Season 8 Episode 16

My Cuz

Aired Tuesday 9:30 PM Apr 22, 2009 on NBC

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  • "You beautiful sonofab!tch"

    "You beautiful sonofab!tch"

    There are strange happenings in Sacred Heart, as Turkey fights for and gets promoted to Chief of Surgery.

    JD's face off with Sean reminded us all of what a perfectly nice guy Sean really was. Also it was nice to have Kim finally meet someone else.

    Janitor's hat talk was brilliant, followed up with the actual "Chief" head gear.

    Weiner cousins was strange and one really wonders who on earth Turk was cousins with - given that he knows only Carla from work.

    The final bit of the episode was lameness personified, as JD throws one bad decision after another, and proposes to move in with his unwanted son out of guilt. Come on. We really don't think this one will play out for more than an episode or two. Why punish us faithful viewers with this unnecessary drama?

    Out of fresh ideas?

    And where in the world are Cox's great speaches? Why have him there at all if he is not going to go OTT and nail some sorry bums?

    Come ON!