Season 5 Episode 21

My Fallen Idol

Aired Tuesday 9:30 PM May 02, 2006 on NBC

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  • Dr. Cox starts drinking again after losing three patients, and the entire hospital staff attempts to help him get through this tough time.

    This episode was definetly a huge change from the nature of last weeks very dramatic episode, but i believe that this was a good choice for thw writers to make. I scored last weeks episode with a perfect 10 out of 10 do to the perfect amount of comedy mixed with the highly dramatic ending. i was worried that this episode was going to be a very serious episode with very few comedic scenes... Well, I was wrong! this episode was one of the funniest episodes of the season with nonstop laughter and a great wrap-up of what happened last time. I found it especially hilarious with the \\\"the more you know\\\" spoof about child abuse that JD fantasized. There were also quite a few flashback moments that have been missing from the show lately. anyways, I only have one word to describe this episode... INCREDIBLE!!!
  • Cox copes with the loss of 3 patients.

    This episode was pretty much the aftermath of it all. So it wasn't that interesting, I felt like the only reason this episode got highly rated was because of that last emotional scene between Cox & JD. Basically everyone goes to comfort Cox except JD. JD is upset that Cox went to work drunk. But there was a real reason, that JD doesn't reveal till the end. Nothing else really happened except for everyone trying to help Cox. And Turk's surgeon problem which is quite forgettable as a whole. People might not like the fact that I'm calling this episode "nothing special" but nothing really happened except for that last emotional scene. Some definite funny moments though, such as Elliot being hit by someone with a parachute. So overall, this episode was good, but not one of the best.
  • Ok. So I cried. Scrubs just keeps getting better and better. Really. Heartwarming, this is the best show on TV.

    So I finished watching My Lunch on my iPod and was pretty much on the verge of tears.
    So what did I do? Well, just started watching this episode! The fact that they did continue the previous storyline (as was the case with Ms. Wilk and Cabbage) shows just how much this show has matured. Of course it used to be all about laughs before, and it still has them... and plenty, but recently on Scrubs more profound themes have been portrayed and I must say I'm LOVING IT (na na na na na!).
    J.D. is actually getting closer and closer to Dr. Cox. Now that he's an attending not only does Dr. Cox in fact treat him as an equal, he respects him and appreciates him as he hasn't ever before.
    I mean, when J.D. talks him out of his exile, and when Perry actually calls him by his name... man! Thank god I restrained myself otherwise there would not have been enough tissues to dry my eyes.
    Yeah, I know, I'm probably overreacting, but one of the reasons I like Scrubs so much is that I identify in some ways to the dorky J.D. (don't we all?) and one way or another I think we all have. I believe we all project ourselves on one character or another and when they are in an emotional situation we can all picture ourselves in it. SO that's what did it for me.
    The characters are all growing up and so is every single aspect of the show.
    Keep 'em coming.
  • Dr Cox meltdown

    This is one of my favorite episodes, actually. Just seeing Dr Cox break into pieces, that's something you really remember for a long time. But the thing I, and everyone else I'm sure, really really love about this one is the fact that you really see how much JD means to Cox. When Cox is depressed in his apartment and the others tell him that JD couldn't come, you can really see how disappointed and sad Cox was. And the fact that it's JD who managed to pull him out of his misery is another lovely aspect of the episode. I really love it, this episode really puts a whole lot of love out there.
  • The gang try and save Dr. Cox from drowning in his own pity..

    This episode is rather moving. The group from the hospital join together to take shifts to look after Dr. Cox, after he is suspended from work for showing up drunk. J.D. makes a poor excuse to get out of his shift to look after Doctor Cox by saying he doesn't agree with what he did. Though in the end, J.D. goes to look after Cox and explains why he didn't come initially and that he is proud of Dr. Cox for still caring so much for his patients after all these years.

    At the end when they are all at the bar celebrating Cox's return he thanks J.D. for bringing him back. I love the relationship between Cox and J.D. Cox is more than J.D's mentor though he won't admit it any time soon.
  • This one's a bit of a tearjerker...

    In my opinion, this is perhaps the episode that best illustrates the relationship between J.D. and Dr. Cox, by looking at the scene when it's J.D.'s shift to watch an alcohol-soaked unresponsive Dr. Cox; J.D.'s explaination of why he didn't come initially and his reasons for being so proud of Dr. Cox for still caring so much after all these years evokes the first positive response from him after he entered his downward spiral, even if those words happened to be "You don't drink scotch". It has always been evident that Dr. Cox is more than just a mentor to J.D. and that he is also a sort of father-figure to him, however this particular scene spelled it out more clearly to me than ever before.
  • I like the final speech that J.D. give Dr. Cox. It shows a real human side of both of them.

    It always bothered me that Dr. Cox didn't let J.D. and Turk work when they had a few beers, but he gets super drunk and goes to work. I like the fact that J.D. never throws it in his face either. This episode is a great example of a how people, even doctors, don't always make the right choices, and that sometimes thats o.k., because there's always somebody there to call you on it and pick you up. It is a very heart-touching episode, For sure it makes my top 5! keep it up Mr. Lawrence and the genius writers. Scrubs rules!!!
  • The staff tries to cheer Dr. Cox up after he accidently kills three patients.

    On the last episode, Cox had accidently caused the death of three patients. Now he isnt talking and being very remorse in his house. The staff takes turns trying to help him and make him better, but with no luck. When it became JD's turn he didnt go becuase he was worried of Cox so much. Finally JD goes and tells Cox that he's a good doctor and its good after so many years he still takes things this badly. Cox finally quits drinking and goes back to work.
  • Dr. Cox drinks to deal with losing three patients, and JD can't handle it.

    This is a series classic, and shows how Dr. Cox's downfall. Seeing him sitting on the couch, and not in the hospital busting everyone's back because that's the person he is, is a necessary change. He has always seemed like the invincible doctor, like a superhero as JD put it, and to see him react this emotionally, gives his character more strength. Seeing him at the end of the episode, hugging everyone, and when he thanks JD, I think that was the first time I actually believed his emotions were real, and that he wasn't just yanking someone's chain to get a cheap laugh. Great episode.
  • Another great episode.

    This episode proved again, why Scrubs is just so amazing. Dr. Cox had 3 patients die on him in the previous episode, 'My Lunch'. In this episode he is grieving, and Crala arranges for everyone (Elliot, Turk etc.) to comfort him, in sessions. Each session is funny in its way; for example, Todd and Ted's band's session, Elliot flashback etc. But its funny in a way, that it ruins the situation and takes away at the emotion. That's why Scrubs is so amazing, it's way of switching emotion and humor in seconds.

    I wasn't really into Turk's storyline much though and his new attending. Some bits were funny, but i was too caught up in Dr. Cox's story. Anyway, a great episode.
  • "Daddy drinks a lot."

    In this episode Coxer comes to work drunk after 3 of his paitents died. And the episode is about helping him deal with it. Dr. Cox's role was great in this episode, and it shown how hard it hit him what happened in "My Lunch", and it was nice to see J.D. help him back up. This was a good episode, and it was funny.
  • Dr. Cox takes it personal after three unexplained deaths on his watch. It turned out to be rabies but it does not change his mode. The hospital staff tries to cheer him up, who by now is drinking in silence.

    Two aspects of this episode stand out for me. One- JD refuses his "cheering up Dr. Cox" round until the very end. Then he comes over and in a heart to heart, explains his "super hero" opinion of Cox and how that is his problem to deal with. Then admires that after 20 years Cox still cares that much and can only hope to emulate that. How does Perry Cox snap out of it? When JD tries a sip of Cox's drink he's told, "You don't drink scotch." Classic. Then at the bar afterward when the staff is celebrating with Cox JD is standing in the back avoiding the attention. Perry comes up to him, puts his hand on his shoulder and says, "JD, thank you." No woman's name here. Perry saw JD as a friend.
  • Dr. Cox and JD

    After 20 years as a doctor Dr. Cox still takes it so hard when he loses a patient, that's really the mark of a good doctor and a good person. I mean first he was just so sad we saw that a lot, then he started acting out (which was just so funny), and then when he came in to work drunk. I mean that was the wrong thing to do but like Turk said I really felt for the guy. I couldn't imagine how it must have felt to feel as though you were responsible for the deaths of your patients, for people. It's a good thing he has JD, though he would never admitt he needed him. He see's him as this larger then life superhero who is always so confident and powerful and it's nice that he can remind him of that even when Dr. Cox is at kind of a rocky place. Good for JD.

    There there's the janitor and his knife wrench. He just keeps popping up with it. Knife wrench, it's practical and safe! And then he stabs himself in the leg. He is so hilarious.
  • Dr Cox starts drinking

    JD has to face Dr Cox's drinking problem in order for him to help him get over it but he is too scared.

    I liked this episode, it shows that Perry isn't the superhero that he always pretends to be.

    Turk facing his hugging problem is funny, I love the way he just duck and people go flying over him. I wish I could do that with such skill.

    More funny tales of the past come to light. BUt what happened to the birthday trip that Eliot had to plan for the patient because JD said she had? Did he really get to Las Vegas or did he get stuck in his hospital bed? I guess we will never know.
  • Sad episode, great example after My Lunch...

    I think this was a really sad episode, I don't know, it was not entirely sad from its beginnings I kind of like everything going on with Turk and his new boss, but I like the sad end in which thanks to JD, Cox was able to get through the guilt he was feeling because of the death of three of his patients, which was really awesome, I just love this episode, and I think that is one of the saddest episodes...
  • Sensies and Knife-Wrenches

    This episode is a great follow up from the previous "My Lunch" episode which was spectacular and it takes great writers to have a character come back from a moment like that in a believable and entertaining way which Scrubs of course manages to do in this installment.

    Turk's subplot interacts well with JD's involvement in the main plot of bringing Dr Cox back to Sacred Heart as it shows role reversal on who depends on who.

    Once again, the fifth season of Scrubs proves to be one of the best so far with yet another hilarious episode thst also shows how the different characters deal with problems.
  • Great episode!

    Dr. Cox begins to feel really depressed due to the death of his patients, but when he comes to work drunk, they decide that he should go out to rest. He hardly talks and just sits on the couch without moving, so Carla in an attempt to help him, signs on shifts for each of the staff to go on visit him and help him out, when it comes to JD's turn, he decides that he can't do it, and decides to help Turk instead, is not until the end when JD realizes what Cox means to him, so he talks with him and manages to get his confidence back, later there is a celebration in his honor. Really cool episode!
  • Emmy Material

    I realize that most liked Lunch better than this follow-up episode, but I believe this episode was as powerful if not more so than Lunch. I think Johnny C. alone deserves an Emmy for this episode. Zack Braff easily deserves a nod too. Between Lunch and My Fallen Idol which I really think as one, Johnny C. and Zack Braff pull off two amazing performances!

    Scrubs is at its best when it can make you cry and laugh in the same episode, and sometimes even at the exact same time. My Fallen Idol will give you goosebumps and you might just feel a little better about humanity. A Must See! (but dont forget to watch Lunch first)
  • Dr. Cox tries to drink himself to death. He is still upset over the deaths from last episode.

    The usuall gang teams up and decides to stay with Dr. Cox at his apartment until he pulls out of it, if he ever does. Dr. Cox does not say a word to anyone and continous to drink heavily. Through the episode, they have the gut busting laughs, but overall this episode is heart touching, like the previous one. At the end, JD gives Cox a long speech at his apartment about how he wants to be a doctor JUST like Cox and it gets very emotional. At the end, Jd saves him and gets him out of it.
  • Great Show!!!

    This week there was a more serious mood, as Dr. Cox has now stopped coming to work and is basically an alcoholic because he feels that’s because of him three patients had died. Carla decides that everyone has to pitch in and spend some time with Dr. Cox so that he always has someone for support. So Jordan, Ted, Bob, Elliot, Turk, and J.D are all given times that they must show up and support Dr. Cox. When it is J.D.’s turn to go and visit Cox he refuses to go because he was disappointed with Dr. Cox for showing up to the hospital drunk, but the real reason is deeper then that and so J.D. must tell Dr. Cox the way he feels.
  • Dr Cox needs help

    The team now look at Dr Cox in a new light after he accidentally caused three people to die and now he really needs the help of his students!
    In particular, JD who has since, been by his side right
    Before the series began. Great acting and writing makes this show great to see.
    It would be a pity if it got cancelled!
  • I love this show.

    This episode is exactly why I love Scrubs. I know that JD is the main character, but the reason this show is so good is because there are so many other great characters to build him up. You can really see how much the relationship has changed between Cox and JD throughout the years. It is great. I mean the only one who could help Cox out was JD. The mentor needed help from the newby, to say. This show is great. Every episode gets better and better. I salute you Scrubs. Kudos and kudos again to you. Keep doing it.
  • Dr. Cox turns to alcohol after feeling responsible for the death of three patients.

    This was an amazing episode. It actually made me cry, which is an incredibly rare occurence with TV shows, books, and movies.
    JD is forced to look at his mentor in a new light when Dr. Cox goes on a drinking binge.
    The roles are switched for once, and Dr. Cox needs JD instead of the other way around.
    JD finally gets his wish for an obvious sign of affection from Dr. Cox, but it's bittersweet. I think that scene makes this episode seem even more realistic.
    The characters come to realizations about themselves, and I don't they'll ever be quite the same again.
    I haven't been watching the show in the last couple of years, and I randomely flipped to it last Tuesday and saw this episode. I plan to keep watching.
  • The thing is that it still has to be one of my favorite episodes ever because of the last lines. Dr. Cox: JD, thanks I cried so much! It was one of the greatest scenes on the show ever.

    Well, I have to say that I accpected more for this episode, and I think that they could have done it so much better!

    I waited a lot for this eppisode and I thought it was a great storyline. It could have been one of the bests episodes and it could've been really amazing. But they kind of screwed it up.

    But after that been said, it wasn't a bad episode, it was good a one! Scrubs are geunies and it's hard to find bad episodes on it. It just could've been so much better.

    The thing is that it still has to be one of my favorite episodes ever because of the last lines.

    Dr. Cox: JD, thanks

    I cried so much! It was one of the greatest scenes on the show ever.

    That was soooo amazing when he said it! I had a feeling he would do it. But they didn't screw this part out, that part was so good! And it was so cute from JD that he didn't start dancing from joy because Perry called him by his name. He was shoked but he just said "Your welcome". But I'm pritty sure he was jumping inside, And then he had that cute smile and you could see how it meant for him. I've seen this scene so many times.

    John was great in this episode.

    The scene when JD came to Perry's house was very good ! and also the scene when Kelso went there.

    The episode wasn't just dramtic and sad, it was very funny too.

    Some of the funniest parts:

    -The scene about smothering kids was so fuuny! "Don't smother your kids" LOL!

    -The "Knife whernch" thing was so funny! The Jantior was so funny. "For kids" LOL!

    -The scene when Carla talks about the shifts she wants them to fo with Dr. Cox. She was shouting and evertyhing and it was so funny. Also when Kelso says Jordan is beating Dr. Cox and she agrees and the part when Jordan says "I'm dead inside" or sonething like that.

    So, it was a good episode and the last line where Dr. Cox calls JD JD was amaznig.
  • Dr. Cox is three sheets to the wind and not loving it. I'm still jealous of the doctor because he got to go on a drinking binge and get away with it.

    Although this episode was not as emotionally gripping as the previous episode, this episode did tie up some--not all-- loose ends in a coherent and entertaining manner. My main gripe with the episode is that Dr. Cox called J.D. by J.D. instead of some girl name like Joanna. Next thing you know, Dr. Cox will call J.D. "Dr. Dorian." I miss the old cocky Cox who derived happiness from the misery of others. The whole episode makes it seem as if Dr. Cox fashions himself as a role model [which goes to part of my theory as to why he hates Keith all of a sudden], which gives the Dr. Cox a very human element. Admittedly, I have always loved Scrubs for being able to balance comedy with real emotional conflict. But as I mentioned earlier, I have always been entertained by the sarcastic and self-involved Dr. Cox. He is a man who feeds off accolades. If Dr. Cox becomes pussified (the 3rd grader in me just laughed), I might lose interest in the character altogether. You hear me Scrubs? You're riding a fine line over there!

    JD seems to be taking huge strides this season as well. His realization at the end goes to a part of JD that I see everyday in society. JD has always reminded me of all the non-confident babies who need to "feel" as if they are taken care of. JD is how old? 30? Whatever age he is, the little boy who daydreams needs to grow the f up. And that touchy-feely surgeon needs to become a man too. I thought it was hilarious that the touchy-feely surgeon has been divorced 7 times. How true... Overall, this episode represents Scrubs unique ability to ride the fine line between comedy and drama.
  • This episode is a continuation of "My Lunch." After the deaths of three patients, Dr. Cox feels responsible. As he turns to the bottle, the staff of Sacred Heart tries to help him get through it. Meanwhile, Turk begins a rotation in orthopedic surgery.

    This is yet another fantastic episode. While I didn't find it quite as intense as "My Lunch," which this is a continuation of, I thought it was a really good episode. To see Dr. Cox that upset, and just pounding down scotch, was really interesting. I guess when people feel overwhelmed, they turn to anything that gives them some relief. But I especially loved how the rest of the staff rallied around him and tried to help him out. Even Dr. Kelso visited with him, which maybe we shouldn't be too surprised by, considering that they do have a VERY grudging respect for each other. Oh yeah...John C. McGinley should win an Emmy this year!!
  • This episode started off a tad iffy and there wer some unsettled issues at the end that had me feeling gyped but in the end, the conclusion completely makes up for any of the misses that i felt this episode had.

    Doctor Cox shows up to work drunk and ends up taking a leave of absence after his actions led to the death of three patients in the previous episode. J.D., furious at Dr. Cox for coming in drunk, refuses to go visit him.

    What i didn't enjoy about this episode was that the transition from the last episode was very weak. the last episode ends on a sad dramatic note, and this episode starts off with jokes and banter about dr.cox's problem. There were also a few other subplots to this episode such as the old man who was promised a birthday party and ends up being offered a trip to vegas, and Turk's new attending who is overly sensitive. however neither of these issues seemed to get tied up in the end and i was left wondering what they were going to do with those problems.

    Even still, the conclusion saves the day and ends on a heartwarming note as J.D. finally confronts Dr. Cox and we see a genuine connecting moment between the two that is always welcome. It adds a more human side to Dr. Cox.
  • Brilliant, a perfect follow up to the previous episode.

    One thing we must remember about Scrubs is that its a comedy show. Last weeks episode contained brilliant and emotional drama, and this weeks follow up stayed with that mood whilst keeping the comedic feeling.

    Dr Cox was again brilliant in this episode, his reaction when he knew JD wasn\\\'t coming to see him said it all. Cox needs JD and JD needs Cox.
    The ending, where Dr Cox says \\\"JD, Thank You.\\\" was highly emotional and was the kind of moment I had been waiting for since the show started. Cox didn\\\'t call JD by a girls name, the only other time he called him JD was in the pilot episode.

    It was also a welcome return for the not too silly or over the top \\\"flashbacks\\\", when Turn tipped JD over his shoulders and when Elliot was hit by a parachuter in the meadow were both hilarious moments and reminded me of vintage Scrubs.

  • Everyone tries to help Dr. Cox, and Turk has a problem with his new attending.

    I think this was a great episode that reminded me a lot of the originals three, four years ago. There were more fantasy scenes that have been missing this season, and the feel of the show was just so much more typical of classic Scrubs.

    It was wonderful to see the writers come back from an intense, dramatic episode to this one. There was the typical Act I-Act II structure, and I pleased to see the writers keep the comedy without letting the drama override the episode. Had they kept the dark, moody end of the previous installment, I would have thought Grey\'s Anatomy had taken over.

    The comedic timing was good, the acting was good, and the plot advanced smoothly. It still is remarkable how much the characters have changed over the last five years. This kind of character development is something that few shows, much less sitcoms, ever attempt. People may mourn the loss of the brutal Cox, scathing Jordan, or heartless Kelso, but the changes in their characters make them much more human, and open up many more possibilities for the writers that wouldn\'t have been possible three years ago.

    JD admits in this episode that he needs this father-figure to always be watching over him, and this is a characteristic present ever since the first season. However, his acknowledgement that it\'s his problem, and that Cox can\'t fix it for him, is a step toward his personal growth. The nature of JD and Cox\'s relationship has changed so much. At the end of third season, Cox told JD that he would never stop being his teacher. At times, JD has imparted his own little lessons on Cox, and at this point the two are at a new turning point.

    I can only hope that this series will continue. NBC would be deeply troubled to let such a unique show go to the wayside.
  • I liked it, I almost always do, but I wanted more, they had a such a great build up in the previous episode, so much more could have been done.

    In the previous episode I was in tears when Dr. Cox took out his anger over losing his patients on the machine next to him. I've never felt so bad for a character in a show ever before.
    That is why I expected much more with the Dr. Cox as a fallen hero story line. I didn't enjoy the addition of other characters in such an important episode.
    In my opinion they should have devoted more time to the emotional state of Dr. Cox and also they should have considered his feelings more than J.D's.
    All in all though, it is yet another great installation in a great show. I do always laugh at things and I am never completely disappointed.
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