Season 3 Episode 9

My Dirty Secret

Aired Tuesday 9:30 PM Dec 11, 2003 on NBC

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  • Lets talk about sex.

    Well looks like Scrubs finally got around to making an "After School Special" since this episode's concept was how important sex is, and how differently it's perceived by different people. Elliot feels uncomfortable even talking about sex, while Carla tries to help her out. The thing that I didn't like about this episode is how out of place it was regarding the airing and the production order, so much things didn't fall in to place. Like isn't Sean supposed to be in New Zealand? And isn't JD having sex since he's with Danni? This was supposed to be the third episode of the third season, and I as I was finishing up watching this episode, it just left me confused, which isn't good, since you're supposed to focus on the plot, not the unnecessary things. Cox & Jordan seem to be doing nothing but arguing, and they don't know what has been wrong with their relationship, in the end, sex turns out to be a "cure" to their relationship. Carla decides to hold out on Turk before the wedding, Turk isn't really liking the idea. Elliot & Carla get in this huge argument on how no one can make fun of Carla when Carla always makes fun of Elliot. Meanwhile, the janitor tries to bother Turk, since he has ran out of things to bother JD with. A lot of great plots in this episode, and it all ties in with once concept: Sex. An enjoyable watch, not if you're watching the show in chronological order, it brings the rating down just a bit, but still a great episode regardless.
  • Cool episode!

    Elliot admits she has a problem saying 'dirty words' for the human body after accidentally giving a patient an orgasm during a pelvic examination. Carla realizes she may be too assertive for her own good. J.D bears the consequences of giving advice to Dr. Cox about his relationship with Jordan and his son.

    The plots were all very funny and i loved JD trying to nickname Turk "black whale". But only thing that bothered me once again was this Sean. I is there for so long already, but they get rid of cool chracters like Tasty Come Wife after like three episodes.
  • A good episode!

    Elliot is having troubles with herself when everybody finds out that she inflict an orgasm into a woman patient, and also that she is unable to say the private parts of people, Carla offers Turk a romantic idea in order for them to have the ultimate sex on their honeymoon, and in the end Carla discovers that all what people think of her, and she decides to have sex again. Thanks to JD's advice for telling Jordan how he feels, he is force to move in with JD and Turk, and later JD offers himself to take care of the baby in order for them to settle up. Janitor is out of ideas for bothering JD and begins to pick up Turk. What a cool episode, it was really funny!
  • An episode which has a very huge theme around sex.

    First of all, i'm pretty surprised actually that this episode isn't rated '15' here in the UK. This episode is all about sex. From start to finish.

    First of, Elliot gives a patient an orgasim

    Second, Carla teaches Elliot to say the clinical names for a persons "berjingo" e.g penis, vagina etc.

    Third, JD treats a patient who has cancer. JD tells him info about a penis pump, this is actually hilarious.

    Fourth, the cancer patient teaches Turk & JD the true definition of Sex.

    Also when it was shown on channel 4, hardly, nothing even, was cut out. I don't think C4 checked the episode before they aired it, which was kinda of stupid because the show aired before the water shed - 9pm

    Anyway, all in all a very, very, extremley funny episode. One of the funniest. I have to say.
  • Hilarious from start to finish

    From the “Black Whale” nickname to Turk’s indestructibility to Carla finally being able to be teased to Elliot’s orgasmic patient, this episode is guaranteed to make any viewer laugh out loud.

    This episode is a laugh a minute with great scenes such as Carla going nuts at the delivery guy and the Janitor repeating his “hey idiot” routine.

    The plots were all very creative and worked well in the episode as always having a similar “lessons” at the end which is always notable.

    Overall, this episode is certainly one that everyone can enjoy with hilarious daydreams and one-liners from every character.
  • A more adult type episoide with adult words

    i thought this was a good episoide however i have to question ch4 choice showing it before 9pm water shed, i mean i don't find penis and vagina offensive term but i'm gussing some people espically adult with young kids don't want their child knowing such words. Ellote still can't say those words, that was intresting because i didn't get how what her mother did make her uncomfortable with those words.

    When J.D start giving Dr.Cox advice, he should of known better but i liked ending when he offered to baby-sit, i just hope J.D doesn't become Dr.Cox baby sitter. Carla who actually had a good story-line when Ellote told her that no-one was allowed to make fun of her, which caused them to tell carla what they really thought of her, this made her a bit mad.

    The janator was cool with that song he was listening and turk never of said he was untouchable.