Season 8 Episode 16

My Cuz

Aired Tuesday 9:30 PM Apr 22, 2009 on NBC

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  • J.D and Elliott discover that Kim has a new man and it's Sean! meanwhile Turk fights for the job of Chief of Surgery.

    The Bahama's eps, though fresh, were lacking in any real laughs other than Turk's mermaid momment. This ep brings back the laughs and paves the way for the finale and J.D's inevitable departure.

    This week J.D and Elliott discover that Kim is now dating Sean, Elliot's ex much to the disappointment of J.D who has never been a Sean fan. The tw couples decide to air their differences, J.D and Sean agree that they are weiner cousinsa strange tag that follows multiple characters throughout the ep and is actually a really funny inside joke. Meanwhile Dr. Cox reveals that he has to appoint a Cheif of Surgery but doesn't know who to pick. Turk runs for the job but Cox is letting his personal views get in the way of giving him the job even though he is the best erson for the job. Turk recieves dozens of character references to try and force Cox to give him the job. But it takes a talking to by Kelso to make him see that Turk is the right choice.

    Speaking of Kelso, he is admitted into hospital for an intestinal virus that is causing him to vomit non-stop. Carla appoints the interns to treat him but Kelso keeps finding ways to treat himself. This ep was full of laughs and has an ending that shows that the season is winding down and building to J.D calling it a day at Sacred Heart. Keep uned for the last 3 eps.
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