Season 8 Episode 16

My Cuz

Aired Tuesday 9:30 PM Apr 22, 2009 on NBC

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  • Great episode. Weiner cousins and Bajingo sisters.

    This was easily one of the best episodes of this season. I mean, the reasons are obvious. One, they had the entire cast give one of their solid performances. Two, they tried to keep the fun level up by keeping the right amount of nostalgia stuff.

    We see Elizabeth Banks was back to give JD a shock. She was apparently dating Shaun who happens to be Eliot's ex. JD's agony piles up when his kid shows a greater attachment to Shaun as opposed to him. I liked the fact that they made a serious concept into a fun filled one. As a parallel storyline, Turk starts stalking Cox for the Chief of Surgery post. We see Kelso giving his testimonial for Turk, which finally convinces Cox to give him the job. There was a brief nostalgic moment when Kelso leaves the hospital, but again, like I've mentioned before you are setting the stage for a fitting farewell.

    Good episode.
  • J.D and Elliott discover that Kim has a new man and it's Sean! meanwhile Turk fights for the job of Chief of Surgery.

    The Bahama's eps, though fresh, were lacking in any real laughs other than Turk's mermaid momment. This ep brings back the laughs and paves the way for the finale and J.D's inevitable departure.

    This week J.D and Elliott discover that Kim is now dating Sean, Elliot's ex much to the disappointment of J.D who has never been a Sean fan. The tw couples decide to air their differences, J.D and Sean agree that they are weiner cousinsa strange tag that follows multiple characters throughout the ep and is actually a really funny inside joke. Meanwhile Dr. Cox reveals that he has to appoint a Cheif of Surgery but doesn't know who to pick. Turk runs for the job but Cox is letting his personal views get in the way of giving him the job even though he is the best erson for the job. Turk recieves dozens of character references to try and force Cox to give him the job. But it takes a talking to by Kelso to make him see that Turk is the right choice.

    Speaking of Kelso, he is admitted into hospital for an intestinal virus that is causing him to vomit non-stop. Carla appoints the interns to treat him but Kelso keeps finding ways to treat himself. This ep was full of laughs and has an ending that shows that the season is winding down and building to J.D calling it a day at Sacred Heart. Keep uned for the last 3 eps.
  • 816

    Kim is back on Scrubs, and I hadn't realized it before, but I really missed her on this show. She's the mother of JD's baby and she was such a huge part of this show since season five, she deserved to have more airtime or be a supporting character of some sort. In this episode, we find out that Kim is dating Sean from season three who dated Elliot. Quite of a turn of events, I'll say. JD realizes that he's missing a lot of his son's life, as Sean is spending most of his time with him. Meanwhile we got some definite character development going on with Kelso missing his job and Turk getting the Chief of Surgery position granted by Dr. Cox. The end was really great, JD wanting to move where Kim lives to be a full time dad. I can't imagine what kind of reactions he's going to get from Kim & Elliot. Good episode, great cliffhanger.
  • You beautiful, son-of-a-b*tch Episode

    I'll admit I've honestly been enjoying the new interns, it's really kind of a fresh reboot for the show... I say that with a really heavy heart, because Scrubs after the strike (for me) just hadn't really lived up to past seasons stories. Don't get me wrong i'm a loyal and still happy fan but each episode really has just gotten a bit bland for me except for here recently...

    I thought Scrubs was just about to Jump the Shark, usually a show does when they have the cast take a Vacation episode. However, i was thankfully surprised that these two were very well executed. I actually wouldn't have minded had they kept the cast out on vacation for another episode.

    But before I get caught up with past episodes....

    My Cuz, really stepped up this week - I loved how Turk rehashed his old habits of constantly fighting for something that he truly wants. I'm so excited to see what they do with his character now that he's the chief.

    The weiner cousins and bajingo sisters was pure brilliance, the arguing between JD & Shaun was absolutely priceless.. I laughed every time Shaun re-capped on JD's word, I really laughed whenever JD said "you beautiful **** to Shaun in retaliation.

    Overall, i'm just really glad that Scrubs is starting to get back to rare form this season, and i'm really interested in catching up with the new interns that remain they actually look like great additions for the cast.
  • "You beautiful sonofab!tch"

    "You beautiful sonofab!tch"

    There are strange happenings in Sacred Heart, as Turkey fights for and gets promoted to Chief of Surgery.

    JD's face off with Sean reminded us all of what a perfectly nice guy Sean really was. Also it was nice to have Kim finally meet someone else.

    Janitor's hat talk was brilliant, followed up with the actual "Chief" head gear.

    Weiner cousins was strange and one really wonders who on earth Turk was cousins with - given that he knows only Carla from work.

    The final bit of the episode was lameness personified, as JD throws one bad decision after another, and proposes to move in with his unwanted son out of guilt. Come on. We really don't think this one will play out for more than an episode or two. Why punish us faithful viewers with this unnecessary drama?

    Out of fresh ideas?

    And where in the world are Cox's great speaches? Why have him there at all if he is not going to go OTT and nail some sorry bums?

    Come ON!
  • "Nobody cares, Sean.. Nobody cares."

    Scrubs has been on a roll as of late. After the two part episode the last two weeks, plus this one, it seems Scrubs is going to end on a very high note. The fact that there's only a couple episodes left is extremely sad, but I'm positive that Bill Lawrence and the rest of the crew will do a great job.

    Watching JD and Elliot squirm as they deal with Kim and Sean being together was hilarious, especially JD. The way JD said the word "Sean" was great, and reminded me of an adult talking to a little child after he's made a stupid mistake. Plus, the wiener cousins gag was great and one of the better ones the last few seasons.

    Kelso's storyline was pretty minor, but lead to a good payoff: watching Kelso grow to realize how much he misses the hospital. As for the Cox vs. Turk storyline, they did a good job of keeping it fresh, even if they've had storylines where they butt heads about a billion times. Plus, Todd's list of good qualities, with the "awesome dong" smack dab in the middle of it, was incredible. True to the character, and true to the show's humor. AND the Janitor's "Chief Hat" was good too.

    Overall, this was a very above average episode with a lot of solid, funny moments. I hope the show keeps it up for the last couple episodes.
  • Let's face it ... you're a beautiful man.

    For the first time in a long while, this felt like a genuine Scrubs episode. Wacky but clever goofs, a couple of special guests, and some great character development.

    First up - it was fantastic to have Sean (Scott Foley) back for the first time since season 3. He looks almost no different, and JD says as much (I nearly died of laughter at that point). And Kim (Elizabeth Banks) looks better than ever. I'm glad the actress, who is becoming something of a household name on the big screen, took the time out to return to JD's life once more.

    Turk campaigns for Chief of Surgery. I was a little skeptical about this plot, since he's only been an attending for about 4 years; how would any teaching hospital make a surgeon still in his 30s their Chief? Minor nitpick aside, it was good to see some genuine husband/wife interaction between Turk and Carla again, who seem to have lost their sizzle since Izzy's birth.

    And Kelso becomes a patient. Nice symmetry there, the Chief being taken care of by incompetent interns, though I can't see his mini-epiphany resulting in anything significant at this late stage.

    All in all - perhaps not quite as weighty for the 3rd-last episode ever as I would have thought, but there were flashes of the old brilliance. And now there's only 2 weeks left! How we will miss thee ...
  • Solid Episode. JD and Elliot try to resolve problems of relationships past when Shaun starts dating Kim, and Dr Cox is reluctant to give Turk the Chief of Surgery role espite him being the best man for the job.

    After the Hiatus, I felt Scrubs had lost a bit of its charm. But the last three episodes have been great and I'm glad its recovered and I'm confident the show is going to end on a high (assuming this is the last series). I thought the friction between Shaun and JD was great, the Kelso side-story was very amusing and Dr Cox's reaction to Turk's cockiness was really well done. Wasn't entirely convinced by JD wanting to move closer to Kim for their childs sake. I'm not really sure thats going to move the story in the right direction. Plus, he must know that he's going to spend the rest of his life with Elliot and a baby is somewhere down the line. Apart from that, solid episode.