Season 8 Episode 10

My Comedy Show

Aired Tuesday 9:30 PM Feb 10, 2009 on NBC

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  • JD and Turk head up the senior staff roast performed by the interns. Elliott tries to dag Denise away from her work and go out to live her life. Sunny gets on denises nerves.

    Of the two eps on offer last night this one was the better of the two as the laugh were more consistent and still provided that great message to each character to continue to evolve.

    This week JD and Turk head up the roast of the senior staff that is to be performed by the interns. Each intern needed to partner up with another and Denise is soon stuck with the ever rosy Sunny. They have been given the task of roasting JD and Turk. All the other skits get moderate laughs but off the cuff Denise kisses Sunny Alluding to JD and Turks friendship bein more that just a "bromance". They try to lower there PDA at work but find the going harder than they ever thought.

    Meanwhile Denise is devoted to her work and refuses to go out with the other interns for drnks after work. Elliott tells her to live her life but Denise just continues to work. She is then stuck with Sunny to help a patient with an irratic immune system who is stiffled by her mother. Denise and Sunny intend to make a stand but Elliott insists they do nothing. This patient teaches Denise more about heer devotion to her work than anyone and she the decides to take a break every once and a while.

    This ep was really solid and this season seems to now be truely more than making up for a disappointing seasns 6 and 7. One can only hope this trend continues.