Season 3 Episode 9

My Dirty Secret

Aired Tuesday 9:30 PM Dec 11, 2003 on NBC

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  • An episode which has a very huge theme around sex.

    First of all, i'm pretty surprised actually that this episode isn't rated '15' here in the UK. This episode is all about sex. From start to finish.

    First of, Elliot gives a patient an orgasim

    Second, Carla teaches Elliot to say the clinical names for a persons "berjingo" e.g penis, vagina etc.

    Third, JD treats a patient who has cancer. JD tells him info about a penis pump, this is actually hilarious.

    Fourth, the cancer patient teaches Turk & JD the true definition of Sex.

    Also when it was shown on channel 4, hardly, nothing even, was cut out. I don't think C4 checked the episode before they aired it, which was kinda of stupid because the show aired before the water shed - 9pm

    Anyway, all in all a very, very, extremley funny episode. One of the funniest. I have to say.