Season 4 Episode 7

My Common Enemy

Aired Tuesday 9:30 PM Oct 19, 2004 on NBC

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  • Elliot starts dating Elliot's brother, Dan.

    Definitely an under appreciated episode, I would say. At first I didn't think this epsiode was going to be so great, but I ended up enjoying it a lot by the end, since it had a great point and it brought development in JD & Elliot's friendship.

    Elliot starts dating Dan when he's still in town. And JD uses that and pretends he feels hurt because of it when he truly doesn't to make Elliot feel bad so they can be friends again. Dan takes it pretty hard when Elliot breaks up with him because of it. But it turns out they never really broke up when JD catches them in the act. In the end, you can tell that JD & Elliot are going to be friends again in the end, but Elliot continues to date Dan. Cox & Kelso team up (That was out of character) to take down Molly when she seems too positive. She believes that everyone has a "creamy center." Cox & Kelso beg to differ. So they try to take her down but they feel bad about it which proved Molly's point.

    Turk & Carla both use Turk's diabetes for an excuse in this episode, I liked how this plot had good continuity and it really continued the Turk and diabetes plot.

    Great episode with awesome development.
  • J.D. Pretends That He Is Not Ok With Dan & Elliot Dating. Molly Tries To Convince Dr.Cox That No One On The Earth Is Pure Evil.

    Well..Molly (Heather Graham) Tries To Convince Dr.Cox That Kelso Isn't Evil But Just That He Has A Hard Outer Shell And Everyone Has A Creamy Centre.
    I Thought This Episode Was Amazing, Molly Is Soooo Cheerful And Happy, It Makes Me Feel Happy Too! :D
    J.D. Pretends That He Is Not OK With Elliot And Dan Dating In Order For Them To Break Up.
    Molly Was Right In The End, Kelso Isn't Evil, He Gave Molly His Old Spanish To English Dictionary!
    "Dr Clock, I Got You A Present For Your Trip To Mexico, It's My Old Spanish To English Dictionary, I Don't Need It Any More, I've Mastered The Language"
    "Gracias, Senor"
    "Your Welcome-o"
    [Molly Turns Round To Dr.Cox]
    "You Were Right, Payback's A *****[Makes A Hand Gesture To Cox]
    [Dr.Cox Bangs His Hand On The Table 5 Times In Frustration]
    Loved This Episode, It Was Funny, Amusing And I Must Say, MOLLY RULES! :D
  • JD pretends like he's not ok with Dan and Elliot dating.

    JD finds out Dan and Elliot are dating and pretends to be hurt to get Elliot to be friends with him again. Meanwhile, Dr. Cox and Kelso try to prove to Molly that people are "B*astard coated b*stards with b*stard filling." Also, Turk and Carla both use Turk's diabetes to get out of stuff. Dan tells JD Elliot dumped him and JD goes to Elliots house to tell her he doesnt care if they date. When he gets there he learns they didnt really break up. Elliot reassures him its only a fling. Cox and Kelso start feeling sad for hurting Molly and tell her to cheer up, proving she was right.
  • one of the best episodes in the whole series. i'm touching your creamy center. :):):D

    an extremely funny episode molly and dr.cox are proberbly the funniest people on the episode especialy(as you can see from my summary)the creamy center part and when dr.cox says to Molly: "Lady, people aren't chocolates, do you know what they are mostly? Bastards... bastard coded bastards with bastard fillings, but I don't find them half as annoying as I find naive bubble headed optimists who walk around vomiting sunshine part." i love that bit yea anyway it's a must see episode the next episode is very good as well i'm watching the australian open at the moment so i'm very distracted
  • Thomas Cavanagh Pt. 2

    J.D.: Well how would you feel if I hooked up with one of your siblings?
    Elliot: A little confused considering I have four brothers. But not surprised at you or Barry.

    Cavanagh really shows off his comedic skill, big kudos to him for his role as Dan. Especially, this and the previous episode. Really enjoyed them both.
  • Great!

    Dan begins dating with Elliot, but JD is okay with it, it is not until Turk tells him to take advantage of that, so JD says to them that he is truly hurt, but later decides that it was a mistake when Elliot breaks up with Dan. But in the end it is prove that Elliot and JD were not longer attract to each other. Meanwhile, Turk begins using diabethes for make Carla anything he wants, but when she turns down a big job so Turk confesses, but it is reveal that Carla only uses sickness as an excuse too. And Kelso and Cox united to defeat their common enemy, Dr. Clock who keeps on saying that there is good in everyone, even tough really inside. In the end, it is prove to be truth. Cool episode!
  • Dan and Elliot

    All the plots in this episode were priceless, Elliot and JD's brother, Cox and Kelso teaming up against Molly to prove that everyone is evil and Turk using his diabetes to turn Carla into his slave.

    JD faking upset about Elliot with the depressed look and Dan pretending that he and Elliot split up was great because it showed both sides were up to trickery of some sort.

    The revelation at the end that JD and Elliot were finally over each other was a good way to end the story as was yet another trick from Molly to end Cox and Kelso's, them reverting back to enemies.

    Overall, this episode is both funny and creative with jokes and gags scattered everywhere.