Season 8 Episode 10

My Comedy Show

Aired Tuesday 9:30 PM Feb 10, 2009 on NBC

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  • Dumb episode..

    It's no rocket science to expect the second episode of the day to make your day after a rather boring first one. Though we get JD back in business here, there wasn't a good enough storyline to weave to old magic.

    The annoying new interns are sort of glorified in this new season as regular characters, as compared to the older ones who were simply there as Dr. Cox's punching bag. When your story starts to involve them more, the main characters who made the show start to look dumb. We've already seen an office episode using the roast theme, and this one was one halfhearted attempt at comedy. I usually find Scrubs creates an drama-like effect toward the end explaining some subtle themes mostly using medical cases. But this time around, the one involving the girl with the immune system disorder, was again an unconnected part in the whole scheme of things. Its not business as usual at Scrubs.