actually get my friends obsessed with House to watch this!

    this was an amazing episode, the daydreams actually are as good as those in season three (kung-fu fighting/betrayal five. I almost took a break from the show after "my night to remember" last week kept me in so I saw this episode, and I'm glad I stayed. The best daydrem was Dr. Cox's where he imagined what marriage o Elliot would be like.
  • Scrubs gets back to its roots.

    Scrubs has had a problem for the past two years. What was once a show that was grounded in a reality with funny fantasy sequences has since blurred that line with silly and unbelievable plots that take us way too far away from what really drew people to it in the first place.
    This episode, however, returned to form. It had none of the far-fetched twists we are usually subjected to, and instead, treated us to a very real and nearly heart-breaking admission from JD. There are people who could say that after all JD and Elliot have been through, JD really shouldn't be hung up on her anymore. These are people who have just never really experienced the pain of regret and loss.
    Scrubs got it right. I'm hoping they can hold on to this emotional tie for the rest of the season, and really bring the show back to what it once was. For a while now, I thought the show was waving at its fan after successful waterskiing over the shark. This episode makes me think it may not have even gotten in the water yet.
  • Great stories being told. Whether it is the main plot or the sub plot, this is a great example of why Scrubs is Scrubs.

    The episode opens with the proposal scene which quickly turns very comical. This also sets the scene for the major premise of the episode ... Elliot and friends planning her proposal. Of course since everyone knows about it this is the topic of discussion for most of the staff at Sacred Heart. Each member in turn shows there thought of being married to Elliot would be like. Other devoloping plots of the episode include Turk and Carla's non-existant sex life (as well as the non-existant one of other characters) and J.D. trying to score with Melody. The show ends with the planned proposal and J.D.'s thought of what married life with Elliot would be ... which to him would be a great thing. His final narration is ... "It should be me..."
  • This episode had a bunch of really amazing and funny flashbacks, good humor, and a pretty good character development.

    Let me just say that I really enjoyed this episode. I really liked all of the flashbacks i thought they were quite hilarious. Apart from that, we saw some major development in the JD/Elliot story line development. I don't see the writers bringing all of these old feelings back just to have them end again, just like hundred times before. It is clear now that JD is again interested in Elliot, but we didn't see any kind of feelings back towards him from Elliot... Quite frankly she seems to be quite excited about the wedding, the proposal, and everything. So I'm really looking forward to see what her reaction is to the whole situation after the entire 'WOW IM GETTING MARRIED' factor has worn off, and when she actually faces her decision with a clear head. I had one more observation... Notice that JD started having feelings for Elliot before Keith proposed to her, which I believe is quite important, because otherwise I would suspect the 'cant have thems' again. This time though it appears to be a little different... Anyways, anything is possible, both characters have grown throughout the seasons, and even though I would like to see them get back together, we will just have to wait and see... Possible a looong time, I dont expect to have any answers before season 7 :(
  • My Cold of the season.

    What can you say about an episode of Scrubs that has every reason you watch the show in one episode. It had the 3 parts of Scrubs everybody loves.


    The whole Cold Shower part of the show was really funny. But not as funny as the flashbacks as they featured.

    I Loved the being married to Elliot scenes. They all perfectly fit the characters feelings about Elliot. They are all attracted to her, but some hate her and some love her.


    JD at the end was really dramatic. I don't care if you like Elliot and J.D. or hate Elliot and J.D. You know that J.D. the character really meant it.


    At the end, the proposal get together was really..I don't know how you say it...heartwarming. That's all I can say for this episode. See you for 'My Conventional Wisdom'
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