Season 5 Episode 21

My Fallen Idol

Aired Tuesday 9:30 PM May 02, 2006 on NBC

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  • Ok. So I cried. Scrubs just keeps getting better and better. Really. Heartwarming, this is the best show on TV.

    So I finished watching My Lunch on my iPod and was pretty much on the verge of tears.
    So what did I do? Well, just started watching this episode! The fact that they did continue the previous storyline (as was the case with Ms. Wilk and Cabbage) shows just how much this show has matured. Of course it used to be all about laughs before, and it still has them... and plenty, but recently on Scrubs more profound themes have been portrayed and I must say I'm LOVING IT (na na na na na!).
    J.D. is actually getting closer and closer to Dr. Cox. Now that he's an attending not only does Dr. Cox in fact treat him as an equal, he respects him and appreciates him as he hasn't ever before.
    I mean, when J.D. talks him out of his exile, and when Perry actually calls him by his name... man! Thank god I restrained myself otherwise there would not have been enough tissues to dry my eyes.
    Yeah, I know, I'm probably overreacting, but one of the reasons I like Scrubs so much is that I identify in some ways to the dorky J.D. (don't we all?) and one way or another I think we all have. I believe we all project ourselves on one character or another and when they are in an emotional situation we can all picture ourselves in it. SO that's what did it for me.
    The characters are all growing up and so is every single aspect of the show.
    Keep 'em coming.