Season 2 Episode 22

My Dream Job

Aired Tuesday 9:30 PM Apr 17, 2003 on NBC

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  • Dr. Cox finds out that Jordan's baby is his.

    I had great expectations for this finale only t be shot down. I was expecting last season's quality of a finale, but I certainly did not get that. This felt like any other episode of Scrubs. This was an okay finale, but a great episode on it's own. In this episode, Ryan Reynolds guest stars as an old college buddy, Spence. Elliot, Turk, and JD all seem to be bored with their residency jobs now after working at the hospital for two years. So Turk & JD decide to blow off some steam with Spence, and they go out drinking while they're on call, with Spence. Once Cox yells at them for it, they blame Spence. Meanwhile Cox finds out that Jordan's baby is his through Spence after Spence accidentally tells Cox. That was a good tie up in the plot for this season. Cox doesn't think his relationship with Jordan is going to work out, but Jordan continues to follow him around the hospital, and wants to make the relationship work.

    Elliot accidentally stabs Kelso with a needle so throughout the episode, Kelso picks on Elliot. He's very harsh to her, and when Elliot asks for help from Cox, he doesn't listen. JD & Turk's plot seemed anti-climactic and Ryan Reynold's quest appearance seemed unnecessary and a bit out of place. Elliot's plot was good build up for the mini cliffhanger. Cox ends up getting back together with Jordan and as he doubts he will be a good father, he sees Kelso picking on Elliot. So he does what a father should do, he punches out Kelso. Was I the only one jumping for joy when that happened? Ending the episode in a cliffhanger fashion.

    I honestly could say that I would only remember the cliffhanger of this plot, and all the other plots would seem quite forgettable. An okay end to season 2, like I said very anti-climactic. Great episode on it's own though.
  • "Everybody have a good one! I'm going home to see my son. Whoa, excuse me, there, Bobbo."

    Dr Cox punches Dr Kelco, woo hoo. That has to be the best scene of the season, it really has to be.

    Dr Cox also finds out that Jack is his son and him and Jordan have a fight. JD and Terk get a spanking from Dr Cox for drinking while on call and they try to blame Spence who tellsd them that really, after wading through all the bull, it is there own fault. A very heart felt line.

    Elliot accidentally stabs Dr Kelco with a needle ... PRICELESS! So Dr Kelco makes her pay by trying to get her to see that being a doctor really isn't the best job for her.
  • The end of the second year has the residents somewhat bored with the monotony of their jobs, until an old college buddy of J.D. and Turk's turns up

    This was a GREAT episode!!!! The ending was AMAZING and whenever i hear the song, i think of that scene. JD accidentally reveals to Dr. Cox that Jordan's baby is also his. I'm glad that this happend in this Season! I would have given it a 10, but i kinda disliked Spence. I don't know why, he was just kind of a 'annoying' character, one of the characters that annoy you but you don't know why. JD's fantasties were as hilarious as ever. But like i said before, the ending was simply perfect and kinda cliffhanger like and Cox actually said something nice to Elliot.
  • How do you like me now, Kelso? Strong finish to Season 2.

    Okay, so this wasn't amazingly fantastic. I mean, not a whole lot happens other than the plot twist we've been waiting for being opened up to Dr. Cox. And then, by the end, Kelso gets socked in the face, which had be going " this a daydream?" It's a great cliffhanger and there was quite a deal of character development. Could've been much better for a Season Finale, though.
  • Fine example.

    J.D. and Turk's college buddy Spence drops by for a visit and accidentally tells Dr. Cox a secret. Too much partying with successful Spence causes Turk and J.D. to show up late and drunk for work, which Dr. Kelso fully reprehends them for. Elliot's feeling low since she can't measure up to Dr. Kelso's standards, and the Janitor starts another feud – this time over paychecks – with J.D.


    I liked this finale. I'm glad Cox found out about the baby and I think Spence was a pretty cool character, 4 seasons on and he hasn't returned which was disappointing to say the least.
  • Run away! Run away!

    Jd's old college buddy Spence, visiting from out of town, accidently spill Jordan's secret about Jack to Dr. Cox. Jd being partly responsible endures Dr. Cox's wrath , when he's not running away, though Dr. Cox is actually more focused on being a little mad at Jordan or so it seems. We come to find that he isn't really mad at either of them but is more then anything almost certain he is going to be a horrible father. However, Jd manages to actually help him a little in realizing that he isn't gonna make a bad father at all. In fact his experiences and actions workingn in hospital and advising all the little newbies has kind of prepared him for it. But just in case he wasn't prepared enough to rescue Barbie he punches Dr. Kelso right in the face! It's fantastic! I really love this episode so much. Dr. Cox really is a fantastic character and it's nice that they shake him up with great story lines like this.
  • This is the first episode of Scrubs that I ever saw!

    JD and Turk find out that their friend Spence is going to stay for a while in order to hang out, so both of them decide to do all what they can in order to make their friend feel better, but ultimately end up drinking beer and since their jobs imply for them to be totally alerted, Cox tells him that they are suspended, so JD and Turk begin to pick up on Spence because they said is his fault, but later he puts them in doubt that what if they are doing is really what they want to do, later JD reveals that it is because he wants to help people and ends up okay. Meanwhile, Kelso begins to pick up on Elliot because she does not qualifies a doctor standard, and Cox begins to feel he is going to be a terrible father. The most hilarious is Janitor picking up on JD for being pay much more than him, but JD loses his temper and shouts at him. Really funny!
  • Kelso finally gets what\'s coming to him

    This episode is great in that Spencer ruins the secret JD was forced to keep from Dr Cox that Jordan\'s baby was actually his and he makes a terrific guest star, also causing JD and Turk to turn up late for work.

    The final moment of the episode is perfectly done in that Cox finally listens to Elliot\'s problem and punches Kelso in the face, a great way to end the second episode, ending the season in the same hilarious way they started it (by that I mean same amount of laughs).

    A terrific episode that is never low on jokes, My Dream Job is a prime example of the humerous world of Scrubs.
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