Season 6 Episode 20

My Conventional Wisdom

Aired Tuesday 9:30 PM May 10, 2007 on NBC

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  • Scrubs just blows my mind in every possible way

    This episode wow, as a matter of fact season 6 is totally amazing. My Conventional Wisdom is one of my faves, I would say it's my 5th most favorite episode of the whole show. Yeah, it's in the top 5 in my opinion and that's tough because this show is a masterpiece.

    This episode is so heavy loaded, great writing and storytelling. It is the continuation to My Cold Shower which is another fantastic episode but this one just does it a little better for me. I just can't believe how much I was laughing and then suddenly chills. And that is because JD finds Kim giving a medical lecture and she was still pregnant of JD's baby, just like at the final scene of My Road to Nowhere, Kiim did not have an abortion. Sam is coming.

    Elliot has reserved the church she wants to get married in since she was 19th, when she tells the Father is real he is going to crap the communion cracker! She thinks she can plan a wedding in 2 months.

    Turk is going to a surgical conference asks JD if he wants to come "Do I get a room?" "We have to share" "Then you know what my answer is" (next scene) Going to Phoenix! JD breaks the fourth wall "When a car moves away from the camera and you can still hear their voices" "Yeah, that drives me crazy!" Nice intro.

    Kelso goes to the medical convention and he is such a badass and hilarious. Damn, when he made that entrance with his peeps LMAO "Outta the way boys, me and my fella chiefs of medicine are gonna tear this bitch up!" "One of those dudes is gonna die this weekend"

    So Kelso leaves Sacred Heart, guess who plays Chief of Medicine because he got booted out of his Lord of the Rings club for using an actual war hammer? JANITOR! Steals the show, hilarious stuff. "Let's make cancer feel foolish!" "Let's find a cure for Polio!" And Ted follows him around as well. He writes down some fiscal plans and stuff, Dr. Cox tells him is pure gibberish he can't make actual changes, tell that to the new daycare. Dr. Cox's son is already there hahah. When he calls Keith 'Gilchrist' and Carla 'Nurse Ipanema', I found that very funny too.

    Elliot is still deciding if he wants to marry Keith, she is neurotic all over and makes for great comedy and emotional moments. She is inviting people but Dr. Cox refuses to go to her wedding even if it was in his own backyard. The reason is not addressed at first but until he tells her that she just wants to get married. There is this scene where he breaks down the medical staff, just to point out what's left? Ted gets deleted in a funny way. So only Keith is left.

    Elliot has a rant and writes 'Dumb Frick' on Keith's scrubs in a fancy font, she went to calligraphy camp LOL and ends it up with "I'M GONNA CHOP IT OFF!!!"

    Back at the convention, JD and Turk are ecstatic to have met Old MC. Turk thinks he'd be tired to say his catchphrase but that is exactly the only thing he says BUST A MOVE.

    Kelso tells them to act professional, Turk says they were right next to the crapper which happens to be Dr. Toilet. And JD has the funniest daydream of them all. It's either you think it was too stupid or just laugh out loud, crack up for several minutes like I did.

    So JD says that Elliot getting married was a big deal for him and no girl would make him forget her. Just right in Kim is giving a lecture, Turk says her boobs got bigger. "As we sat there, air groping my ex" LMAO. So after Kim's lecture, JD asks "Why did you tell me you miscarriaged our child when you clearly didn't?" "I should answer that later face to face. Any other questions?" "I think you should answer his question" "You're such a good friend" "Any more questions?" "Bust a move!"

    So Kelso ends up with a bottle glued to his face he wants to remove it, they tell him they have just spoken with the Chief of Medicine. He calls right away, Janitor answers and says "I'm you talking from the future. Sell your gas, everything now runs on potatoes" Kelso asks who is it, "What's your name again?" "Teddy Buckland!" "TED?!" Janitor inmediately puts Ted's face on the Kelso COM painting which had Janitor's face earlier.

    JD says what just happened with Kim was bigger than a bomb, Turk says it was like an asteroid about to hit Earth, people realize that they are about to die so girls would put out, etc something along those lines that was really funny. So JD doesn't know what to say, Old MC passes by "You have a problem, sir! Seek

    Dr. Cox finally gives some confidence to Elliot to marry Keith. He was nice for a moment, so he needs to shower off that moment.

    JD obviously won't forgive Kim, she understands but still want to talk about having his child and if he is going to help raising him. JD took Old MC's 'advice' and busted a move, he left. But he still has doubts about his decision as in the final scenes we see Elliot agreeing to carry on with the wedding JD's voiceover says he is just waiting for the doubts to fade away.

    Kelso calls Janitor to his office and tells him he was going to pay for what he did, but Janitor actually made some cuts on the budget and bought Dr. Toilet. "Ted's vaction pay?" "What vacation pay?" "HAHAHAHA! (all happy) (angry face) Get out of here " Hahaha poor Teddy

    So in the very final scene Elliot asks JD if he thinks is the right decision to marry Keith, just as Kim comes right in as JD left her waiting at the convention.

    So there you have the Convention-all wisdom episode. Absolutely hilarious and such a cliffhanger at the end. I think the story is greatly told, the continuation is very well done as the season was getting to conclusion in the next two episodes, the season finale.

  • An incredible episode with absolutely wonderful drama with lots of humor thrown in to match.

    in this episode J.D cant stop thinking about Elliot getting married, so with his good friend turk he decides to go to Phoenix, Arizona for a surgeons convention. At the surgeons convention they meet Old, young MC which whom has a knack for saying Bust A Move a lot.

    Dr. Kelso is also at the convention and encourages for J.D and Turk to act like proffessionals and attend a lecture.
    at the lecture the speaker is Kim Briggs J.D's old girlfriend.

    Meanwhile, back at the hospital, while the Cheif of Medicine is away The Janitor is replacing him. Elliot is also having cold feet about her wedding with Keith, after Doctor Cox shows her that Keith is actually her last resort due to all the other men in this hospital.

    Back at the surgeons convention J.D sees Kim has still got a baby. Kim and J.D talk and J.D decides to wait for Kim until after her next lecture. J.D decides to 'Bust A Move' and leave.

    When he arrives at the hospital Elliot asks J.D 'am i making a huge mistake by marrying Keith'. Kim then walks in and says ' J.D how could you just leave me there like that'. J.D is then forced to choose between Elliot and Kim and that is where the episode ends.
  • 620

    Definite improvement this week, we have a returning character. Something that's been hanging over our heads all season. JD sees Kim at a convention, and we know that she pretended to have a miscarriage, when she really didn't. JD sees Pregnant Kim with his baby, and is more furious than ever. It was nice to see Elizabeth Banks after pretty much a season of waiting. It also caught me by surprise, I thought the writers were saving her for the finale. Lately we've been getting a lot of mini cliffhangers this season on Scrubs, and I have been really enjoying that, and I have to say this cliffhanger at the end of this episode was by far the best. It all tied together perfectly like a bow. Elliot starts having doubts about marrying Kieth RIGHT after getting engaged, thanks to Dr. Cox. Jordan continues to be hysterical with her witty humor.

    We know that JD leaves Kim at the convention, angry. And we a have a perfect ending. Elliot asking if it's a mistake marrying Kieth, to JD of all people, then Pregnant Kim walking in confronting him about him leaving. A very dramatic ending to a pretty much dramatic episode. Although there were some funny parts, Dr. Toilet was a bit over the top, but the Janitor being Chief of Medicine for a while was hysterical. Great episode, amazing cliffhanger.
  • That is, above average for the sixth season

    I had waited to see what happened with the whole "Kim lied about not being pregnant with the baby" plot, and here it came. I liked that they at least stopped with the whole "J.D.'s life sucks and he just wants to get back to where he used to be" story and brought a big part of his old life back in Kim. Granted, he wasn't too happy with that either, but at least we could stop wondering.

    I liked this one. It doesn't compare to some other truly great episodes ("My Lunch" and "My Hero" to name two), but it was nice compared to a good deal of season 6. We at least actually made a meaningful plot advance (instead of killing Laverne for no reason, we get Kim back and Elliot's on her way to getting married). It's nice to see J.D. completely blindsided by something and to have to deal with it.

    The comedy was nice, too; I loved Janitor being the Chief of Medicine and Ted being his loyal follower, the Dr. Toilet bits were good, and Kelso and his beer buddies at the convention was good fun.

    This episode also did a nice job setting up for the finale; J.D. was caught by surprise by Kim's news and Elliot's freaking out over marrying Keith. Granted, by episode 703, neither of those two storylines mattered anymore, but I had some fun with this while the episode still had relevance.

    May season 8 bring actual closure to this chapter of the show; Zach Braff is leaving (I'm disappointed), so maybe they can close more on the story of the newbies-no-longer-newbies, and give the show's name relevance again by giving us some new scrubs.
  • If you enjoy this show you will like this episode.

    JD and Turk go to a medical convention where they run into Kim JD's old girlfriend who JD thought was had a miscarrage. But we find out that she got scared and decided to lie to JD. Kim askes JD to meet her afer her conference but JD runs away. Elliot starts to have second thoughts on getting married to Keith after Dr Cox puts some doubt into her mind. The janitor role-playes as the chief of medicine while Dr Kelso is away at a medical convention. At the end of the episode Elliot askes JD if she is making the right decision in marring Keith. Then Kim comes in and askes JD why he ran away from her. I really enjoyed this episode because of the story with the janitor. He did a good job as the chief of medicine.
  • classic scrubs

    this is a funny episode who would have thought that keith and eliot is going to get married and eliot almost scares keith out of it because she is going crazy on what to wear and all that jazz. it is even funnier that the janitor is being the fake cheif of medicine who would have thought that eliot was planning a weding for ten years and wants eveything perfect this was a great episodeto watch on my thursday evening it was funny all the way thruought and there was not a dull moment this was one of my favorites or maybe the best
  • Another great episode.

    It is episode like these that make me watch scrubs. This was a great episode. At first J.D. was bummed because Elliot was getting married to Keith. And then he ended up bumping into Kim, his ex girlfriend and the mother of his child.I really wish Elliot and J.D. got back together because as much as they fought they suited each other so well. Anyway the episode ends with J.D. kind of having to make a decision between Kim and Elliot. Personally i say go Elliot because as i said their perfect for each other. I can't wait for the season finale!!
  • In this episode J.D. runs into an ex girlfriend at a surgical convention.

    This episode was ohkay. I didn't like how J.D. left Kim there at the end. That really upset me. I don't know what is going on in the world today, but a man shouldn't leave his pregnant girlfriend. I hope that season seven will handle this problem way better. At the rate this is going, I don't see them being together. It is really cool. I liked that J.D. tagged along to the convention though. Haha. The doctor toilet gag was also pretty funny. It was also funny when the Janitor got one for Kelso at the end. Gosh, I love Scrubs!
  • JD struggles with his new found feelings for elliot so turk takes him to a conference where he finds a nasty surprise waiting for him...

    To begin with i didn't really like this episode because of the sheer brilliance of the episode before (My Cold Shower) but as i watched it again a few times(i tend to do that) i started to like it more, still don't think it was as good MCS but still good.

    That fantasy annoyed me slightly because it just went on and on which disappointed me because it shows the writers are wasting time with fantasies instead of the storyline itself. I did think however that the way they handled the JD finding out about the baby part well because they could have made it to dramatic which would be baddddd. Finally i enjoyed the background storylines of Kelso and his cronies at the conference and the Elliot and Cox storyline with Elliot having doubts about marrying Keith which is building up to the season finales which will be great not the series finales thank god.
  • J.D and Turk go to a convention in Pheonix, where they run into Kim, who clearly hasn't miscarried like she told J.D Meanwhile at Sacred Heart, the Janitor pretends to be the Cheif of Medicine and Dr. Cox makes Elliot feel uncomfortable abo

    I thought that this episode was one of the best Scrubs episodes i've ever seen. It was well put together, and funny.

    I think that this episode is one of the deciding episodes of how Scrub's ends. Either he goes to Kim, and has his child with her, or he goes with Elliot, and does what everyone wants him to do!

    I think that J.D will go with Kim, but eventually he will FINALLY figure out that he is supposed to end up with Elliot, and they will live happily ever after.

    If that doesn't happen, that would be a big shame.
  • One of the best episodes of season 6!

    Scrubs magic was working overtime for this amazing episode. First time scrubs director Michael McDonald does an amazing job, and the writers and actors were at the top of their game. This episode blended comedy with some drama perfectly. Viewers get to see a side of JD they have hardly seen before, a very interesting side. There are a couple of lines that will be repeated between scrubs fans back and forth for a long time to come. (such others as "Yah Rowdy, HIT THAT!" and "In your-end-0")

    Turk takes J.D. to a conference in Arizona Turk's main focus is to take JD's mind off of Elliot. Just as JD announces no one woman can do that his ex girlfriend shows up, and whats more ... she is still carrying his child. Back at Sacred Heart, the janitor is role playing as Cheif of Medicine (after being kicked out of his Lord of the Rings roleplay) and Dr. Cox makes Ellior doubt her relationship with Keith. At the end of the episode JD flees back to Sacred Heart where things are "less complicated" where he is greated by Elliot asking if she is doing the right thing, and moments later by Kim asking why he left.
  • Kim returns in a knockout episode!

    This episode literally has everything you can think of (okay, maybe not literally, but close enough). It has my favourite fantasy of season 6, Mr Toilet, one of the best J.D. girlfriends returning, eight months pregnant after having a "miscarriage" five months ago, and a terrific scheme by a custodial engineer.

    Kim is a great character, who admittedly made a mistake, like all Scrubs characters have, but the way it was dealt with in this episode was fantastic, with J.D. having a small question at Kim's seminar, and Turk also curious with a similar question, and Old MC with a statement, and J.D. running from his problems, showing that all of us are human.

    Elliot not listening to Keith's wedding advice and making the wedding in two months is a terrific plot, two months away from the wedding giving her cold feet (a brilliant plot device) with some classic lines from both Dr. Cox on not attending her wedding and Jordan on marriage and how to deal with stages.

    The Janitor being CoM is terrific, making up names for Carla and Keith and actually making changes, before trying to frame Ted when Kelso finds out, the ending being classic, with Ted's vacation pay being removed for Mr Toilet and Kelso laughing but still mad at Janitor.

    Overall, this episode has too many hilarious moments to list, the last few seconds of uncomplicated life at Sacred Heart being a great cliffhanger and making this episode one of my favourite season 6 episodes so far (definitely top 5).
  • JD struggles with his feelings towards Elliot, so Turk takes him to a conference in Phoenix. During a lecture, they see Kim... still pregnant. Meanwhile Elliot begins to wonder if Keith's the roght one.

    May Contain Spoilers:

    The episode lined up well with last week's - My Cold Shower. Again, it was one of the best this season, in my opinion, as good as last week's which was pretty much a perfect episode. This episode held a descent number of flashbacks/ fantasies, and had that dramatic/ comedy mix that Scrubs is famous for.

    First of all, the writers are continuley writing a good build up to JD and Elliot, they didn't make this episode entirely about that which was good, although the ending was a good cliffhanger, which will see continue next week. Once JD found Kim was still pregnant, and had lied about the miscarriage from 6.08 (My Road to Nowhere), his feelings were completely put on paused and focused on Kim's lie, which was a good idea which left to some dramatic stuff. Elizabeth Banks played the scene well, when she was explaining herself to JD. We don't know if she's telling the truth, but that was still fine acting, and if she was lying, she truly executed her manipulation.

    Despite her celebration at the end of last week's episode, Elliot begins to have doubts about Keith after Dr. Cox lays out all the guys in the hospital, and revealed that all the guys are either - too poor, too old, murderers (Dr. Mickhead) or Ted. Even after Dr. Cox admitted he was only messing with her, Elliot still began to doubt her engagement, and that's when she asks JD if she's doing the right thing marrying Keith. That's after he walked out on Kim. As Elliot awaited her answer, Kim arrived at the hospital asking why he walked off. The episode ends with both women still waiting for their answers.

    The funny bits in the show include Janitors role of playing Kelso, while he was away at the convention. Kelso's arrival in Pheonix, and just a load of classic lines. My only criticism was that the 'Mr. Toilet' fantasy went on for a bit too long. Overall, Scrubs at the moment, are creating literally 10/10 episodes. Very, very impressive. Keep it up.
  • Talk about a great episode! This one is an instant classic in Scrubs.

    In "My Conventional Wisdom" JD and Turk go on a trip to Arizona for a surgical seminar. Where they bump in to Kelso and other Chief of Medicine guys. They learn that Kelso is pretty rowdy guy when he is with his buddies. Turk is trying to get JD's mind off of Elliot getting married, but having a hard time doing so because JD won't stop bring up the fact that they might belong together. Soon Kim comes back in to the picture to do a lecture, where at the end JD and Turk notice she is still pregnant. At this point JD is wondering why she lied to him, and when she was planning on telling him. After a brief conversation between the two of them Kim had to go do another lecture and had asked JD to stay to talk to her afterwards. Later on JD decides to leave without telling her to go back home with Turk. During all of this at the hospital, the Janitor is filling in for Kelso making small improvements around the hospital and leading Ted around. Kelso comes back, and learns the Janitor was pretending to be him while he was gone and is ready to punish him, until the Janitor brings in the new doctor; Doctor Toilet, which Kelso seemed to love especially since it was bough on Ted's vacation money. After this JD walks in to the hospital where Elliot comes over to him, and asks him if she is settling for Keith after long arguments and talking with Dr. Cox all episode. At the same time Kim walks in and asks him why he left her there without saying anything. And that is where we are left wondering what will happen next week. I believe this episode was written very well, and that it had the perfect ending. Leaves me wondering what is going to happen. I rate this one a definite 10/10 !
  • kudos to braff, a whole new side to jd was unveiled and that's what made this entire episode so awesome.

    firstly; "seek help sir" was awesome!!

    secondly, kudos to braff, a whole new side to jd was unveiled and that's what made this entire episode so awesome. in every situation jd's faced so far, he's been the good guy, he's always done the right thing. and now for once, we're actually seeing that he's human and being drawn in to empathise with his character.

    Everyone seems to hate kim.
    I agree that what she did was wrong, but who here is actually considering that maybe she actually thought she was doing what was best for jd? he never wanted the kid, it would have held back his career, he would have been in an unloving relationship. I am NOT saying she did the right thing, but perhaps she had good (albeit warped) intentions.

    Ted and the janitor, hilarious as always.
    dr toilet, would have been great if randall had jumped out and punched jd in the crotch...*powerful tiny fists*

    and did anyone else feel really sorry for colonel doctor??

    i didn't like when cox was nice to barbie only because jordan threatened him (but my word what a threat!!), call me a sucker, but that moment could have meant so much if he had been nice just because somewhere inside he is a nice person, like when he doesn't tell elliot he was right about the drug counsellor being an addict, but maybe the writers are building up to one big moment.

    and aaaaaarrghHh!!!!!! how can i wait 7 days for the conclusion?!?!? and worse, that's going to be a cliffhanger ending again, and god knows when it'll get resolved!!!!

    excellent episode, felt much more like the good old scrubs we know and love, after episodes 5 to 10 ish of season 6 i was ever so slightly worried, but it is definately as good if not better than always, as clearly portrayed in this episode.
  • A pretty good episode after two "mehs".

    J.D. finally learns that Kim never suffered a miscarriage, just as he's struggling with his feelings for Elliot. Why is he struggling with his feelings for Elliot? Because it's so different this time, now that she's getting married. *Yawn*. I'm tired of this plot. Kim has a pretty poor excuse for lying to J.D. I wish the writers had thought it out better. With the show's future in doubt, I can only hope that this story has some sort of satisfactory resolution before the season finale next week. Overall, however, this episode was pretty funny. And Elliot really is settling with Keith, not that I care what happens to her.
  • A quite funny episode with drama mixed in in just the right places.

    This episode was clearly centered at relationships, and now we can clearly see how the cliffhanger of the season is beginning to form.
    First of, I wished Kim would have some explanation that was just a little better than "im sorry i was scared" thing. But since it turned out to be just that, I was impressed with the reaction she had received from JD... He will help her out, but only for the sake of the baby at this point... It was well played.
    Next, I believe Dr. Cox was exactly right about Elliot and her wedding dilemma. I mean for god's sake she is obsessed with all this wedding stuff, so when Keith proposed to her, she jumped right into it headfirst, because she couldn't believe it was finally happening. But now that the dust is settling, I think she begins to see that Keith is indeed not the reason she said yes.
    At the end I thought it was interesting that Elliot came to JD to ask him whether or not he thinks she is making a mistake. I can't wait to see what he has to say about that next week.
    Although, writers, hear me out: If you are gonna bring JD and Elliot back together, for which you have my full approval by the way, do it right this time, and make it permanent, because I think I'm starting to get just a little tired of the soap opera will they wont they thing...
  • The bomb finally drops: J.D. learns of Kim's deceit and Elliot doubts her storybook fantasy of her future...all in all, a gripping episode.

    Scrubs has always been about human connections and human drama. Both of these things are what flow with humor, sadness, and life. It's so wonderful to see Scrubs reinforce what makes it such a great show.

    J.D. is dealing with the aftermath of Elliot's engagement to Keith. Turk, being the best friend he always has been, tries to help him get his mind off of her by taking him to a medical convention. Instead of making the situation better for J.D., a revelation occurs: Kim, J.D.'s ex-girlfriend, appears at the convention by coincidence to reveal to J.D. that she never had a miscarriage. Back at Sacred Heart, Elliot begins the unnerving and frustrating task of planning her storybook wedding and future in a matter of two months. A talk with Cox begins to unravel her fantasy and make her realize a painful truth: she may be getting married for the wrong reasons.

    I've got to mention the humor in this episode first because it was exceptionally well done for such a dramatic episode. Old Young MC might be the only stretch the episode made because of how random of a pop culture reference that is; it was funny nonetheless. Kelso acting like a member of the T-Birds with the chief of medicine crowd was hilarious, as was the Janitor's temporary self-imposed promotion to chief of medicine at Sacred Heart, especially after the Janitor made more progressions for the hospital that Kelso ever did. Add to that Turk and J.D.'s confrontation with Kim at the convention and Elliot's many freakouts about the wedding, and you got yourself a deceptively funny episode.

    Why deceptively? Because this episode was probably one of the most reflective episode of the series and plays upon how human everyone is on here. When Elliot began doubting her reasons for the wedding, it wasn't because Cox forced his opinion on her; he opened her eyes to something she didn't want to see. He never apologized for doing what he did because he knew it wouldn't have bothered her if she didn't already feel that way. Carla giving her advice about this point in her life was truthful in that she's speaking from her experiences - remember when Carla took a while to accept Turk's proposal - and it showed that these characters are growing up.

    J.D. and Turk show this impressively. When J.D. was coming to Turk about his feelings for Elliot, Turk played the devil's advocate and let J.D. answer the question everyone has on their mind: why would he think that he and Elliot had a shot? Turk tried to give J.D. an out through the convention, but an unexpected appearance by Kim shifted gears. J.D. showed his human side through every part of his reaction to Kim and her pregnancy. This isn't like every other sitcom that passes this kind of thing lightly; people were hurt and emotionally scarred by the choices of others. J.D. couldn't bring himself to forgive Kim, yet he still wanted to be in his child's life. Turk let him know that waiting for Kim at the convention to sort things out was not only the best idea, it was the healthiest for everyone's well-being. When Turk and J.D. were at odds with J.D.'s decision to blow Kim off, the honesty of the situation played out perfectly.

    At the very end, J.D. sees himself at a crossroads: he needs to grow up in some way or hurt everyone he loves and ruin anything he has for himself. It's not just a cliffhanger involving a triangle; it's a cliffhanger involving a man's future and the consequences of his actions. That is the kind of cliffhanger that makes a show work for 6 seasons. Season 6 may not be the best season of Scrubs, but no one could argue that it's leading toward a satisfying conclusion and perfect lead-in to the final season.
  • JD is still reeling from Elliot's engagement to Keith so Turk suggests JD join him at a doctors conference to get his mind of of Elliot.

    I have been waiting ALL season to see how JD was going to find out that Kim was, in fact, still preggo. I think it was great the way this episode played out with Turk and JD going to the convetion. I liked that Elliot had her issues about getting married without JD around. And I really liked that JD left Kim at the end and of course she showed up at the hospital right as Elliot was asking JD if he thought she was making a mistake marrying Keith. All good stuff.. but now I can't wait for NEXT WEEK!! I hope this isn't the end of this season??
  • My goodness I love this show.

    I've been waiting for this episode for so long. I really love J.D.'s reaction when he sees that Kim is still, indeed, carrying his child. I just loved all the emotions he went through during this scene, from worrying about Elliot and her impending marriage, to completely forgetting about Elliot as soon as he sees the last woman he loved, Kim, and becoming a bit nostalgic, to the utter and complete confusion and anger due to how betrayed he felt. And I really loved the Turk gag. That scene was an instant classic.

    Now on to Elliot's conundrum... I simply adore how Dr. Cox can fill just about anyone with doubt. Elliot's now wondering if she's just settling. She may or may not be, but all I know is it took me a really long time to warm up to Kieth... and even now I still don't care very much about the character. He really is my least favorite out of all the characters to have ever been in the series. A few episodes ago I was hoping that J.D. wouldn't try to do anything to ruin Elliot's relationship, but if she's having doubts about getting married to him, I wouldn't be upset if she and Kieth didn't get hitched. I'm not rooting for the Elliot/J.D. relationship, though. I think J.D. is perfect with the woman who is carrying his child.
  • Cliffhanger we've all been waiting to be resolved finally has.

    My Conventional Wisdom was probably the msot anticipated episode of Scrubs of the season. So many issues are addressed in this episode that it is amazing. We see the J.D. and Elliot storyling come back up, and the most excitign part is that Dr. Briggs is back.

    I, myself like J.D. and Kim. They are a good couple. But the cliffhanger was a great storyline as well. I think the finale of this episode will lead a relationship into overdrive. It will either be Elliot, or it will be Kim with J.D. One way or the other, all these events are leading up to the finale we have all been waiting for.

    Off the Convention storyline for a second, I liked the wedding part. It was very funny, and also very serious. This whole episode had a wide mix of Drama and Comedy. I think that is what made it so great.

    Overall, My Conventional Wisdom was all it was hyped up to be. I hope we see the same from the finale next week. Until then, I will see you for the finale.
  • Executed to perfection...well uhh..just .1 below it.

    This episode had every character nailing their respective roles. Perry being the mind-boggling ranting doctor he's always been, Carla being the advisor, Jordan as twisted as always, Ted the follower, Janitor with his hilarious escapades, Turk being JD's best friend and showing how "close" they are.....but most of all, Kim, JD, and Elliot truly shine in this episode. JD's reaction to Kim was, in simple terms, priceless. His face said it all. The way the episode was both written and acted out was performed beyond what I expected. JD's conflicts with his feelings were Elliot were laid down flawlessly, and the moment he sees Kim, it's not like his previous battle was just written off. Elliot's confusion about Keith being "the one" was done excellent, and the ending only leaves every viewer in anxiety awaiting the next episodes. Kim was brought back in a perfect manner, and her excuse was not far fetched or "easy way" out like viewers had predicted, it's an honest explanation that happens daily in the real world. There really isn't much to say but this episode is definitely a series classic, mixing both drama and comedy together flawlessly. The only reason this doesn't get a 10 is because i just can't seem to give it that. Weird, but there is no doubt this episode ranks as one of my favourites of all time. I cannot wait for what will be a stellar season finale.
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