Season 4 Episode 24

My Drive By

Aired Tuesday 9:30 PM Apr 26, 2005 on NBC

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  • Ego.

    That was the topic of this episode, when Turk fears he is turning in to Dr. Cox when he has an ego just like him, and Carla & Jordan agree. I'm glad this episode steered away from the marital problems Carla & Turk had and focused one one of them, instead of making it a relationship plot. So Elliot has a new boyfriend, does she now? I hate this character, Jake, ever since his first appearance, so here's hoping he doesn't stick around too long. All of Elliot's boyfriends aren't very likable, lets see, there was Paul and Sean, oh wait, that's it. And this Jake character isn't impressing me much. Elliot doesn't want to rush in to sex with Jake, only to have sex with him at the end of the episode. It was a funny situation, I'll give it that. Did JD have a plot? He seemed as though he was a bit of a side character in this episode making random remarks about things. Although we did see development since he was looking for the apartment. The Kelso and the janitor war was interesting, I think what was the most interesting is how Kelso could be so fascinated by an automatic wheelchair. The janitor pretty much won the battle by the end. This episode was good, I just felt as though they excluded the main character: JD, which is never good. Other than that, a good episode.
  • Best mo' ever!

    Ok I swear i\'ve written this like one hundred times about a hundred different moments but the best moment of television ever and by far the thing that\'s had me rolling around on the ground more than anything on scrubs ever was the line and action \"Page me when you get home\" as performed by the master himself J.D. Zach Braff can seriously pull of playing a woman it\'s so convincing and place perfectly I have never laughed so hard or watched about 7 seconds of television/dvd so repeatedly it\'s just that hilarious.
    Who do i congratulate?????????/
    Anyway this tops my 2 previous funny moments which were j.D playing the wrestler and J.D and Turk\'s anford and son performance both from season 1.
    Phew I luv Scrubs.
  • Great Episode! Cox & Turk showing their humongous egos. Kelso and the janitor fight over a little caddy. JD's more in the background in this episode. Nevertheless: Excellent!

    This season pre-finale episode once again showed why Scrubs is one of the most popular shows currently on TV:

    Dr. Cox is bragging about himself being such a great doctor and telling everyone about his 'feats'. Turk denies that he's become a doctor to satisfy his big ego. Eventually, Dr. Cox proofs him wrong.

    Dr. Kelso is fighting with the janitor over a little car. First Kelso's cruising around the hospital in it. Then, the janitor takes and repaints it and uses it himself. In the end, the little car falls onto Kelso's actual car, and somehow the little car ends up with J.D.

    In this episode, the focus was not so much on JD, which was refreshing and it did not harm any of the humor in the episode. Great work!
  • Cox's ego Vs Turk's attempt at modesty Janitor's Floor buffer Vs Kelso's "car-thingy"

    This is one of the few episodes which doesn't have a JD plot at all though he does have appearances in each storyline and have one scene to himself involving one of the apartments he looked at.

    The episode is definitely entertaining my favourite having to be Dr Cox and Turk's plot as it has the hilarious Jesus H Cox rant and proves that sometimes an ego is a good thing to have (though perhaps Cox overdoes it a little).

    Onto my second favourite: the Janitor and his war against Kelso about, as Kelso calls it, his "car thingy" which has hilarious scenes from start to finish.

    And though Elliot's plot is my third favourite, it is definitely funny, showing just how good the episode is - all plots very comedic. This plot has great jokes as even though Elliot isn't sleeping with Jake, their relationship has (funny) problematic moments.

    This episode is fantastic and I can't wait for the season finale.
  • Kelso vs. Janitor

    This episode is a good example of why I love this series. You think you know what's going to happen and then there's a 180 flip then another and another all the while there's tons of stuff happening in the background.
    This episode centres around Elliot's concerns about moving to fast with Jake, leading to some funny moments (especially in her attempts to avoid "awkward" moments) and Kelso and Janitor's fight over the motorised scooter.
    A good episode and worth a watch.
  • Putting the (Badly-Spelled) Ego into Surgeon

    Putting the (Badly-Spelled) Ego into Surgeon

    The wheel of Scrubs keeps on turning, and fortunately this episode is fantastic. Don’t worry, my faith in the show came back after watching this, but it’s still a shame that it’s become so hit-and-miss. Don’t worry, that’s the last complaint you’ll hear for this review, because this episode was pure hit.

    Strangely, none of the storylines really involved JD, but by far the best was that involving Turk’s battle with modesty. Dr. Cox is hilarious, perhaps the funniest he’s ever been, with his smug self-appreciation (praising an anonymous doctor who turns out to be himself, then getting everyone to chant his name) and smug Turk-depreciation (‘He is so black, so bald, and he can’t eat cupcakes because he’s got diabetes. Ladies and gentlemen, Chris Turk!’) hitting the right notes. Staring vainly at his reflection was great as well.

    Seeing this, Turk vows to be modest after he does his own act of heroism, but when Dr. Cox takes the credit, Turk can’t help himself and boasts that it was him. This furthers Dr. Cox’s happiness, but after the joke falls back on him, when an annoying patient who doesn’t trust Turk refuses surgery, he tells Turk that it’s OK to boast. In his words, ‘Ego is good, you dumbass.’

    It’s a fantastic plotline that really highlights Cox’s still amazing ability to simultaneously be narcissistic and helpful at the same time. His true mentorship may be as good as over with JD, but he can still teach in an effective way that no-one else could.

    Next, onto Elliot, who’s not sleeping with Jake because she doesn’t want to mess up the relationship. Again, this leads to some great moments and even a couple of funny lines from Jake, who still seems very dull (Crap! I said I wouldn’t complain at all, didn’t I?). The reaction to the fact that Elliot can swallow her own fist was brilliant, and the resolution was satisfying, especially with JD awkwardly sitting nearby!

    Finally comes the silliness. Kelso comes across a car-thingy that he rides around the hospital. The Janitor doesn’t like the mess on the floors and gets revenge. It’s all very silly, ending up in the destruction of yet another vehicle, but great fun nonetheless. Other funny bits: the gay landlord (‘Oh, he’s perfect!’), Cox trying out black lingo, and JD pulling off the campest pose ever.

    Given that this is the penultimate episode of the season, it’s strange that there wasn’t much seriousness to it, nor any build-up to the finale. There’s no indication to what might happen in the last episode, which is both a good thing and a bad thing. Without spoiling anything, something interesting is definitely going to happen but I have no clue how or why (If you didn’t understand that, ignore it!).

    A great comedy episode which still had a nice lesson to be learned. 5 out of 5 Wrongway Wally’s.

    Best line: “I’m not one to toot my own horn but…. beep, beep.” ---- Dr. Cox
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