Season 8 Episode 6

My Cookie Pants

Aired Tuesday 9:30 PM Jan 27, 2009 on NBC

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    This show is definitely getting back to it's norm. Seeing Elliot as her neurotic self brought back these memories of the old days. Seasons 4-7, Elliot became a self obsessed mess, and now she's getting her old traits she had from the earlier seasons, her neurosis. Which was displayed perfectly in this episode. Her trying to get herself ready for JD, and now everyone knows that they're back together. The good thing about this episode was that JD & Elliot's relationship wasn't ruined the episode after the episode they got together. Cox being the Chief of Medicine was AMAZING. Kelso recommenced him, it was such a good plot, and Jordan was hilarious! Kelso & Cox might become friends, who knows? The development with Denise's character was brilliant, we got to see some back story, and we go to understand her more. Something I've been waiting for, for awhile. The only thing I don't understand, is that in the episodes so far, someone is always missing from the main characters. Is this show running out of money or what? Anyways, Carla was missing in this episode. An amazing episode, great.
  • Great Characterization and turn around for J.D. from being the whiny intern to be the bad-ass trainer, taking Joe under his wings. Perry becomes Chief of Medicine and also becomes a greater father figure in the show.

    I loved this episode. The striking thing for me is J.D.'s character. This season sees him as being more of a leader, helping his interns than just obsessing about his failures and whining methods. He is stronger, more resilient and a bad-ass trainer. Joe is the intern he really focusses on - and she plays the strong b!tch type very well. And as she pointed out: She is the guy and he is the girl. Always the funny part in the show. But his mentoring of her is good, strong and to the point. Perry is also battling not to get in his own way of becoming Chief of Medicine based on Bob Kelso's recommendation. Their connection seems more real in this episode as a more friend-based link is established. All in all, a great episode. One worthy to watch!
  • A return to glory (hopefully not a brief one). This episode, coupled with "My ABC's", which aired with it, couldn't have come at a better time.

    A couple of weeks ago I wrote a rather scathing review about an episode of this show that I didn't care to double check the name on. My point is that, as stated in the aforementioned review, this show had produced fewer good episodes in the last two years than My Own Worst Enemy. Okay, maybe that's not true, but it's not far off. That definitely was the case when I wrote that review, and when I wrote it, I had not expected to ever write another review for this show period, figuring I had said my peace and the show would float off my radar never to be seen again. That, thankfully, didn't end up being the case. My Cookie Pants and My ABC's were very well written and smacked of the good old days (seasons 1-5). The jokes were clever and not just regurgitated bile and the acting seemed very genuine and not phoned in like the last 26 seasons of The Simpsons. All in all I am very pleased with these two chapters in the Scrubs library and am now hoping that they weren't flukes. With any luck, ABC has found their Scrubs niche and will return the show to comedy glory.
  • Dr Cox is asked to be chief, Elliot makes cookies and JD tries to get Denise to be more compassionate.

    It was so nice to see JD and Elliot really getting on with each other and the chemistry is still there. And Dr Cox being made Chief of Medicine is a stroke of genius. he'll be able to be more sarcastic than ever. It was nice to see the return of the Todd and the Janitor was also on form too. When he said his grandpa called him Janitor when he was a boy I just creased up. Bit of an in joke I know but I really enjoyed it. Looks like Scrubs is still a winner in this new season.
  • Weaknesses are exposed as Perry won't take the Chief job, Denise still has no compassion for patients and Elliott wants to plan the perfect sexual night for her and JD.

    It's hard to believe that we have come 8 seasons and the characters that we know and love can still find a way to grow. This episode, though not as funny as some others this season is still top notch as all the characters take a step forward leading me to believe that the end is almost definitely near.

    This week Perry has been offered the Chief of Medicine job just as the hospital is about to become totally out of control. He tries to convince himself that the job is a good opportunity but it only takes one speech from Bob Kelso to convince him other wise. This is the best arc in the whole ep as you begin to see what Perry and Bob actually think of one another and you begin to see that they are not infact the sworn enemies that they claim to be.

    JD tries to help Denise get more compassionate around patients but nothing seems to work and he finally explodes at her. She then goes against JD's orders and puts a patient in for a painful procedure that JD feels is unnecessary. When she gets lucky with her call JD apologizes much to the disgust of Denise who wants to be pushed by him to become a better doctor.

    Meanwhile, Elliott realizes that JD and her have not had sex since they started dating again. She promises him the sexiest night of his life then freaks out when she doesn't have a clue what to do. She goes to Turk for advice while Carla is out of town (which they mention too often to be honest)and this makes Turk very uncomfortable.

    All in all this ep still had some great moments like the piano mat and the janitor angry woman gag but it was the character pieces that made his ep a really solid ep to watch.
  • About Time.

    As a massive fan of Scrubs and of Elliot and JD I was happy to see progression in the relationship, and really with all the characters. The development was just amazing. I just found it to be awesome and with the interns positioned next to the cast we all know and love we can see just how far that JD and the crew have grown. However these new interns annoy me. Its as if the writers want to put as many gags in so that the scrubs fan love them as much as gang, but i dont think its working.

    It was also touching the last lines of the episode with JD and Elliot. Hopefully this time they will last.
  • Dr Cox is the new Dr Kelso

    I seriously wonder where Bill Lawrence gets all his crazy ideas like the piano mat, cookie pants, angry woman rule. We dint get to see any fantasies of JD this time around. We did get to see a greater share of his adult side this episode. Denise turns around and tries to make a change with her attitude. Ed was missed, and so was Carla. Perry is made the new chief on Kelso's recommendation, and as a result we do get to see some buddy scenes that make Perry uncomfortable. Eliot was a bit annoying this installment.

    Overall, a god show barring a few annoying scenes.