Season 8 Episode 6

My Cookie Pants

Aired Tuesday 9:30 PM Jan 27, 2009 on NBC

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  • Great Characterization and turn around for J.D. from being the whiny intern to be the bad-ass trainer, taking Joe under his wings. Perry becomes Chief of Medicine and also becomes a greater father figure in the show.

    I loved this episode. The striking thing for me is J.D.'s character. This season sees him as being more of a leader, helping his interns than just obsessing about his failures and whining methods. He is stronger, more resilient and a bad-ass trainer. Joe is the intern he really focusses on - and she plays the strong b!tch type very well. And as she pointed out: She is the guy and he is the girl. Always the funny part in the show. But his mentoring of her is good, strong and to the point. Perry is also battling not to get in his own way of becoming Chief of Medicine based on Bob Kelso's recommendation. Their connection seems more real in this episode as a more friend-based link is established. All in all, a great episode. One worthy to watch!
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