Season 5 Episode 3

My Day At The Races

Aired Tuesday 9:30 PM Jan 10, 2006 on NBC
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While planning his birthday, J.D. finds a list of things he wanted to accomplish, before he turned 30. He enters a triathlon to begin. Elliot discovers a side of her boyfriend Jake, that freaks her out. Turk is working hard to impress his bosses and takes on a patient, who wants to be hypnotized during surgery, rather than using anesthesia, all in effort to be promoted.moreless

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  • I cried a bit.

    Tears of joy of course, I am so impressed at how good Scrubs is getting, I really hope they continue down this path, because I'm loving this path! JD is about to turn 30 and he realizes that he hasn't done anything on his list on what to do before you turn 30. While Turk is already halfway there, so JD decides to run a triathlon. He definitely comes unprepared. He spends the rest of the episode trying to run the triathlon. Elliot wants her boyfriend, Jake to open up to her and wants him to tell her his biggest fantasy in the bedroom which only creeps her out. By the end, she wishes she hadn't of asked him what his fantasy was. Elliot really shined in this episode, I'm glad they didn't completely throw away the Jake character without any sendoff like they did with Jamie, played by Amy Ryan in season 2. Elliot is sick of having a superficial friendship with JD. She wants to have an actual friendship, and JD helps her realize that Jake isn't the right guy for her. So she ends up breaking up with Jake. JD also has to move out of the apartment, so by the end, to help Elliot with rent, he moves in with her. A lot of possibilities of plots can come from this episode. Turk has to operate on someone who has been put to sleep by hypnosis which turns out to be a huge mistake, when the patient wakes up in the middle of the procedure. Cox was right about it the whole time, and Carla was wrong. I loved how Elliot carried JD to finish the race, that's the part where my eyes were watering at how great their friendship has become, and JD accomplished something! It just made me feel good all over which made this episode fantastic!moreless
  • The first half was funny, the second half was stupid

    After watching the dreadful start to season 5 with the episode "My Intern's Eyes", I chose to give Scrubs one more chance to pick up in quality, and at first it looked like it did but that was a short lived dream. J.D. 30th birthday was comming up and he realised that he hasn't done anything on the list of things he wanted to do before he turned 30, so he picks one of the things on the list, which happens to be finishing a triathlon. Mean while Elliot dates someone she doesn't belong with and Terk operates on a woman that refuses to use drugs.

    This episode started off rather well, it had a strong start which had some very funny jokes which put me to ease because of how bad the last episode I saw was like...however this was short lived for the second half of the episode turned into pathetic attempts at slapstich humor. When J.D. started the triathlon, the whole epispode turned to's ashame that had such a strong start that it wasn't able to hold it's self seems that Scrubs is the newest show on the last of things to go south!moreless
  • JD and Elliot become best buds.

    JD's hitting the big 3 0 and realizes he hasn't done anything on his things-to-do-before-thirty list. So he decides to enter in a triathlon. One thing you learn from this episode is that you should never enter a triathlon unless you wanna kill yourself (and always wear a wetsuit). Elliot wants to become closer with her boyfriend and tells him her fantasy about the Mexican applethief and the cider. Gotta love crazy Elliot. Wonder what his fantasy was. He looked normal but it's something that really freaked Elliot. Turk wants to get the attending spot and goes Kung Fu fighting with The Todd (Betrayal Five!). But the cutest part of the episode was the ending with Elliot carrying JD to the finish line was really cute.moreless
  • "Im watching Gizel in by spoon right now!"

    This is also one of my favorite episodes. In this J.D. works to complete one objective on his list before he turns thirty, which is complete a triathalon. Turk preforms surgery on a patent using hipnosis insted of anestesia. Elliot finds out she isn't right for Jake. "When he opens a bottle of red wine eventhough she perfers white." At the end Turk finds he should trust Carla more. J.D. and Elliot become more than superficial friends and learn to push forward with their lives, when Elliot breaks up with Jake, and J.D. finished the race with 2 minutes to spare, with the help of Elliot, and Elliot and J.D. move in together.moreless
  • My Day at the Races...

    What an episode. Clearly the best episode of series 5 yet. This episode had all the elements an episode needs, humor and emotion.

    Even though the this topic has been brought up so many times i do have to say one thing, in this episode, the road block created for JD and Elliot in 'My Common Enemy' was destroyed. That's a crap methaphor, but you know what i mean.

    Back to the episode. This episode started great, with Turk and Todd fighting loads of surgeons while 'Kung Fu Fighting' by Carl Douglas plays. Then from there, the episode just flowed through. JD joins a triathalon and Elliot trie to open up her boyfriend Jake, by trying to get him to tell her his sexiest fantasy.

    Plus Turk treats a patient with amnesia and needs to form surgery, however it doesn't go according to plan.

    A truley great episode. Series 5 is looking great.

    Featured Music:

    Carl Douglas - Kung Fu Fighting

    Keane - Everybody's Changingmoreless
Donald Faison

Donald Faison

Dr. Christopher "Chris" Duncan Turk

John C. McGinley

John C. McGinley

Dr. Percival "Perry" Cox

Judy Reyes

Judy Reyes

Nurse Carla Espinosa

Ken Jenkins

Ken Jenkins

Dr. Robert "Bob" Kelso

Neil Flynn

Neil Flynn

The Janitor

Sarah Chalke

Sarah Chalke

Dr. Elliot Reid

Josh Randall

Josh Randall


Guest Star

Jeff Griggs

Jeff Griggs


Guest Star

Meredith Roberts

Meredith Roberts


Guest Star

Aloma Wright

Aloma Wright

Nurse Laverne Roberts

Recurring Role

Charles Chun

Charles Chun

Dr. Wen

Recurring Role

Christa Miller-Lawrence

Christa Miller-Lawrence

Jordan Sullivan

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (4)

    • When J.D. is lying on the ground and Elliot is trying to help him up, the paper cups lying around J.D.'s head change position between the shots.

    • Turk and Carla's (and J.D.'s) address is: 56 Walnut Drive.

    • Featured Music:
      "Everybody's Changing" by Keane
      "Kung Fu Fighting" by Carl Douglas
      "Safety Dance" by Men Without Hats (sung by Turk)
      "My Face" by Tart
      "Moving On" by Weekend Excursion

    • J.D.'s comment to Dr. Cox of "Haven't you used that joke like a trillion times before" is true, for most of Dr. Cox's jokes in this episode.
      1. He tells J.D. to go and "pick up a pair of testes".
      2. He tells Kelso to "blow it out your ass".
      3. He tells Turk to "always side with the wife/girlfriend".

  • QUOTES (59)

    • J.D.'s Narration: As for me, I could overcome any obstacle, as long as I had Elliot and her ridiculously strong thighs beneath me.

    • Elliot: Why don't you just move into my place?
      J.D.: Oh, great, then we'll be two losers under one roof.

    • Elliot: J.D., what you said before...I knew you were right. Anyway, I'm sorry I got mad. You were wrong about one thing, though - we are moving forward.
      J.D.: Elliot, I'm thirty years old; I'm single, I'm homeless, and I'm pretty sure I just soiled myself.

    • J.D.: Well, if he freaked you out, why don't you go talk to him?
      Elliot: I don't know! You tell me.
      J.D.: All right, fine, Elliot. You wanna know why? You're just like me. You're scared because you feel like you haven't accomplished anything with your life. But instead of running a triathlon, you're pushing forward with a guy you don't belong with. And you know as well as I do, one of these days he's gonna open up a bottle of white wine for you when you really prefer red, except you never told him that; and you wanna know why? It's because he's not right for you, Elliot. Are you happy now?
      Elliot: You're pretty smart for a guy running in bike shoes.

    • Elliot: This Jake thing is still really bothering me.
      J.D.: Elliot, you know our rules.
      Elliot: Yeah, I've been thinking about that. Who wants to have a superficial friendship? I mean, God, do you remember how close we used to be? Dealing with Dr. Cox, dealing with our screwed-up families, talking about everything? I miss that.
      J.D.: This is working.
      Elliot: Not for me! I wanna be able to tell you that my boyfriend really freaked me out.

    • Turk: This is great. I'm being assisted by a magician.
      Carla: The only way you're gonna get through this is if you believe it's gonna work.
      Turk: Uh-huh.
      (He pinches her on the arm.)
      Carla: OW!
      Turk: That was just a fingernail, honey! How would you like it if I cut out your appendix?!
      Carla: Let's forget for one second that hypnosis is used to lower bleeding, aid recovery, or help patients deal with pain. You are married now. So start believing what I tell you to believe! And DON'T PINCH ME!

    • Elliot: Why don't you just try a higher gear?
      J.D.: It's like pedaling in hummus!

    • J.D.: Talking to you about Jake violates the two most important tenants of our relationship. One: Keep discussion superficial. And Two: No talking while my boys are straddling chrome. That one's new.

    • Kathy: I've been dating this guy for a few weeks, but I just found out that he went on a gay cruise last month.
      Carla: Probably a cheap trick. Marry him, the four of us'll have dinner.
      Kathy: But he also said he might be gay!
      Carla: Dinner!

    • Elliot: Can I talk to you about Jake?
      J.D.: It's a dangerous topic. Talk to Carla.
      Elliot: Yeah, anytime I talk to Carla about a guy, she tells me to marry him so the four of us can go to dinner together.

    • Carla: Turk! Turk, where are you going?
      Turk: Honey, I can't do this. I don't believe in any of this hypnotism crap. I only needed to impress Kelso.
      Carla: Oh, so great, you lied to me.
      Turk: I'm about to ruin my career by plunging a knife into a completely conscious person! But you know what, you're absolutely right - let's focus on the lying.

    • J.D.: Why is everybody wearing wetsuits?
      Doug: This water's like forty-nine degrees, dumb-dumb!

    • Dr. Cox: There's a, uh, triathlon tomorrow. Thing One and Thing Two have been training vigorously for it.
      Doug: We're working on our drafting technique!
      Dr. Cox: If your goal is to repel all women on the planet, then it's definitely working.

    • Elliot: Okay! How about opening up sexually? What's your wildest fantasy?
      Jake: Yeah... it's not happening.
      Elliot: Come on! Sometimes in bed, I feel like I'm the only one screamin'!
      Jake: Elliot, you're quiet as a mouse - all the screaming is in your head.
      Elliot: Yeah, but in there, it's crazy...

    • Dr. Kelso: See, there are numerous skilled surgeons here at Sacred Fart - (laughs) did you see the sign? Though there will be no vandalism here, people!... It was classic!

    • Turk: Dr. Kelso! Do you have any idea who's gonna get those three attending spots next year?
      Dr. Kelso: There are four spots for next year.
      Turk: Three if you're not counting the one going to me!
      Dr. Kelso: I'm gonna stick with four, Turkleton.

    • J.D.: I've done nothing. I mean, I did learn another language, but it was just that one where you put a "b" sound in the middle of every single word - and I was never fluent.
      Turk: That secret language was so lame.
      J.D.: Nobot with the labadabies!

    • J.D.: You know what, I'm not gonna make a big deal out of this. Neither one of us has made any headway with our lists.
      Turk: First of all, don't lump me in with you - 'cause I'm a surgeon, I'm married, I've had sex while playing Frogger, and I'm gonna be a dad - I'm moving through my list.

    • Carla: So then I said, "What if our son wants to take dance class instead of play football with his friends?" and Turk ran off singing "Safety Dance."
      Elliot: Carla, didn't you learn your lesson that time you told him the commissar was in town?
      Carla: Yeah...

    • Carla: Turk! We're gonna have kids soon. We're supposed to be a team! That means you occasionally have to listen to me and believe in my opinion! Like, what if we have a daughter and she wants to get her ears pierced?
      Turk: Irrelevant. We're not having a daughter.
      Carla: Okay. What if we have a son and he wants to take dance class, even though all his friends are playing football?
      Turk: He can dance if he wants to... He can leave his friends behind... "'Cause his friends don't dance, and if they don't dance, then they're no friends of mine!"

    • J.D.: I know! But who cares? I got all the time in the world. I mean, I'm only turning thirty.
      Kid: Thirty?
      Kid #2: No one's thirty.
      J.D.: Where did all these unsupervised children come from?

    • Turk: Dude, look at you! Thirty years old - all growed up!
      J.D.: Oh, really, Turk? Because the Sacred Heart sign I vandalized last night begs to differ!

    • Elliot's Thoughts: Oh God, Carla, please don't tell them I'm working at a free clinic!
      Carla's Thoughts: I sense she doesn't want me to tell them. Women have an unspoken connection men can't even fathom!
      J.D.'s Thoughts: Dude, I know you can't look because Carla's here, but you're missing a crazy Victoria's Secrets commercial.
      Turk's Thoughts: I'm watching Giselle in my spoon right now!

    • Elliot: So first, my fellowship gets canceled because some jackass cures the disease, and now the only job I can get is working at this crappy free clinic for eight bucks an hour. No one's life could be worse than mine!
      (Elliot is revealed to be talking to a double amputee.)

    • Elliot: J.D. and I keep it superficial.
      J.D.: Love the superficial. Dynamite teeth today!
      Elliot: Oh thanks buddy!
      J.D.: Sparkly.
      Elliot: Yeah!

    • J.D's narration: (As he's swimming) Pick an apple, put it in your pocket.

    • J.D.: Oh, you're real. (Looking at Elliot) Although the dolphin custume is a little strange.

    • Turk: Are you ready for your appendectomy, (looks at chart) Mrs. Appendectomy? Now that ain't right!

    • J.D.: (About Todd giving Turk a betrayal-five) You know, I actually saw that coming.

    • Janitor: (Yelling at J.D., who has just fallen down a cliff on his bike, thinking that it was the finish line) I can play with signs too!

    • J.D.: It's a Mexican themed Fiesta on the first anniversary of my 29th birthday, that means I'm turning 30. Donde? 56 Walnut Drive! Cuando? Thank you for asking. Ocho thirty until upside down question mark. Sombreros at the door. (Howls) Rrrrrruuuuuu!!!
      Turk: I'll be there.
      J.D.: Gracias amigo. (To Carla) I borrowed one of your dictionaries.

    • J.D.: Will you tell me what Jake's fantasy was?
      Elliot: Nope.
      J.D.: Did it involve chains?
      Elliot: No.
      J.D.: Whips?
      Elliot: Mm-mm.
      J.D.: Candle wax?
      Elliot: No.
      J.D.: Role-playing?
      Elliot: No.
      J.D.: Lasers?
      Elliot: Mm-mm.
      J.D.: Hamsters?
      Elliot: Negative.
      J.D.: Was he a Mexican apple thief?
      Elliot: If only...

    • J.D.'s narration: A wise man once said the human spirit can overcome any obstacle.
      J.D.: I can't.
      Elliot: Come on!
      J.D.'s narration: That man had obviously never run a triathlon.

    • Dr. Kelso: You know, Perry, it wouldn't hurt you to make some noise around here.
      Dr. Cox: How's this? Blow it out your ass, Bob.

    • Dr. Kelso: She's right, Turkleton. Hell, without anesthesia, you made it halfway through a surgery. I bet you could publish that.
      Dr. Cox: Maybe they'll put it in Almost Magazine.

    • Dr. Cox: We're also getting a good bit of interest from the seismologists at CalTech, who I understand will be able to chart the magnitude of the scream emanating from your hypnosis patient, as well as, of course, the numerous afterscreams that are sure to follow.

    • Dr. Kelso: Turkleton, this is quite the event here at Sacred Fart. I can't help it, it kills me! Yeah, we got visiting doctors, video crews, even that Japanese news anchor who slept with me when I convinced her I was an oil tycoon. If she comes over here, my name is T-Bone!

    • Carla: Oh, you don't know anything about triathlons!
      J.D.: Well, I didn't know anything about cereal inventing, either, Carla. And yet if it wasn't for a certain harshly-worded cease and desist letter, we'd all be eating J.D.'s Bananas & Nuts.

    • J.D.: Carla, at 6:41 tomorrow evening, I turn thirty. I have to find one thing on this list I can do by then.
      Dr. Cox: Maybe you could swing by our parts department and pick up a pair of testes?
      J.D.: Haven't you used that joke like a trillion times?
      Dr. Cox: I'm okay with it.

    • Jake: Uh, I'm not exactly religious, you know, but I-I do think that God watches after my family and...well, my favorite sports teams. Oh, and once in tenth grade, He made Jennifer Martin sleep with me.

    • Dr. Kelso: Well, it's about time. Hell's bells, son, when I say the name Turkleton, people laugh!
      Turk: Maybe because that's not my name.
      Dr. Kelso: Not yet, Turkleton! Not yet.

    • Carla: Elliot, maybe you should be the one to open Jake up? You know like Turk can be a little...immature - you know, like I always have to talk about my feelings over dinner or shut off his iPod during sex.

    • Dr. Cox: Jordan, here's the plan: I'm gonna go ahead and cram an entire evening's worth of drinking into the next five minutes. Now, you just make sure not to engage them. Be particularly aware of the blonde talky one - I've worked with her before - she has no off button.

    • Carla: If money is so tight, why not have Jake move in with you?
      Jordan: Who's Jake?
      Dr. Cox: Jordan! ...No!
      Elliot: He's this guy that I've been going out with for a while, but we're not ready to move in. He's a little closed-off, you know?
      Jordan: Uh, sweetie, are you aware of who I live with?

    • Turk: Okay... I'm gonna go with Dr. Cox on this one.
      Dr. Cox: That's a rookie move, and you hate to see it. You always side with the wife - even if she's got a full-blown case of the crazies.

    • Dr. Cox: Hypnosis is for birthday parties and bad Vegas lounges. Now, you go tell your patient to let you do what you do best: Knock her out, and then start digging around inside of her like a blind man looking for a nickel.

    • Turk: My appendectomy patient wants me to use hypnosis instead of anesthesia.
      Dr. Cox: Lookit, I'd like to throw it in Gwen Stefani tonight instead of Jordan, but that ain't gonna happen either.

    • Mrs. Appendectomy: Look, fifteen percent of all surgical complications are anesthesia-related, so I would like to use hypnosis instead of the traditional anesthesia.
      Turk: Well, I'd like to sleep with Beyoncé instead of my wife tonight, but that ain't happening either, you know what I'm saying!?

    • J.D.: Hey! Remember when we were in college and we made lists of all the stuff we wanted to do by the time we turned thirty?
      Turk: Yeah!
      J.D.: Check it!
      Turk: "Things to do by thirty: Get married. Buy a house. Learn difference between senator and congressman." Dude, you haven't done any of these yet.

    • J.D.: Friday's my birthday! I've already e-vited everyone to a party at our place.
      Carla: Whose place?
      J.D.: Your place. Look, I can't just un-e-vite everyone - I've already got two e-yeses and twenty-four e-maybes. That's a lot of e-sponses.
      Carla: Bambi, I'm gonna put my e-foot up your ass.

    • Elliot: We have a very complicated past.
      J.D.: Yeah, I hurt her, and I'm not proud.
      J.D.'s narration: I'm a little proud.

    • J.D.'s narration: Since I was currently homeless, Turk and Carla were letting me crash here as long as I needed.
      Carla: J.D., you have to get out. This place is tiny! And I'm sick of seeing your man-panties hangin' all over the bathroom.
      J.D.: They're called boxers, Carla.
      Carla: They're satin, J.D.?
      J.D.: With a breathable cotton crotch panel!

    • Turk: How could you have never slept naked on a hammock?
      J.D. I'm afraid of dragonflies.

    • Dr. Cox: Or maybe you could pressure him, get dumped, throw on 50 pounds, start collecting knic-knacks and meet your future know...before the loneliness burns too much!

    • Dr. Cox: Jordan "Godzilla" Sullivan! You stop that, and you stop that now!

    • Elliot: How is it going?
      J.D.: Well, my bike is rusty, I haven't been able to feel my genitals since they first touched the water and the only thing I've had to eat all days is half a jelly fish!

    • J.D.: Doug, I told you to stop pre-tagging patients!
      Doug: It's a slow day in the morgue.. nothing's written in stone!
      J.D.: You wrote a Time of Death!
      Doug: I wrote 1-ish!

    • Jake: Why don't you tell me your wildest fantasy?
      Elliot: OK, fine. You're a mexican apple thief. I run the cider house. I catch you hiding behind the stone mill. You chase me into the tasting room. Oh, if there's a crow in there: fine. If not.. I can live with it. Anyway, we're all alone and you don't speak a word of english, but you teach me more about hard cider than I ever learned from my fermenting exams and our passion is so loud that they can hear it all the way in the distillery (breaths hard) Oh, ha.. I can be such an apple slut!
      Jake: Um.. okay!

    • Todd: Betrayal-five!

  • NOTES (0)


    • J.D.'s competitor number in the triathlon is 2418. This is the last four digits of the phone number for a Scrubs uniform store in California called 'Angel Of Mercy'. It may even be where the wardrobe of Scrubs attain the costumes.

    • Cat in the Hat:
      As Ted and Doug walk by training for the triathlon, Dr. Cox refers them as "Thing One" and "Thing Two".

      Thing One and Thing Two were a pair of mischievous creatures that The Cat in the Hat brought with him. The three of them combined performed tricks for the children of the house but wrecked havoc on the house as well.

    • Frogger:
      Turk says that he has achieved his goal of having sex whilst playing Frogger. Frogger is a computer game developed by Konami in 1981, where the aim is to help a frog cross a river avoiding obstacles such as crocodiles.

    • Carla: Turk! We're gonna have kids soon. We're supposed to be a team! That means you occasionally have to listen to me and believe in my opinion! Like, what if we have a daughter and she wants to get her ears pierced?
      Turk: Irrelevant. We're not having a daughter.
      Carla: Okay. What if we have a son and he wants to take dance class, even though all his friends are playing football?
      Turk: He can dance if he wants to... He can leave his friends behind... "'Cause his friends don't dance, and if they don't dance, then they're no friends of mine!"

      This is a line from the "Safety Dance" by Men Without Hats. See also Featured Music.

    • Giselle Bundchen:
      When Turk says he's watching "Giselle" on the Victoria Secret ad with his spoon, he's referring to Brazilian Supermodel Giselle Bundchen.