Season 5 Episode 22

My Deja Vu My Deja Vu

Aired Tuesday 9:30 PM May 09, 2006 on NBC

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  • Looking back on the past 5 years.

    Flashback episodes aren't really the best thing in my opinion, but Scrubs managed to put a spin on it. Not necessarily flashbacks just repeats of the past, hence the name Deja Vu. Although at times, it did seem like a complete filler because all they were doing were repeating things we've already seen, but hey, that's a flashback episode for ya. Some funny moments here, but of course most of them were repeated so it was just okay. I think the plot that really helped this episode is the only one that helped with development was Elliot & Cox's plot. We rarely see a plot with them together, but when we do it turns out great. A great ending, and it's the first time Cox has opened up to Elliot so it was definitely eventful. Good episode.
  • They relly made the jokes seem really cheap.

    This episode was basically reusing joke, hence the episode title. The idea behind it, actually interested me. But, unfortunately the actual episode was actually medocre. The jokes were used in the wrong places and time. I kind of felt that the writers were trying to cram in as much deja vu jokes as possible, instead of focusing on the other storylines, like Dr. Cox returning to the hospital, after three patients dies on him. I did find the Carla and Turk storyline pretty interesting, where Turk wasn't allowed to do the things Carla did due to her pregnancy. But like i said, the episode was really too focused on the running storylines. Quite disapointing.
  • This wasn't scrub's greatest moment however this episode was very cleverly made.

    This episode replays many scenes we have already viewed in scrubs as JD remembers having done many of these things that occur in the hospital often. The episode wasnt that entertaining to watch as I had already seen most of it however, someone new to scrubs might gain some more enjoyment.
    It was written quite well as a bit of thinking had to go into the plot. I think that it would serve as a good fill episode where JD is able to recap his time at the hospital.

    Not my favourite, but I can never say no to a scrubs episode.
    Clever Thinking
  • Flashback episodes tend to suck; this was clever.

    This episode was interesting. On one hand it was a bit boring that they were re-using old lines, plotlines and jokes. On the other hand it was the best flashback episode I've ever seen.

    I mean, if you're going to waste an episode on old material then why not do it with some style? Comparing it to other shows, say "Friends", it's done much better here. On "Friends" the flashback episodes really felt like "we couldn't bother coming up with much new material, here's some old stuff". In this episode it felt more like a nice trip down memory lane. For one thing there was a lot of new material, for another it had to have taken a lot of effort to weave in old material into the episode, and for another it was done so that it didn't feel old. Those who watch the show, but don't watch the episodes over and over, probably thought a couple of old lines were new. It felt kind of fresh. And most importantly, it felt like they were trying to give us a nice look back at some of the things that have happened, rather than trying to take a short-cut and produce a new episode with little new material.

    I'm not a big fan of flashback episodes, but this is the best one I've seen.
  • Welcome Back Coxer

    I cannot understand how anyone cannot like season 5 of Scrubs because I've been a fan of the show since the beginning and I have to say that it is the best season so far, not just because of terrifically written episodes like My Way Home, My Jiggly Ball and My Lunch but because of episodes like this one that really sums up the humour that Scrubs is all about.

    There is also a real side to the episodes where problems like the one Dr Cox faced in My Lunch can't be solved in just one episode and is a gradual thing to get into.

    JD's deja vu is hilarious and has one of my favourite Janitor plots come back in, except this time it was with a crowbar and softball bat, not a baseball bat (ah, the small differences).

    Overall, this is a terrific episode that I suggest all fans should watch.
  • Revealing episode...

    It was a really revealing episode, JD begins things to be happen over and over again, and to make things even more complicated he tells Janitor and Troy a riddle that drives them crazy, turning out the answer to much simple. Elliot begins to feel that Dr. Cox has lost his usual confidence so she tries to talk with him, but he just keeps joking around and making fun of Elliot, until Cox tells her that he is never going to be her friend, but ends up revealing a truth, and Carla forbids Turk to do anything that she can not in her pregnancy. Really cool, it was a really good episode!
  • Dr. Cox has his first day back. Carla is dealing with her pregnancy and Turk also is dealing with it. JD is having a day fulled with Deja Vu.

    This episode was great. It was one of those episodes were JD took a step back and looked at everything that was happening around him. It was a relaxing episode besides for Dr. Cox coming back and still acting like him usual self. "Barbie" or Elliot confronted him with this, telling him he is the only man that could go through all that pain and come out the other end the same man. After talking about this for part of the episode, he told her he only acted that way to hopefully make people see him as a "bulletproof" man.
  • Remember the previous 4 seasons

    I believe that the second half of season 5 of scrubs and to be certain [eps8 and up] were much better than the slow and cold start of the season. It has also some of the best episodes of the show ever. What I liked about this episode were in the nice way of preparing you for the season finale. I think that it was the last episode in the season when i first see it. The idea also of letting the end of season open by make the last episode [part1]. Make you know that there would be another season [season6]. What i really liked about this episode is that it brings back the memories of the last seasons. It reminds you with the start of scrubs and that scrubs is still scrubs the show that you like.
  • Felt like very much of a filler episode, even if it was intentionally repeating old material it was done in a boring way.

    I do love Scrubs, I think it's a fantastic tv series, but this episode bored me immensly. Even if it was called My deja vu... I felt that the jokes were old and boring, and it felt unmotivated to repeat some of the words.
    The part with the janitor and his friend was so funny the first time around that it felt like they were cheating us by repeating it.
    The whole situation with Dr. Cox and Elliot was incredibly contrived and boring, not funny and not tearjerking, just plain old boring, which is a shame as Dr. Cox is the most fantastic character on television really...
    All in all this felt like a filler episode, and I am now thoroughly looking forward to next weeks episodes when I hope they will do better, being the season's finale and all.
  • Not a flashback, but a lot of repeated jokes...on purpose.

    A mediocre episode today. Not really anything that got me to fall down laughing, like usual...

    The 'Dr. Head" thing was hilarious...but that was about it, the Cox/Elliot storyline was not very good, i just didn't get into it. Same with the Carla/Turk storyline, it just didn't do a thing for me...

    so all and all, not an episode i would consider a classic, or even one i would recommend.
  • One of the best episodes in this season!

    One of the best episodes in this season!

    One of the things about Scrubs is that the episode start somehow and then that idea is going threw the episode and in the end you understand the connection between all that things. That haven't happened, a lot lately on the show but this episode it did and it was done very good.

    I think they did the hall Deja vu thing to show us something about the show. The story between Dr. Cox and Elliot was that Elliot was trying to help Dr. Cox but he just acted, like an a**hole to her. It funny when he does it and he is Dr. Cox but in this episode he was really mean, he could have made her kill herself...

    In the end he admits that he didn't go to the bathroom and he really went away because it was hard for him. But the thing is that he did it because he wanted people to still see him as bullet proof. He wanted to show pepole that he is still the sam Dr. Cox and she ruined it for him by telling everybody she thought he has problems siene he came back.

    So I think they used the Deja vu thing to show us that things are the way they were 5 years ago and threw those years. The pepole are the same pepole, the hospitel is the same hospital and it's still Scrubs. But 5 years did pass and stuff do change, so Dr. Cox, Kelso, Jd, Carla, Turk and ect are still them self, but they did change. And that why in the end when Dr. Cox are laughing about Elliot she laughed at him and it's as hearting as before, Turk still don't like those baby things but he understand he need to compromes too and ect.

    And beside this I think the episode was very funny! It had a lot of hilarious jokes.
  • Dr. Cox is back to work again. J.D. notices common things happening in the hospital. Dr. Cox, has trouble making decisions and Elliot tries to help, but ends up getting hurt by Dr. Cox. In the end, Dr. Cox admits that Elliot was right.

    I thought it was a good episode. Nothing like the past two weeks, but pretty good. It shows a more human side to Dr. Cox, but also reveals a temper by Elliot. The episode was more enjoyable for me because of the vulnerability by Dr. Cox, that he's not back to 100% yet, but rather he's trying to get there. Seeing Elliot get pissed off at him and calling him something more than a jerk.
    J.D. didn't really play a large role in the episode. Some things I liked were the arguments between Carla and Turk, ring of fire, and the Janitor and Troy.
  • They did this one already.. and it was great! A classic approach to the classic jokes!

    This weeks edition to the Scrubs series was absolutely genius. I watched it and was very impressed at how the old jokes that we have all seen before become new and exciting. Throughout this episode there were many references to old jokes such as floating head doctor, and the Janitor's riddle. What surprised me the most is that they used the same camera angles, dialogue, and expression to deliver these same jokes while continuing the storyline we desperately tune in to see every week. Amazing show!