Season 1 Episode 14

My Drug Buddy

Aired Tuesday 9:30 PM Jan 22, 2002 on NBC

Episode Recap

J.D. wakes up next to Alex. They didn't sleep together because Alex wants to take it slow. Turk interrupts them as they need to leave for the hospital.

Mr. Barnes is back in the hospital for the third time this year. Dr. Cox does not believe an addict like him will ever learn, but J.D. believes otherwise. Dr. Kelso sees Carla miss the bus and laughs. However, she sees him and gets a lift to the hospital. Turk want to get to know Dr. Cox as Carla and him have been friends for a long time, so he stares at him in the bathroom. J.D. takes Alex to the on-call room but Elliot interrupts them. She says the nurses are missing some medication. Alex will check on Mr. Barnes if he took it. Before she leaves, she promises they will do something special tonight.

Carla and Dr. Kelso go past a burger stall and she finds that Dr. Kelso has friends and can actually be a fun guy to be with. Turk meets Dr. Kelso in the bathroom again and wants to start a conversation. Everytime they go, they seem to bump into each other. Elliot assumes Mr. Barnes stole the drugs but Alex doesn't think so as he has been in a rehab for over 6 months. She also claims Elliot is just being judgmental. J.D. needs to chose sides but he runs away.

The nurses are upset because they are not allowed to switch shifts anymore, according to Dr. Kelso's orders. Carla tries to defend him and he comes by saying she can switch shifts to see her grandmother on her birthday. The other nurses are not amused. Turk tells Elliot he should stick with the "booty" and pick Alex, so J.D. tells Elliot that they can't jump to conclusions with Mr. Barnes. Elliot isn't surprised, she doesn't like Alex and is afraid she will hurt him. J.D. reckons Elliot is just jealous and had her chance.

The next day, Alex apologizes for falling asleep at her place and they couldn't make their date. Dr. Cox and Turk disagree on a diagnosis. The nurses are mad at Carla but Dr. Kelso comes by and hands her bad paperwork back, so the nurses decide to help her. Dr. Cox and Turk argue in the cafeteria and they realize that Dr. Cox is in love with Carla. Mr. Barnes really didn't take the drugs as the tests reveal, but Elliot doesn't think their argument is about this anymore. Alex is off and they go off. Carla thanks Dr. Kelso for shouting him in front of the other nurses. He explains he did it because the work was really bad and not because he was helping him. Dr. Cox tells Turk he will not mess around with Carla as it's not his kind of game. On the other had, Turk won't tell Carla how Perry feels about her. But the minute Turk screws up with Carla he'll be waiting in line. Turk says he will have to wait for a long time.

While J.D. and Alex make out, she goes to the bathroom. J.D. is looking for a mint in her purse and finds the drugs missing from the hospital. No wonder she passed out last night and couldn't make their date. They talk about her problem and leaves.

J.D. apologizes to Elliot and admits he was just taking Alex's side and that she that it had nothing to do with her being jealous. Elliot asks if he had slept with her and J.D. wants to know why that matters. Elliot was jealous so they kiss and make out on the bed for a long time.