Season 1 Episode 14

My Drug Buddy

Aired Tuesday 9:30 PM Jan 22, 2002 on NBC

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  • JD must make a choice between Alex and Elliot.

    This episode was just a wonderful episode of Scrubs, and it definitely was eventful. A huge stepping stone in JD & Elliot's relationship. JD hasn't had sex with Alex yet, and he's pretty much waiting for it, throughout the whole episode. Meanwhile, when some drugs go missing, Elliot is quick to blame the ex-drug addict patient. Alex defends the patient and calls Elliot judgmental. Then JD is stuck between a rock & a hard place when he has to choose who is right. He chooses Alex, since he is going to sleep with her. Then he ruins his friendship with Elliot when he assumes she's jealous. Hilarious moments include: Every interruption that stopped JD & Alex from having sex. And the janitor betting 20 bucks he wont have sex. Turk & Cox turn out to have the same pee schedules, and start having constant arguments, only to find out it's because Cox has feelings for Carla. Another big twist added along to this episode. It was suspected from the beginning. I thought it was just me. I love the fact that Cox is willing to wait for Carla. Meanwhile, Carla has her own issues to deal with when she befriends Dr. Cox, much to other nurses disapproval. You think they're going to stay friends until Kelso turns on her and splashes mud all over her. Kind of sad to watch for her, but funny too. I guess that's what Carla gets for hiding.

    In the end, another big twist, it turns out Alex was the one who stole the drugs, JD finds out right when they were about to have sex. They eventually break up, but it was nice to see that Elliot was right about her all along. She did end up hurting JD. The biggest twist of all: It turns out Elliot was jealous ending episode in a kiss between JD & Elliot, they soon move it over to the bed, and they end up having sex. That's amazing! This is definitely one of my favorite Scrubs episode by far.