Season 7 Episode 9

My Dumb Luck

Aired Tuesday 9:30 PM Apr 24, 2008 on NBC

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  • Hmmm, quite disapointing. SPOILERS!

    I'm not sure if it's because i've watched Scrubs for so long or what, but i've been disappointed in season 7 in general. People say 707 was a bad episode, but i think this is.

    First of all, a quick rant about the overall quality of this series. Now, i absolutley loved the first 2 episodes of this season, they were hilarious and a nice dose of drama, but now its just getting silly. It's kinda like the creators don't know where they want the show to head. I mean seriously: pretty much every episode this season has been about JD growing up, it's like they totally forgot that JD still has feelings for Elliot from My Cold Shower based on how they are going on it (i know Bill has said this season wont be about JD & Elliot, but at least make it believable), speeking of which, what has happened to Elliot? Ever since she wore that lab coat and started dating Keith she turned into a cocky **** I thought that may change once she broke up w/ Keith but obviously not, oh and this is stupid of me but can she straighten her hair again, The Janitor has just gotten silly (hearing bells, thinking he has magical powers, etc.), and what is with just one fantasy an episode (and it's always long and drags out, what happened to the early, quick, fast pace, fantasy's)

    Now on to this episode, sorry about that.

    When i first saw Kelso talking Boone on the bench, i did think we were gonna get a cool kinda of flash back sequence going on (not flashbacks from the show i.e. a clip show, but like from his first time at the hospital for example), but no we had to hear him just ramble until the end of the episode.

    Then (like i said in my rant) The Janitor was just silly and un-funny i.e. i have magical powers. And JD and Turk were just... meh, uncute.

    And i'm not convinced why Elliot would help Kelso after 3 years of torturing, and season 6 when he wouldn't talk to her. They could at least acknowledge it any how, they could've had something like, "i spent almost 6 years of him being a jerk, but its made me who i am today" something sh*t like that.

    Now, don't get me wrong i loved the final 3 minutes, with the twist and Kelso will be missed, but overall, it's upsetting to know that this is the sort of episode that Kelso had to leave in.

    Come on, shape up guys.
  • 709

    Well looks like it's Goodbye Kelso from here on forward. Elliot & Carla try to save Kelso's job, by trying to start a petition, meanwhile Kelso reminisces his career with an intern, throughout the episode, knowing his job is doomed. Honestly, I can't tell "the quality" change everyone is talking about, there are some minor changes that I could do without but regardless, Scrubs continues to manage to bring great things to the table. That was the case for this episode. Meanwhile Cox is having trouble diagnosing a patient, and Turk & JD end up getting the answer just bout of luck.

    The plot was very clever, just like the past episodes have been so far, they find out the diagnosis because they left the patient's urine out in the sun which turned it purple, which gave us the answer. Which pushed Dr. Cox to back up Kelso. In the end, when Kelso gets his job back, he quits. The plot kind of seemed pointless but it was still really good, and just was Classic Kelso. Great episode, with a great ending.
  • This episode is pinyata

    J.D. and Turk move patients from the remodeled geriatric wing and some escape, wandering aimlessly around Sacred Heart. Carla and Elliot try to get staff support for Dr. Kelso but no one is willing to speak out. Mr. McRae, a patient of Dr Cox's for the past two years, is back with his mystery illness. J.D. and Turk tell Ted that Kelso is being forced out and in celebration of his impending freedom from his boss, Ted runs naked from the hospital and gets knocked over by Janitor's van.
    Kelso takes a quiet moment outside by the wall of remembrance with student nurse Boon, while Elliot and Carla stitch up Ted's tongue. Elliot and Carla can't figure out why no one will support Kelso when deep down they know everyone loves him. Ted tries to argue to the contrary, but he can't speak. Jordan suggests Carla and Elliot confront the Board at the meeting that evening. Janitor also offers his help, as he can control people's minds with magic.
    J.D. and Turk extend an olive branch to Cox after earlier trying to bait him about his lack of diagnosis. He gives them Mr. McRae's sample that needs to be taken to the lab for tests. Kelso still has Boon trapped outside listening to his rambling memoirs of forty years of medicine, while pensioners meander unattended around the hospital grounds. Elloit and Carla ask Cox to help them confront the Board, but Cox admits he can't wait to get rid of Kelso. Cox then asks J.D. and Turk about the sample they delivered for him to the lab. J.D. and Turk realize they've misplaced it and retrace their steps until they locate it sitting on a ledge in the sunlight. Remarkably, it has turned purple.
    J.D. Googles "purple pee" and learns it's a symptom of a rare genetic disorder, of which Mr. McRae has all the listed symptoms. They've solved the two-year riddle. Back in the cafeteria, Elliot and Carla again confront Cox but he isn't interested in helping. When J.D. and Turk tell him of their discovery, he can't believe they found the answer to the mystery illness.
    Jordan says there's no way anyone will be able to sway Cox but J.D. has an idea. He tells Cox about leaving the sample in the sun and finding the answer on Google. Cox still won't budge on the vote for Kelso through, who is still telling stories outside. Cox and J.D. tell Mr. McRae they know the name of his condition, but there is no cure. He seems happy just to know the name of it and Cox has an epiphany: It's better the enemy you know...
    Carla, Elliot, Turk, Janitor and Jordan wait outside the boardroom when J.D. arrives with Cox and a group of doctors to show their support for Kelso. The Board asks Dr. Kelso to stay on in front of everyone but now having thoughts about it, and things being on his terms again, Kelso quits and walks out. The staff wonder aloud if he ever cared about the hospital. Boon assures them he did.
  • Chief of Medicine, Bob Kelso, is 65 and gunning for forced retirement.

    With the up and down season of Scrubs, great episodes like My Manhood, and stinkers like My Bad Too, this one ranks somewhere in the middle, and is a funny installment of season 7, despite the fact that it isn't as entertaining as usual.

    Scrubs usually has a way of balancing drama and comedy perfectly, where you can laugh and feel emotion almost simultaneously, but this episode seemed to focus too much on the drama, and even a few of the jokes failed to make me laugh, but it was good nonetheless.

    I think Kelso's plot could have been handled much better, since Boone is a boring character and Doug would have been a much funnier person for Kelso to talk to and insult at the same time (like when recalling his first kill, and all the others, Doug could compare how many have fallen at the hands of him, and how Doug killed more people in 7 years than Kelso did in 40, or Doug being late for his shift didn't matter since all his patients are dead already). The ending was very well done however, though I think it would have been funnier had Kelso sincerely thanked Ted, but then given another insult to balance it out, and I would have liked Cox to tell Kelso to blow it out his ass one last time. I also would have liked to have Kelso point out that he did like being evil occasionally because it was fun, since its clear he enjoyed torturing Elliot and fighting with Cox, and insulting Ted, Doug, JD and every other intern in the past, but the plot ended well and was a good sendoff for Kelso.

    JD and Turk inadvertantly helping Cox was funny, and lended itself to quite a few good moments, as well as a few dull ones, and the narration dumbing down the connection was pointless, and unnecessary, but regardless, the episode was good, but certainly not as entertaining as several other dramatic episodes.
  • Sacred Heart is going through some changes

    The Board is forcing Dr. Kelso to retire because of his age. Carla & Elliot feel guilty and decide to help him out by getting everyone in the hospital to speak to the Board on his behalf.
    Meanwhile J.D. and Turk diagnose a patient that stumps Dr. Cox (although the only reason they know is that they left the urine sample out in the sun).
    While everyone else is occupied Kelso bonds with one of the interns and tells stories about Sacred Heart...he truly did love the place. In the end everything makes sense: JD comes clean to Dr. Cox, and Kelso gets to leave on his own terms.
    Surprisingly I'm sad that Kelso's gone, who else will have two thumbs and not give a crap? And who else will get the muffins for life?
  • Whilst kelso's job is on the line Elliot and Carla rally to try and save his job

    I was happy with the way this episode was written although i believe it could have ended more emotionally.

    Although i'm all for not making Kelso and Cox best pals i believe Cox could have showed that he really does like Kelso more then just the "better having an enemy you know then one you don't".

    I loved that Kelso did in fact get to leave on his own terms and could imagine that he would be happy with that but i don't see how people think that this episode was quite sad.

    Although i feel it is sad that Kelso is gone i found myself happy for Kelso being able to leave on his own terms and feel Kelso's character was becoming a little "sad" to watch anyway.

    A good comeback episode from My Bad Too and My Manhood (an average episode) with a fairly good plotline as they easily could have gone down the rally to save his job and fail path.
  • The Sacred Heart staff pull together to try and save Bob Kelso's job and Turk and JD help a frustrated Cox who can't diagnose a patient.

    With the series I assume coming to a close, there are going to be these episodes that make your throat swell a little because you know the end is near. Dr. Kelso's career is in jeopardy because Eliot revealed his true age (65). Eliot feeling bad, decides to try and find people to go fight for Kelso's good name and save his job. There are no takers, except of course for Carla and The Janitor. During all of this time, Kelso is sitting with a new med student, Boone, and tells him all about his time at Sacred Heart. He really loved the place, the people and the job! The hospital staff comes together to save his job and it is saved, but Kelso decides to quit anyways. I never thought I would be sad to see Bob Kelso go. Turk and JD help Dr. Cox out with a patient who has been to Cox twice before and was not able to determine anything wrong, by accidentally leaving this patient's urine out in the sun, turning it purple and it is revealed the patient has an incurable disease. The patient was happy to at least have piece of mind and finally know what was wrong. I will miss this show if it goes off the air. If it goes to ABC I will be sure to follow it there for season 8!
  • Elliot and Carla try to save Dr Kelso"s job, in a sideplot J.D. and Turk try to diagnosis Dr Cox"s patient before he does.

    A very good episode but it sucks that Ken Jenkins ( A K A Dr Kelso ) retires. But besides that it is still a very funny episode. One thing I hope doesn"t happen is if ABC picks up the show without characters like Kelso or Nurse Roberts even though she has a new character credited as simply Nurse Shirley. But if Dr Kelso would still appear in episodes that would be cool but not as cool if he still was Chief of Medicine. But overall I say this episode is pretty good so I give this episode a score of 7.5.