Season 1 Episode 14

My Drug Buddy

Aired Tuesday 9:30 PM Jan 22, 2002 on NBC



  • Quotes

    • Turk: Hey.
      Dr. Cox: Oh for the love of Oprah, why, why would come to pediatrics?
      Turk: 'Cause I can't go unless you're around. You're my little pee-buddy. Haha!
      Dr. Cox: What do you say we cut to the chase? You're dating Carla, the one person in this hospital I can remotely stand and she wants us to get all kissy-faced with each other, I get it, I do. But you see, every single time I shake my Magic Eight Ball and ask it, "Are we gonna be best friends forever?" do you know what it says?
      Turk: No.
      Dr. Cox: Outlook is ba-leak.
      Turk: But Doctor Cox, you really can't trust those things. I mean when I was nine I asked mine if I should crack it open and drink the fluid inside. I puked blue for like three days. Haha!
      Dr. Cox: Just a real cute story, here's what you're gonna do. Go back to Carla and don't obsess about why she's with you in the first place, just tell her we went to a ball game and we borrowed each others sweaters, mmkay little buddy?