Season 8 Episode 10

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Aired Tuesday 9:30 PM Feb 10, 2009 on NBC

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  • Dumb episode..

    It's no rocket science to expect the second episode of the day to make your day after a rather boring first one. Though we get JD back in business here, there wasn't a good enough storyline to weave to old magic.

    The annoying new interns are sort of glorified in this new season as regular characters, as compared to the older ones who were simply there as Dr. Cox's punching bag. When your story starts to involve them more, the main characters who made the show start to look dumb. We've already seen an office episode using the roast theme, and this one was one halfhearted attempt at comedy. I usually find Scrubs creates an drama-like effect toward the end explaining some subtle themes mostly using medical cases. But this time around, the one involving the girl with the immune system disorder, was again an unconnected part in the whole scheme of things. Its not business as usual at Scrubs.
  • Splendid! Bring on the Guy Love!

    With this series returning back to the good old days of Scrubs. This episode was the pinnacle of why I have enjoyed watching the show for eight glorious years. It can be define in just two words, why I watch the show and that is because of the 'Guy Love'. The only sniffle of complaint that I could've make about the current series, is that there has not been much interaction between J.D and Turk. But with this episode, the 'Guy Love' was back and in full force. The chemistry between these characters is so unique and memorizing that it put the other stories of the episode (Carla and her long grey chest whisker and Dr. Reid telling the Interns to get a life)in the shade of the impressive duo. Don't get me wrong there were moments in these stories that made me giggle, like with Kelso having his secret phone call with the muffin. So kudos to the Bill Lawerence, Zach Braff and Donald Faison for bringing us the finest 'Bromance' of the 21st Century.

    In the story of the interns of Dr. Day and Dr. Mahoney working together to help a patient, but from this they gain repect from each other and the brewings of a new friendship. It might just be me, but the interns are taking their time to grow on me. Dr. Mahoney may have grown on me already with her certain type of coldness. But again it might just be me, but Dr Sonny Day will take some time to grow me with her current rate, with her showing too much sunshine for this grumpy man to handle. But this is a small gripe to what was a terrific episode and hopefully not the last one in the current series.

    Oh! One more thing, I'm sure I'm not the only one who would like to see the Janitor's book of weird stuff.
  • 810

    "It's guy love!" It was nice to see the song come back to life after using in the season 6 musical, it worked out perfectly here. The new interns are becoming the main focus of the show, I'm not sure if I like this, it seems as though Turk, JD, Elliot, and Carla are just the side characters comparing to the new interns. I feel like I'm watching season one of a spin off of Scrubs, which coincidentally happens next season. Yet another character is absent: Dr. Cox. Why can't all the characters be in one episode just like the good old days when this show was on NBC? I don't know, this episode was still good, but they really got to bring the focus back on the main characters. All the plots were good except for Carla's. Plucking out a boob hair and pretending it never happened. Really?

    This was hilarious episode :D...I liked flashback of JD's and Turk's scatch of laverne :D that was great...though I didn't like joke about Jesus....I liked also girls' scatch about JD and Turk ooh oh oh they were hot very hot....and how after that all were looking at JD and Turk I kind of felt myself disgraced :D...if something like that have ahppened to me I would die in front of everyone and then I would resurected myself and killed again :D...JD is great he is dreaming about everything...I think there isn't anything to talk about anuymore so I look forward for the next episode
  • JD and Turk head up the senior staff roast performed by the interns. Elliott tries to dag Denise away from her work and go out to live her life. Sunny gets on denises nerves.

    Of the two eps on offer last night this one was the better of the two as the laugh were more consistent and still provided that great message to each character to continue to evolve.

    This week JD and Turk head up the roast of the senior staff that is to be performed by the interns. Each intern needed to partner up with another and Denise is soon stuck with the ever rosy Sunny. They have been given the task of roasting JD and Turk. All the other skits get moderate laughs but off the cuff Denise kisses Sunny Alluding to JD and Turks friendship bein more that just a "bromance". They try to lower there PDA at work but find the going harder than they ever thought.

    Meanwhile Denise is devoted to her work and refuses to go out with the other interns for drnks after work. Elliott tells her to live her life but Denise just continues to work. She is then stuck with Sunny to help a patient with an irratic immune system who is stiffled by her mother. Denise and Sunny intend to make a stand but Elliott insists they do nothing. This patient teaches Denise more about heer devotion to her work than anyone and she the decides to take a break every once and a while.

    This ep was really solid and this season seems to now be truely more than making up for a disappointing seasns 6 and 7. One can only hope this trend continues.
  • Another great episode with JD and Turk in fine form.

    This season of Scrubs has been excellent and this episode was no exception. The interplay between JD and Turk was right up there with the great episodes of past seasons. It was great to see them back to their old ways. There were lots of humourous moments with the Janitor and Carla when he caught her plucking out a giant hair and she pretended nothing ever happened. The contrasting styles of Denise and Sunny also led to some nice comedic scenes with the two of them. No Dr. Cox but then you can't have everything, it seems. Really nice episode.