Season 7 Episode 9

My Dumb Luck

Aired Tuesday 9:30 PM Apr 24, 2008 on NBC

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  • Chief of Medicine, Bob Kelso, is 65 and gunning for forced retirement.

    With the up and down season of Scrubs, great episodes like My Manhood, and stinkers like My Bad Too, this one ranks somewhere in the middle, and is a funny installment of season 7, despite the fact that it isn't as entertaining as usual.

    Scrubs usually has a way of balancing drama and comedy perfectly, where you can laugh and feel emotion almost simultaneously, but this episode seemed to focus too much on the drama, and even a few of the jokes failed to make me laugh, but it was good nonetheless.

    I think Kelso's plot could have been handled much better, since Boone is a boring character and Doug would have been a much funnier person for Kelso to talk to and insult at the same time (like when recalling his first kill, and all the others, Doug could compare how many have fallen at the hands of him, and how Doug killed more people in 7 years than Kelso did in 40, or Doug being late for his shift didn't matter since all his patients are dead already). The ending was very well done however, though I think it would have been funnier had Kelso sincerely thanked Ted, but then given another insult to balance it out, and I would have liked Cox to tell Kelso to blow it out his ass one last time. I also would have liked to have Kelso point out that he did like being evil occasionally because it was fun, since its clear he enjoyed torturing Elliot and fighting with Cox, and insulting Ted, Doug, JD and every other intern in the past, but the plot ended well and was a good sendoff for Kelso.

    JD and Turk inadvertantly helping Cox was funny, and lended itself to quite a few good moments, as well as a few dull ones, and the narration dumbing down the connection was pointless, and unnecessary, but regardless, the episode was good, but certainly not as entertaining as several other dramatic episodes.
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