Season 5 Episode 3

My Day At The Races

Aired Tuesday 9:30 PM Jan 10, 2006 on NBC

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  • I cried a bit.

    Tears of joy of course, I am so impressed at how good Scrubs is getting, I really hope they continue down this path, because I'm loving this path! JD is about to turn 30 and he realizes that he hasn't done anything on his list on what to do before you turn 30. While Turk is already halfway there, so JD decides to run a triathlon. He definitely comes unprepared. He spends the rest of the episode trying to run the triathlon. Elliot wants her boyfriend, Jake to open up to her and wants him to tell her his biggest fantasy in the bedroom which only creeps her out. By the end, she wishes she hadn't of asked him what his fantasy was. Elliot really shined in this episode, I'm glad they didn't completely throw away the Jake character without any sendoff like they did with Jamie, played by Amy Ryan in season 2. Elliot is sick of having a superficial friendship with JD. She wants to have an actual friendship, and JD helps her realize that Jake isn't the right guy for her. So she ends up breaking up with Jake. JD also has to move out of the apartment, so by the end, to help Elliot with rent, he moves in with her. A lot of possibilities of plots can come from this episode. Turk has to operate on someone who has been put to sleep by hypnosis which turns out to be a huge mistake, when the patient wakes up in the middle of the procedure. Cox was right about it the whole time, and Carla was wrong. I loved how Elliot carried JD to finish the race, that's the part where my eyes were watering at how great their friendship has become, and JD accomplished something! It just made me feel good all over which made this episode fantastic!
  • The first half was funny, the second half was stupid

    After watching the dreadful start to season 5 with the episode "My Intern's Eyes", I chose to give Scrubs one more chance to pick up in quality, and at first it looked like it did but that was a short lived dream. J.D. 30th birthday was comming up and he realised that he hasn't done anything on the list of things he wanted to do before he turned 30, so he picks one of the things on the list, which happens to be finishing a triathlon. Mean while Elliot dates someone she doesn't belong with and Terk operates on a woman that refuses to use drugs.

    This episode started off rather well, it had a strong start which had some very funny jokes which put me to ease because of how bad the last episode I saw was like...however this was short lived for the second half of the episode turned into pathetic attempts at slapstich humor. When J.D. started the triathlon, the whole epispode turned to's ashame that had such a strong start that it wasn't able to hold it's self seems that Scrubs is the newest show on the last of things to go south!
  • JD and Elliot become best buds.

    JD's hitting the big 3 0 and realizes he hasn't done anything on his things-to-do-before-thirty list. So he decides to enter in a triathlon. One thing you learn from this episode is that you should never enter a triathlon unless you wanna kill yourself (and always wear a wetsuit). Elliot wants to become closer with her boyfriend and tells him her fantasy about the Mexican applethief and the cider. Gotta love crazy Elliot. Wonder what his fantasy was. He looked normal but it's something that really freaked Elliot. Turk wants to get the attending spot and goes Kung Fu fighting with The Todd (Betrayal Five!). But the cutest part of the episode was the ending with Elliot carrying JD to the finish line was really cute.
  • "Im watching Gizel in by spoon right now!"

    This is also one of my favorite episodes. In this J.D. works to complete one objective on his list before he turns thirty, which is complete a triathalon. Turk preforms surgery on a patent using hipnosis insted of anestesia. Elliot finds out she isn't right for Jake. "When he opens a bottle of red wine eventhough she perfers white." At the end Turk finds he should trust Carla more. J.D. and Elliot become more than superficial friends and learn to push forward with their lives, when Elliot breaks up with Jake, and J.D. finished the race with 2 minutes to spare, with the help of Elliot, and Elliot and J.D. move in together.
  • My Day at the Races...

    What an episode. Clearly the best episode of series 5 yet. This episode had all the elements an episode needs, humor and emotion.

    Even though the this topic has been brought up so many times i do have to say one thing, in this episode, the road block created for JD and Elliot in 'My Common Enemy' was destroyed. That's a crap methaphor, but you know what i mean.

    Back to the episode. This episode started great, with Turk and Todd fighting loads of surgeons while 'Kung Fu Fighting' by Carl Douglas plays. Then from there, the episode just flowed through. JD joins a triathalon and Elliot trie to open up her boyfriend Jake, by trying to get him to tell her his sexiest fantasy.

    Plus Turk treats a patient with amnesia and needs to form surgery, however it doesn't go according to plan.

    A truley great episode. Series 5 is looking great.

    Featured Music:
    Carl Douglas - Kung Fu Fighting
    Keane - Everybody's Changing
  • A great episode!

    JD wants to accomplish any of his goals in his list, but unfortunately he has not done anything, so he decides to compete in a thriatlon but goes from bad to worse, first of all he goes almost naked into a frozen sea, later he falls over a cliff due to the Janitor that wants revenge due that he and Turk put "Sacred Fart" in the entrance, and finally he falls over in the final stage. Elliot finds out something about her boyfriend Jake that freaks her out and tries to talk to JD to tell her what she needs to hear, but as they have an agreement, he declines. Finally they manage to solve things out and complete the thriatlon. Meanwhile, Turk tries to impress his bosses to get an intern by putting a patient through an hypnosis rather than anestesia. What a good episode!
  • JD moves in with Elliot

    Since Jake didn’t appear and wasn’t mentioned in the first two episodes of the fifth season, I assumed Elliot and he had broken up but the show brought him back for one episode just to break up the relationship, probably to give a sense of closure to fans of the relationship. After what happened with JD and TCW, it is good that it didn’t happen again.

    Anyway, onto the episode, JD turns 30, which brings in a lot of great jokes including the list, the triathlon and Sacred Fart.

    Turk’s hypnosis plot is probably my favourite however, with great lines from Kelso and Cox, the ending being perfect for this entertaining episode.
  • JD struggles with turning 30.

    Scrubs is really going down hill. JD is becoming a pansey. I wish it had more of a serious edge. It was so good in season 1 and 2. Please go back to the original humor. The mix was so good. I understand it is hard to write the same kind of story lines. But the writers could do better.
  • JD is great in this

    Zach Braff really carries this episode. JD's 30th birthday is approaching and he hasn't done anything hes wanted to achieve by the time hes 30.

    It was well written and acted and to see JD and Elliot get along well without it being superfical was fantastic. Although I hope this isn't a path to them getting together again. (I've had enough of that!)

    Also Turk does a surgery with the patient hypnotised instead of under anasthetic. It wasn't the strongest plot to be honest, but it was still pretty good.

    Dr Cox and The Janitor don't have much involvement in this episode. So for that reason its not on the list of my favourite episodes.

  • An odd episode.

    This was a very odd episode; my rating of 8 is average for an episode of Scrubs. The storyline, as usual, was completely carried by Zach Braff, and he really ran away with it, literally and figuratively. Kelso was out of character for the most part, both with the oil tycoon thing and finding the "Sacred Fart" gag comical. Turk's storyling was one of the highlights of the episode, though Carla really dragged it down. For some reason, during certain episodes I really can't stand her character, and this was one of them. Other than that, the ninja gag was cute, and the one scene with Jordan was hilarious and unforgettable. The combination of the good parts and the bad parts of this episode equalled one decent outing by the Scrubs gang.
  • Many jokes don't meet Scrubs high standards! My least favourite of all episodes so far.

    There were of course many excellent jokes, as Scrubs always manages to deliver, but very surprisingly there were also many substandard jokes. The Kung-Fu fighting scene was way too long, and quite a cheapshot like joke. Also the plot was quite unoriginal, with the "List to do before I...." and then picking the most obvious of all items on the list to do. Still all in all, I think much of my disapointment is due to the high expectations I expect from the show, and this really was the first time I didn't enjoy some of the jokes. Compared to other comedies this was still brilliant, but for Scrubs it defintly hit the bottom of the funny barrel.
  • Classic!

    Had me laughing out loud before the opening credits. The Kung Fu Fighting sketch was an absolute riot. Funniest thing I\'ve seen all year.

    And yet it wasn\'t all downhill from there. Captured the perfect blend of absurd humor and genuine character drama that is the reason I watch Scrubs.