Season 6 Episode 20

My Conventional Wisdom

Aired Tuesday 9:30 PM May 10, 2007 on NBC
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J.D. and Turk go to a medical convention in Phoenix, Arizona, where they run into J.D.'s ex-girlfriend Dr. Kim Briggs, who has a surprise for J.D. Meanwhile at Sacred Heart, the janitor pretends to be the chief of medicine and Dr. Cox starts to put doubts about the wedding into Elliot's mind.moreless

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  • Scrubs just blows my mind in every possible way

    This episode wow, as a matter of fact season 6 is totally amazing. My Conventional Wisdom is one of my faves, I would say it's my 5th most favorite episode of the whole show. Yeah, it's in the top 5 in my opinion and that's tough because this show is a masterpiece.

    This episode is so heavy loaded, great writing and storytelling. It is the continuation to My Cold Shower which is another fantastic episode but this one just does it a little better for me. I just can't believe how much I was laughing and then suddenly chills. And that is because JD finds Kim giving a medical lecture and she was still pregnant of JD's baby, just like at the final scene of My Road to Nowhere, Kiim did not have an abortion. Sam is coming.

    Elliot has reserved the church she wants to get married in since she was 19th, when she tells the Father is real he is going to crap the communion cracker! She thinks she can plan a wedding in 2 months.

    Turk is going to a surgical conference asks JD if he wants to come "Do I get a room?" "We have to share" "Then you know what my answer is" (next scene) Going to Phoenix! JD breaks the fourth wall "When a car moves away from the camera and you can still hear their voices" "Yeah, that drives me crazy!" Nice intro.

    Kelso goes to the medical convention and he is such a badass and hilarious. Damn, when he made that entrance with his peeps LMAO "Outta the way boys, me and my fella chiefs of medicine are gonna tear this bitch up!" "One of those dudes is gonna die this weekend"

    So Kelso leaves Sacred Heart, guess who plays Chief of Medicine because he got booted out of his Lord of the Rings club for using an actual war hammer? JANITOR! Steals the show, hilarious stuff. "Let's make cancer feel foolish!" "Let's find a cure for Polio!" And Ted follows him around as well. He writes down some fiscal plans and stuff, Dr. Cox tells him is pure gibberish he can't make actual changes, tell that to the new daycare. Dr. Cox's son is already there hahah. When he calls Keith 'Gilchrist' and Carla 'Nurse Ipanema', I found that very funny too.

    Elliot is still deciding if he wants to marry Keith, she is neurotic all over and makes for great comedy and emotional moments. She is inviting people but Dr. Cox refuses to go to her wedding even if it was in his own backyard. The reason is not addressed at first but until he tells her that she just wants to get married. There is this scene where he breaks down the medical staff, just to point out what's left? Ted gets deleted in a funny way. So only Keith is left.

    Elliot has a rant and writes 'Dumb Frick' on Keith's scrubs in a fancy font, she went to calligraphy camp LOL and ends it up with "I'M GONNA CHOP IT OFF!!!"

    Back at the convention, JD and Turk are ecstatic to have met Old MC. Turk thinks he'd be tired to say his catchphrase but that is exactly the only thing he says BUST A MOVE.

    Kelso tells them to act professional, Turk says they were right next to the crapper which happens to be Dr. Toilet. And JD has the funniest daydream of them all. It's either you think it was too stupid or just laugh out loud, crack up for several minutes like I did.

    So JD says that Elliot getting married was a big deal for him and no girl would make him forget her. Just right in Kim is giving a lecture, Turk says her boobs got bigger. "As we sat there, air groping my ex" LMAO. So after Kim's lecture, JD asks "Why did you tell me you miscarriaged our child when you clearly didn't?" "I should answer that later face to face. Any other questions?" "I think you should answer his question" "You're such a good friend" "Any more questions?" "Bust a move!"

    So Kelso ends up with a bottle glued to his face he wants to remove it, they tell him they have just spoken with the Chief of Medicine. He calls right away, Janitor answers and says "I'm you talking from the future. Sell your gas, everything now runs on potatoes" Kelso asks who is it, "What's your name again?" "Teddy Buckland!" "TED?!" Janitor inmediately puts Ted's face on the Kelso COM painting which had Janitor's face earlier.

    JD says what just happened with Kim was bigger than a bomb, Turk says it was like an asteroid about to hit Earth, people realize that they are about to die so girls would put out, etc something along those lines that was really funny. So JD doesn't know what to say, Old MC passes by "You have a problem, sir! Seek

    Dr. Cox finally gives some confidence to Elliot to marry Keith. He was nice for a moment, so he needs to shower off that moment.

    JD obviously won't forgive Kim, she understands but still want to talk about having his child and if he is going to help raising him. JD took Old MC's 'advice' and busted a move, he left. But he still has doubts about his decision as in the final scenes we see Elliot agreeing to carry on with the wedding JD's voiceover says he is just waiting for the doubts to fade away.

    Kelso calls Janitor to his office and tells him he was going to pay for what he did, but Janitor actually made some cuts on the budget and bought Dr. Toilet. "Ted's vaction pay?" "What vacation pay?" "HAHAHAHA! (all happy) (angry face) Get out of here " Hahaha poor Teddy

    So in the very final scene Elliot asks JD if he thinks is the right decision to marry Keith, just as Kim comes right in as JD left her waiting at the convention.

    So there you have the Convention-all wisdom episode. Absolutely hilarious and such a cliffhanger at the end. I think the story is greatly told, the continuation is very well done as the season was getting to conclusion in the next two episodes, the season finale.

  • An incredible episode with absolutely wonderful drama with lots of humor thrown in to match.

    in this episode J.D cant stop thinking about Elliot getting married, so with his good friend turk he decides to go to Phoenix, Arizona for a surgeons convention. At the surgeons convention they meet Old, young MC which whom has a knack for saying Bust A Move a lot.

    Dr. Kelso is also at the convention and encourages for J.D and Turk to act like proffessionals and attend a lecture.

    at the lecture the speaker is Kim Briggs J.D's old girlfriend.

    Meanwhile, back at the hospital, while the Cheif of Medicine is away The Janitor is replacing him. Elliot is also having cold feet about her wedding with Keith, after Doctor Cox shows her that Keith is actually her last resort due to all the other men in this hospital.

    Back at the surgeons convention J.D sees Kim has still got a baby. Kim and J.D talk and J.D decides to wait for Kim until after her next lecture. J.D decides to 'Bust A Move' and leave.

    When he arrives at the hospital Elliot asks J.D 'am i making a huge mistake by marrying Keith'. Kim then walks in and says ' J.D how could you just leave me there like that'. J.D is then forced to choose between Elliot and Kim and that is where the episode ends.moreless
  • 620

    Definite improvement this week, we have a returning character. Something that's been hanging over our heads all season. JD sees Kim at a convention, and we know that she pretended to have a miscarriage, when she really didn't. JD sees Pregnant Kim with his baby, and is more furious than ever. It was nice to see Elizabeth Banks after pretty much a season of waiting. It also caught me by surprise, I thought the writers were saving her for the finale. Lately we've been getting a lot of mini cliffhangers this season on Scrubs, and I have been really enjoying that, and I have to say this cliffhanger at the end of this episode was by far the best. It all tied together perfectly like a bow. Elliot starts having doubts about marrying Kieth RIGHT after getting engaged, thanks to Dr. Cox. Jordan continues to be hysterical with her witty humor.

    We know that JD leaves Kim at the convention, angry. And we a have a perfect ending. Elliot asking if it's a mistake marrying Kieth, to JD of all people, then Pregnant Kim walking in confronting him about him leaving. A very dramatic ending to a pretty much dramatic episode. Although there were some funny parts, Dr. Toilet was a bit over the top, but the Janitor being Chief of Medicine for a while was hysterical. Great episode, amazing cliffhanger.moreless
  • That is, above average for the sixth season

    I had waited to see what happened with the whole "Kim lied about not being pregnant with the baby" plot, and here it came. I liked that they at least stopped with the whole "J.D.'s life sucks and he just wants to get back to where he used to be" story and brought a big part of his old life back in Kim. Granted, he wasn't too happy with that either, but at least we could stop wondering.

    I liked this one. It doesn't compare to some other truly great episodes ("My Lunch" and "My Hero" to name two), but it was nice compared to a good deal of season 6. We at least actually made a meaningful plot advance (instead of killing Laverne for no reason, we get Kim back and Elliot's on her way to getting married). It's nice to see J.D. completely blindsided by something and to have to deal with it.

    The comedy was nice, too; I loved Janitor being the Chief of Medicine and Ted being his loyal follower, the Dr. Toilet bits were good, and Kelso and his beer buddies at the convention was good fun.

    This episode also did a nice job setting up for the finale; J.D. was caught by surprise by Kim's news and Elliot's freaking out over marrying Keith. Granted, by episode 703, neither of those two storylines mattered anymore, but I had some fun with this while the episode still had relevance.

    May season 8 bring actual closure to this chapter of the show; Zach Braff is leaving (I'm disappointed), so maybe they can close more on the story of the newbies-no-longer-newbies, and give the show's name relevance again by giving us some new scrubs.moreless
  • If you enjoy this show you will like this episode.

    JD and Turk go to a medical convention where they run into Kim JD's old girlfriend who JD thought was had a miscarrage. But we find out that she got scared and decided to lie to JD. Kim askes JD to meet her afer her conference but JD runs away. Elliot starts to have second thoughts on getting married to Keith after Dr Cox puts some doubt into her mind. The janitor role-playes as the chief of medicine while Dr Kelso is away at a medical convention. At the end of the episode Elliot askes JD if she is making the right decision in marring Keith. Then Kim comes in and askes JD why he ran away from her. I really enjoyed this episode because of the story with the janitor. He did a good job as the chief of medicine.moreless
Donald Faison

Donald Faison

Dr. Christopher "Chris" Duncan Turk

John C. McGinley

John C. McGinley

Dr. Percival "Perry" Cox

Judy Reyes

Judy Reyes

Nurse Carla Espinosa

Ken Jenkins

Ken Jenkins

Dr. Robert "Bob" Kelso

Neil Flynn

Neil Flynn

The Janitor

Sarah Chalke

Sarah Chalke

Dr. Elliot Reid

Gary Kraus

Gary Kraus

Seamus Meltzer

Guest Star

Stephon Fuller

Stephon Fuller

James Gurley

Guest Star

Jeffrey Scott Kelly

Jeffrey Scott Kelly

"Dr. Toilet" Salesman

Guest Star

Travis Schuldt

Travis Schuldt


Recurring Role

Sam Lloyd

Sam Lloyd

Ted Buckland

Recurring Role

Elizabeth Banks

Elizabeth Banks

Dr. Kim Briggs

Recurring Role

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    • Janitor: (After donning a lab coat) Now, let's find a cure for Polio.

    • (Ted taking notes from what the Janitor said)
      Dr. Cox: Ted, you do realize that was all gibberish. He's just pretending. He can't make any real changes in this place.
      Ted: Tell that to the new day care program.
      (Cuts to children coloring, one of them is Jack)
      Jack: Hi dad.
      Dr. Cox: Jack, (puts arms up) what are you doing?

    • Old M.C.: Bust a move, man. Hey, bust a move. (To Turk and J.D.) Bust a move, fellas.
      (J.D. and Turk scream)
      J.D.: You bust a move! Old Young M.C.
      Turk: Check me.
      J.D.: Bust a move! You're the one who should be busting moves! I can die now.

    • (In the car which is leaving then gets out of sight)
      J.D.: Hey, you know how in the movies when a car gets farther and farther away you can still hear the people talking like they were right in front of the camera?
      Turk: Yeah, that drives me crazy.
      J.D.: Hey, I brought snacks for the trip. Pringle? Oh, turn left here to get on the freeway.
      Turk: No, not yet. I have to stop and go pee.
      J.D.: Already? I told you to go before we left.

    • Turk: Look, hey, I'm going to Phoenix this weekend for a surgical conference why don't you come with me? Probably take your mind off of Elliot.
      J.D.: I don't know, Turk. Would I get my own room?
      Turk: We'd have to share.
      J.D.: Then you know what my answer is.
      (Cuts to them in the car leaving the hospital)
      Turk: On our way to Phoenix!

    • (Elliot, Jordan and Carla talking about premarital doubts)
      Jordan: Then comes the "Oh my God I can't believe I'm gonna have sex with the same person for the rest of my life" stage, and that's when you head to the nearest frat house, ditch your undies and then the next morning do the walk of shame to your beemer.

    • Turk: How are you doing?
      J.D.: Not too bad, considering I just had a bomb dropped on me.
      Turk: Oh no, that was bigger than a bomb, more like an asteroid about to hit the planet, you know? People running in the streets screaming "Oh my god, it's coming right at us!", and then dudes turning to hot chicks and being all like "Look, we're about to die so can I hit that?", and then the girls like "Hell to the no!", but then she realises, "Oh my god, I'm about to die, so you know what? Yeah you can hit this, but no kissing."
      J.D.: That's exactly what it's like!

    • Dr. Cox: Bloody, as attached as I have indeed become to my patient, his death due to my inability to see a clearer picture of his heart would still be a preferable alternative to actually having to hear you utter your self written vows: "My dearest Keith, my heart was like a vault, but you picked the lock like an apple thief who picks the first golden delicious of the fall harvest."
      Elliot: Ok, first of all, stop reading my wedding binder, it's private...

    • Janitor: You wanted to see me, sir?
      Dr. Kelso: I know it was you and you are going to pay dearly.
      Janitor: Before you do anything, let me introduce you to a new doctor. (Wheels Dr. Toilet in) Da da da da!
      Dr. Kelso: Dr. Toilet is beautiful.
      Janitor: I trimmed a little fat in the budget so we could afford him.
      Dr. Kelso: Ted's vacation pay?
      Janitor: What vacation pay? Haha.
      Dr. Kelso: Haha. Get out of here.

    • J.D.: Say I was too nervous to hit on that girl over there what advice would you give me?
      Old M.C.: Bust a move.
      Turk: Alright, alright. What if a great song comes on and I'm too shy to get down, what should I do?
      Old M.C.: Bust a move.
      J.D.: You're awesome, man, what are you drinking, we'll buy you one.
      Old M.C.: Bust a move.

    • Elliot: (On the phone) Hi, Gary, it's Elliot Reid. I know that we haven't spoken since you broke up with me in the eleventh grade, but I just wanted to let you know that I'm getting married. Oh! Also, I was sorry to hear that you lost your legs.(Hangs up, turns to Dr. Cox) I'm notifying all my old boyfriends that I'm officially off the market.
      Dr. Cox: I'm sure the "pulse" setting on your shower head will be devastated.

    • J.D.: Why would you tell me you miscarried our child when you clearly didn't?
      Kim: That's probably a question I should answer more face to face after the lecture. (Stammering) Are there any other questions? Yes, you sir.
      Turk: Yeah, uh, I think you should answer his question.
      J.D.'s thoughts: How did he get over there so fast?
      J.D.: You're a good friend.
      Turk: (With a huge smile) I got your back.
      Kim: (Breathing deep) Anyone else have a question? Yes you i-in the back.
      Old M.C.: Bust a move!
      Kim: Really more a statement than a question, but thank you.

    • J.D.: I'm just so mad I literally don't know what to say to her. (J.D. holds up his hand to stop Old M.C. from talking as he walks by) Don't you dare. Part of me wants to talk to her, part of me wants to...
      Old M.C.: (Yelling from a distance) Bust a move?
      J.D.: You have a problem, sir, seek help!

    • Kim: What can I possibly say?
      J.D.: Oh, I don't know. How about "There might be something living in my uterus."

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