Season 1 Episode 14

My Drug Buddy

Aired Tuesday 9:30 PM Jan 22, 2002 on NBC

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  • JD must make a choice between Alex and Elliot.

    This episode was just a wonderful episode of Scrubs, and it definitely was eventful. A huge stepping stone in JD & Elliot's relationship. JD hasn't had sex with Alex yet, and he's pretty much waiting for it, throughout the whole episode. Meanwhile, when some drugs go missing, Elliot is quick to blame the ex-drug addict patient. Alex defends the patient and calls Elliot judgmental. Then JD is stuck between a rock & a hard place when he has to choose who is right. He chooses Alex, since he is going to sleep with her. Then he ruins his friendship with Elliot when he assumes she's jealous. Hilarious moments include: Every interruption that stopped JD & Alex from having sex. And the janitor betting 20 bucks he wont have sex. Turk & Cox turn out to have the same pee schedules, and start having constant arguments, only to find out it's because Cox has feelings for Carla. Another big twist added along to this episode. It was suspected from the beginning. I thought it was just me. I love the fact that Cox is willing to wait for Carla. Meanwhile, Carla has her own issues to deal with when she befriends Dr. Cox, much to other nurses disapproval. You think they're going to stay friends until Kelso turns on her and splashes mud all over her. Kind of sad to watch for her, but funny too. I guess that's what Carla gets for hiding.

    In the end, another big twist, it turns out Alex was the one who stole the drugs, JD finds out right when they were about to have sex. They eventually break up, but it was nice to see that Elliot was right about her all along. She did end up hurting JD. The biggest twist of all: It turns out Elliot was jealous ending episode in a kiss between JD & Elliot, they soon move it over to the bed, and they end up having sex. That's amazing! This is definitely one of my favorite Scrubs episode by far.
  • My drug buddy

    Very good episode. It is kinda sad that Alex only stayed around for two episodes, since she started to grow on me, but i already predicted that. There isn't that much of a moral lesson in this one (not compared to other episodes, at least) but that isn't that bad. The subplot of Carla and Kelso was really cool as well. Dr Cox was perfect once again. His rants are one of my favorite things in 'Scrubs'. The toilet story with Dr Cox and Turk was very hilarious. I can just stress that i really really enjoyed the main plot as well as the subplots. The ending was amazing. Back the Jelliot were a absoutly wonderful 'couple'!
  • Always a good show

    I am always extrememly happy when a story takes a turn in the way that I want it to go. Its obvious that Elliot would eventually hook up with JD but even knowing this it is fun to see the foreplay from the beginning of the show to it actually happening.
    I was a little disappointed in JD losing the social worker girl... she had the possibility of playing a strong more on the outside character... but at least it didnt tease from the breakup to when JD gets with Elliot... sometimes things should just happen and I'm glad that this one did.
  • JD must choose sides between Alex and Elliot and Turk finds out that Dr. Cox has feelings for Carla.

    This was a pretty good episode, I guess. I was a little distracted because I was on the computer at the time when I was watching it, but still. It could have been a little funnier but I liked one thing - I think that JD is way better off with OUT Alex! I am glad that he eventually got together with Elliot. I also thought it was funny with Dr. Cox - I mean, he seems a lot older than Carla and it was just kind of comical in itself for many different reasons. An above average episode, I think.
  • Alex and Elliot have an arguement over a patient and put JD in situation to choose. JD's relationship with both get rocky and in the ends up going with Elliot, but not before choosing Alex first.

    Fun to watch, typical Cox sarcasm with a new set of laughs. Sometimes you look and wonder why JD can never shut himself up at the worst possible times he could speak? Of course things turn out for the better even though Alex is gone and she was a hottie JD still manages to end his dry spell. On the other end of the spectrum, Dr. Cox and Turk are having disagreements because of Carla and each guy's feelings towards her. In the end, they work out a temporary compromise and end up being pee-buddies. Carla and Dr. Kelso are having their own stint when they start to get along and Carla blows it and ends up getting on his bad side.
  • Another good episode!!

    J.D. wakes up next to Alex. They didn't sleep together because Alex wants to take it slow. Turk interrupts them as they need to leave for the hospital.

    Mr. Barnes is back in the hospital for the third time this year. Dr. Cox does not believe an addict like him will ever learn, but J.D. believes otherwise. Dr. Kelso sees Carla miss the bus and laughs. However, she sees him and gets a lift to the hospital. Turk want to get to know Dr. Cox as Carla and him have been friends for a long time, so he stares at him in the bathroom. J.D. takes Alex to the on-call room but Elliott interrupts them. She says the nurses are missing some medication. Alex will check on Mr. Barnes if he took it. Before she leaves, she promises they will do something special tonight.

    Carla and Dr. Kelso go past a burger stall and she finds that Dr. Kelso has friends and can actually be a fun guy to be with. Turk meets Dr. Kelso in the bathroom again and wants to start a conversation. Everytime they go, they seem to bump into each other. Elliott assumes Mr. Barnes stole the drugs but Alex doesn't think so as he has been in a rehab for over 6 months. She also claims Elliott is just being judgemental. J.D. needs to chose sides but he runs away.

    The nurses are upset because they are not allowed to switch shifts anymore, according to Dr. Kelso's orders. Carla tries to defend him and he comes by saying she can switch shifts to see her grandmother on her birthday. The other nurses are not amused. Turk tells Elliott he should stick with the "booty" and pick Alex, so J.D. tells Elliott that they can't jump to conclusions with Mr. Barnes. Elliott isn't surprised, she doesn't like Alex and is afraid she will hurt him. J.D. reckons Elliott is just jealous and had her chance.

    The next day, Alex apologizes for falling asleep at her place and they couldn't make their date. Dr. Cox and Turk disagree on a diagnosis. The nurses are mad at Carla but Dr. Kelso comes by and hands her bad paperwork back, so the nurses decide to help her. Dr. Cox and Turk argue in the cafeteria and they realize that Dr. Cox is in love with Carla. Mr. Barnes really didn't take the drugs as the tests reveal, but Elliott doesn't think their arguement is about this anymore. Alex is off and they go off. Carla thanks Dr. Kelso for shouting him in front of the other nurses. He explains he did it because the work was really bad and not because he was helping him. Dr. Cox tells Turk he will not mess around with Carla as it's not his kind of game. On the other had, Turk won't tell Carla how Perry feels about her. But the minute Turk screws up with Carla he'll be waiting in line. Turk says he will have to wait for a long time.

    While J.D. and Alex make out, she goes to the bathroom. J.D. is looking for a mint in her purse and finds the drugs missing from the hospital. No wonder she passed out last night and couldn't make their date. They talk about her problem and leaves.

    J.D. apologizes to Elliott and admits he was just taking Alex's side and that she that it had nothing to do with her being jealous. Elliott asks if he had slept with her and J.D. wants to know why that matters. Elliott was jealous so they kiss and make out on the bed for a long time.
  • Another great Scrubs twist

    There are millions of great scenes in this episode from Turk and Dr Cox being Pee Buddies, to Dr Kelso reverting back to his mean self, splashing mud over Carla to JD's belief that Elliot must be jealous and pretty much destroying the friendship by saying "You had your chance with me", another great JD quote that never seems to come out right.

    The twist at the end that Alex was in fact the one taking the drugs and the revelation that Elliot was jealous was a terrific ending to a very well plotted episode.

    The Janitor betting that JD would never sleep with Alex was a hilarious scene and was a great addition to this hilarious episode.
  • All time favourite

    Yes this is my favourite Scrubs episode of all time!!! Big call because there are so many special ones, but this episode had it all.

    - Dr Cox and Turk were "Pee pals" - much to their annoyance.

    - Carla gets rides with Kelso and starts to get along with him, while at the same time alienating herself from the rest of the nursing staff.

    - and JD and Alex are all set up to do "it" for the first time only for JD to find out something shocking about Alex at the worst possible time.

    To top it all off JD gets together with Elliot at the end.

    When watching a sitcom the only thing I usually do is laugh. But while I watched this I went through a series of emotions, and the joy of watching JD and Elliot get together was the icing on the cake!
  • great ending!!

    I dont want to spoil it for anybody who ahsnt seen it...but...I loved it!!! It was the best ending i could ever imagine! Zach Braff is hot-hot-hot, so anytime he is pashing somebody is just excellent! But i just couldnt believe the ending. I mean i never wanted Alex and JD together. I always wanted Elliot and JD. So I guess my wish came true!

    I also think that in a lot of episodes Dr Cox can be reeeeaaaaaaaaaallllllllllyyyyyyyy hot!!!

    Best ending to a show i have ever seen!
  • Addictive Television.

    This the episode that got me hooked on Scrubs, and is truly the series at it's finest: Funny, heart-breaking, and ultimately uplifting. The elements that make Scrubs an excellent series are all evident in "My Drug Buddy", the episode that got me hooked as a viewer for the long run, and is a must see for all fans of the series. Other episodes in the same vein such as "My Old Lady" and "My Nickname" I felt beat the viewer over the head with their messages, but "My Drug Buddy" is effective in it's subtly and recommended viewing, more so now that it's available on DVD.