Season 2 Episode 21

My Drama Queen

Aired Tuesday 9:30 PM Apr 10, 2003 on NBC

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  • Carla's mother dies.

    This episode was pretty good, it wasn't as great as the previous episode but it was still pretty good. This was Jamie's last appearance, which was kind of upsetting considering this is her sendoff episode and they didn't really close her storyline. I would think this show wouldn't have a problem with continuity but in this episode's case, it did. A hilarious JD/Jamie plot when JD realizes the only thing that keeps their relationship alive is drama. So JD eventually has to make up drama to keep the spark ignited, meanwhile Elliot manages to get in the middle of the drama. "Hey Slut." Hilarious scene. When Carla's mom dies, she starts to feel vulnerable so she tries to rush her relationship with Turk. They end up trying to get married the next day but Turk knows it isn't the right thing to do, resolving their plot. JD & Jamie's relationship problem is fixed by the end when JD realizes it's better to be simple, but like I said, it wasn't a proper sendoff of Amy Smart's character considering I enjoyed her stay on Scrubs. The janitor encourages JD to wear shorts, and Cox has to be in charge of a class when he's rude to a class. He doesn't cooperate in the beginning but he gives a good speech by the end. A good episode. Had it's moments, JD's plot overpowered all.
  • I agree with jose100jose

    It was a good episode! I really enjoyed it and i also enjoy the show Scrubs a lot. But this episode just got a few things i have to complain about.

    First off, Jamie is gone all of the sudden, with no good explanation (like they had with Alex in Season 1 or Julie in Season 5 etc.). Also, the Germans were definatly NOT German! Sarah Chalke's German was better than theirs, which is hilarious. The German grammar is incorrect (Germans don't say "Warum so kalt hier?". That's just plain wrong!). And whatever Mister Muellers brother said to him (when he translated JD!) barley even sounded like german and it definatly didn't mean "We got the results for your biopsy". Why wouldn't they get a decent translator??? I mean, if the guys just had a non German sounding accent it wouldn't have been too bad.
  • After Carla's mother passes away she decides she wants to get married right away. J.D. begins to notice that Jamie is a drama queen.

    I love this episode.
    Yes the main story lines are funny and entertaining, as per usual, but what really makes this episode so very lovable, for me personally, is the Shorts Buddies side story line!
    I absolutely love it and it still makes me laugh even after the millionth viewing of it. It's one of those rare episodes where the Janitor is being friends with J.D., not to mention seeing how ridiculous J.D. looks in short shorts.
    All of the Janitors lines in this episode are classic, lines that I will continue to quote for years to come.
    Also Elliot is entertaining in this episode: from her believing that Jamie saying to her "Hey slut" is like Turk saying to J.D. "Hey player", to her and J.D arguing leading to her defence of "NO POP!"
    Scrubs classic :)
  • J.D. and his relationship with Jamie (a.k.a. Tasty Comma Wife) is going well until he discovers that Jamie is somewhat of a "drama queen". They eventually get past the problem. Carla's mom dies and she almost rushes into an early marriage.

    I really enjoy the entire scrubs show, and I agree that this was a largely a good episode; however, I did not like that they did not explain what happened to Amy Smart's charcter Jamie, or "Tasty Comma Wife". At the end of the episode we are lead to believe that J.D. and Jamie got over Jamie's drama queen problem, but then Jamie is never heard from again as far as I know. I bet we would all like to know what happened. I believe it was kind of rude for the writers to just cut her character out like that without an explanation or closure. Other than that, this episode is a great example of both the comedic power of scrubs and its awesome ability to use drama at the same time. I love scrubs, and I hope I didnt seem like too much of a whiner; I just really like Amy Smart too.
  • Fine example

    J.D. carries on with his romance with T.C.W. Jamie, but finds himself at a dead end after realizing she's a drama queen.
    Dr. Kelso makes Dr. Cox give a class on how to approach the patients nicely in order to prevent possible law suits.
    Carla's mother dies and she wants to get married.


    The end of Amy Smart! nooooo....
  • A well written episode!

    JD begins to date Jamie the first couple of times and discovers that she is really hot and very activate, but later they begin to get bored, until Elliot hints that she is a drama queen, JD discovers that the only way to make Jamie to be turn on is to have some drama going on so JD begins to do every thing he can to make some drama, but when he is running out of ideas he tells Jamie lies about he and Elliot returning back, and with that JD decides to break up with Jamie for once and for all... really cool episode...
  • An original plot

    What really bugs me about this episode is that this is the last episode that Jamie, ex-TCW, appears as JD's girlfriend yet they never seem to break up.

    Other than this, the episode is hilarious, especially Dr Cox's way of teching and The Todd's reason for being in the class.

    JD's plot with Jamie was great in that they only clicked when something dramatic was going on and the reasons JD comes up with are hilarious.

    This is the first episode of the series that didn't start the theme music with a joke in the revelation that Carla's mother died.

    Overall, the episode is hilarious and very entertaining.