Season 4 Episode 23

My Faith in Humanity

Aired Tuesday 9:30 PM Apr 19, 2005 on NBC

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  • The first disappointing episode of season four.

    Did anything really happen in this episode? I would have to say this was the most forgettable episode I have ever seen of Scrubs. A guy Jake comes to Sacred Heart, convinces a woman to die, almost gets sued, gets asked out by Elliot and leaves? Jake was by far the most two dimensional character I have ever seen, just a fill in character to adjust the plot. Not to mention this episode was incredibly cliche. The janitor's plot was completely unrealistic and not funny, him just chasing rats? Turk & Carla going to counseling wasn't very settling since their problems should have been resolved already, why are they going to not entertaining counseling? The only memorable funny quote was Elliot's "dead mom" joke, other than that, this episode was pretty much dead, and it didn't even do a good job of getting it's point across like it usually does.
  • J.D tries to helps a guy named Jake, when his elderly neighbor's brother threatens to sue him. Elliot, with the aid of Dr Cox, tries to catch Jake's eye. Elsewhere Turk and Carla have trouble at marriage counseling when Turk won't open up.

    One of my favorite episodes! All the story lines are hilarious with some very memorable quotes.
    Loved the somewhat bond between Dr Cox and Elliot and how J.D constantly tried to prove to Jake he wasn't an idiot and his efforts in covering up that he has no idea where New Zealand is!
    A Really great episode!
  • Turner and Hooch!

    While all of the plots in this episode are entertaining, my favourite would probably be Elliot and Dr Cox’s advice to her at getting Jake, which he made purely to embarrass her and the new character in question was also involved in the other plot where he is being sued for listening to his old neighbour’s problem and decision.

    JD’s plot of being hated by Jake for convincing him to listen to the woman was also great and had very funny shots at JD’s knowledge of geography, briefly mentioning the country I live in, Australia.

    Turk’s plot of therapy wasn’t given much time but also had great jokes such as the nipple pinching and punching JD whenever he said “goodbye”.

    Overall, the episode is certainly not the best of season 4 but is not the worst either.
  • My Faith in Hilarity (aka My Loss of Faith)

    My Faith in Hilarity (aka My Loss of Faith)

    We’re heading towards the end of the season, which makes it a shame that this is such a poor episode. Jokes that fall flat, an initially appealing but eventually unsatisfying central storyline, and a mind-numbingly dull guest star make a bad impression. Only a few great lines and the reappearance of Hooch save this episode from one-stardom.

    When Jake, a guy who is so boring I can’t think of any adjectives to describe him apart from boring, brings his elderly neighbour whom he hardly knows into the hospital, he ends up convincing her it’s time to die. He subsequently gets sued, leading JD to question his faith in humanity. It could have been a great plot, if only more visible examples of nasty people had been given than the list of jackasses that Kelso gives (admittedly a high-point of the episode). The resolution, where Jake doesn’t run away from his problem despite the fact that he easily could have, is disappointing and could have been much improved. The whole thing is only improved by some great jokes involving Ted (‘I don’t get real cards until I win a case.’)

    Tied into this is Elliot trying to get a date with Jake, and enlisting Dr. Cox to help her. This works better, allowing Cox some great lines (see below for the best) and showing his not-always-visible nice side. It was a nice moment where Cox said he wanted Elliot to finally be happy for a change, and she does deserve it.

    Finally, Turk is having trouble with the couples therapy he and Carla have started. He doesn’t want to do it because he thinks it’s a stupid idea. After a few words from JD, and the ‘surprising’ return of Jake, he realizes he shouldn’t back down and starts to show interest. Again, another humdrum plotline, but highlighted by the reappearance of Hooch with his medicine-solving buddy Turner, the funniest running gag since the last one involving Hooch. Again, I say, more Hooch dammit!

    Elsewhere, the episode was not up to its usual comedy standards, such as a direly unfunny ‘Your mom’s dead’ joke and an extremely cheesy ending. Fortunately, there’s a few good bits, such as Turk crying after sex, and the Tod asking for ‘suction’ before the patient has even arrived.

    In this episode, JD questioned his faith in humanity but by the end he was emotionally satisfied. I questioned my faith in this show. Sadly, I’m still waiting for my satisfaction. However, given how this particular season has been more up-and-down than other, Scrubs may be riding on a high come next week. 2 out of 5 Badly-Timed Rats.

    Best line:
    Carla – “That’s the worst advice I’ve ever heard.”
    Dr. Cox – “Good point, Carla. Say, you don’t happen to have any other gems you wanna lay on us before you run off to couples therapy to sift through the wreckage that is the first year of your marriage, do ya?”
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