Season 8 Episode 16

My Cuz

Aired Tuesday 9:30 PM Apr 22, 2009 on NBC

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  • Let's face it ... you're a beautiful man.

    For the first time in a long while, this felt like a genuine Scrubs episode. Wacky but clever goofs, a couple of special guests, and some great character development.

    First up - it was fantastic to have Sean (Scott Foley) back for the first time since season 3. He looks almost no different, and JD says as much (I nearly died of laughter at that point). And Kim (Elizabeth Banks) looks better than ever. I'm glad the actress, who is becoming something of a household name on the big screen, took the time out to return to JD's life once more.

    Turk campaigns for Chief of Surgery. I was a little skeptical about this plot, since he's only been an attending for about 4 years; how would any teaching hospital make a surgeon still in his 30s their Chief? Minor nitpick aside, it was good to see some genuine husband/wife interaction between Turk and Carla again, who seem to have lost their sizzle since Izzy's birth.

    And Kelso becomes a patient. Nice symmetry there, the Chief being taken care of by incompetent interns, though I can't see his mini-epiphany resulting in anything significant at this late stage.

    All in all - perhaps not quite as weighty for the 3rd-last episode ever as I would have thought, but there were flashes of the old brilliance. And now there's only 2 weeks left! How we will miss thee ...