Season 5 Episode 15

My Extra Mile

Aired Tuesday 9:30 PM Mar 21, 2006 on NBC

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  • Going that extra 5280 ft...

    An okay run of the mill episode. It was good development with a good lesson to be learned. Sometimes it's worth going that extra mile for a patient. This whole Turk & Carla trying to conceive is getting kind of boring since all they do is do the same thing over and over again, and then they just complain when nothing happens, so I I'm just getting tired of all this baby talk. Some development since Turk gets promoted, which is probably good if they're planning to have a baby. Cox tries to prove to JD that he doesn't have to go the extra mile, but it's Cox who learns the lesson in the end when he ends up going the extra mile in the end. I liked the Carla and Janitor interaction, that's always nice to watch. Elliot is hardly shown and doesn't have a main plot. JD shaves his head for a patient, hence, going the extra mile. So to sum it up, not A LOT happened, just okay, entertaining.
  • The season is finally picking up speed.

    Well after (in my opinion) a chunk of relativly weak episodes, i honestly thought the series was doomed and was worried that they wouldn't be re-newed next year. This would've been a shame because this is definately the worst season but the first 4 series were simply classics.

    This episode (although wasn't the best) was certainly past your average episode in my mind and delivered some fresh storylines and great character development, especially from the likes of JD. Is was ideal to see how much he's willing to go for his patients, which shows how much he's learnt in 5 years. This shows reality, which is what i like most about Scrubs.

    The plots of the episode are simple but clever. JD and Turk basically learn how to go the "extra mile" for their patients. Basically they're taking more interest in their patients. Turk needs to especially, as he's out to make sure he has a job next year. In other news, Carla looses one of her patients and Elliot showers her new boyfriend Keith with stupid presents.

    In the end, it was nice to see JD go the very long "extra mile" by shaving his head for a cancer patient, this actually encourages Dr. Cox to go the "extra mile". And of course, Turk keeps his job next year, due to his excellent bedside manner. So like i said, this episode has great character development.
  • JD shaves his head!

    Going the extra mile is a very important theme of this episode, and shows that the tables have turned (or just slightly, temporarily tipped) as Cox follows JD’s advice to go the extra mile when JD shaves his head for his leukaemia patient after an interesting hair obsessed date.

    Mr Prick was a very amusing addition to the episode as was the rest of Turk’s plot of sucking up to Kelso and great Todd moments are involved including a pager/garage door opener confusion.

    Carla losing her patient wasn’t quite as good but the Janitor was very funny in it.

    Overall, this episode is very well plotted and shows how dedicated doctors at Sacred Heart are to finding, helping and cheering up patients.
  • The Extra Cool Episode!!!!!!!

    J.D. urges Cox and his fellow doctors to do special, unconventional things for their patients, but J.D. himself is not sure he can shave his head for a woman undergoing chemo after meeting a woman who loves his hair. Turk and Carla attempt to eliminate all the stress in their lives to better their chances of conceiving, but Turk has to compete for a surgical resident spot and Carla loses Dr. Kelso's VIP patient. Elliot can't stop giving new boyfriend Keith stupid gifts.
    This episode is really cool and I like it really, really much and I think that this episode is the coolest episode I have seen so far and I think that this episode is really cool, and I personally like the part when Carla and the janitor were searching for Mr. Summer and later when Carla finally find Mr. Summer smoking in the roof, and the part when the Janitor talks about a dead person's head and about the hawk and I also like the part when JD finally beats up Cox for something at least once in his life, and Cox finally learns that being a doctor just doesn't means to cure patients, but also to tried and get along with them and make them feel a lot better.
  • A classic episode of a great series.

    Yet another solid episode from one of the best comedies on air!

    Turk and Carla discover that too much stress may be contributing to their inability to conceive, so they decide to start living "stress free". Of course, this coincides with one of their most stress-filled days ever, as Turk discovers that he might not have a job next year and Carla loses an important patient. There's some great scenes teaming the Janitor with Carla, which we haven't seen before, including a great running gag about the Janitor wearing armor.

    What made this episode stand out for me, however, was JD's storyline, where he tried to go the "extra mile" with patients. Over the years I've loved seeing these guys go from inept interns to confident doctors, and this episode definitely highlighted that. JD, who used to follow Dr. Cox blindly, is now the one dispensing advice, and strangely enough Dr. Cox swallows his pride and actually follows it! These characters have come full circle, which is just so satisfying to see as a viewer.

    Definitely a must-see.
  • Could’ve done without the creepy hair-fetishist but another solid episode. The win streak continues...

    The highlights:
    • Keith’s mouth harp
    • “She was skinless!”
    • Kelso’s sucker pen
    • JD’s “casual side switch”
    • Mr. Prick, the friendly hypodermic needle
    • “Pause for effect…pause for effect”
    • “Kelly Ripa!”
    • The Janitor’s Head story (“A Hawk!”)
    • “The aliens are here…and they’re wearing track suits.”

    Cox-ism of the Week:
    “Listen newbie…you’re not a completely terribly horrible incompetent doctor. And while I would never let any of my blood relatives be your patient, if it was someone I knew, an acquaintance.. I might be ok with you treating them.

    I'm loving this season. Just loving it.
  • Turk realizes the importance of doing more than is expected, and JD sees how far he is willing to go himself. Cox learns something from JD, and Carla and the janitor team up.

    This was a solid episode because all the pieces fit together very well. The writing was good, the acting was spot on, and everyone played just the right part in keeping the storyline going. Very "Scrubsy."

    A lot of the loose ends that were there in the previous episodes aren't there anymore by this one. Keith's relationship with Elliot isn't out of the blue anymore, and neither is JD's hatred for him. It'll be interesting to see what road the writers take the characters down next.
  • Why is it we can get so much great medical advice (e.g., wash your hands or you can kill someone) from a comedy? I love the comic way in which Elliot mixes goofiness and competence.

    Rumor hath it that \'Scrubs\' may be scrubbed after this season. Such is the fate of many really smart shows, with excellent writing. This episode was not one of their best, but it does reveal the problems in relationships in a manner I find both comic and incisive.

    As a thrice married woman, I find intimate relationships terribly daunting. It\'s nice to see a show that treats those problems with humor and shows them overcoming many of them. Even if, with the good looking (now) research head, you have to get divorced to save the relationship.

    Long may Scrubs last. bring in new writers if you need to to keep it fresh. But keep it on the air.
  • The Heart is back in Sacred Heart. A great easy to watch episode that truely harks back to the early days of the series.

    This was simply a great episode that reminded me why I liked this series in the first place.

    Mostly begining this season, the show had kind of skewed way off into obscurity and a form that wasn't recognizable as Scubs anymore. They had taken some of the funnier quirks about the show and tried to blow them up into the entire show. But those quirks were great AS QUIRKS. They lose their value when they take over.

    This episode brought the Heart back to Sacred Heart. Moral fiber is tested, the doctors struggle, people grow emotionally, and in the end everyone learns a little something.
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