Season 5 Episode 21

My Fallen Idol

Aired Tuesday 9:30 PM May 02, 2006 on NBC



  • Trivia

    • While in Dr. Cox's apartment, Elliot tells Dr. Cox that she was able to get over the death of a malaria patient even though she put him through agonizing pain before his death.

      This is a reference to Season 4's episode "My Hypocritical Oath." In that episode, Elliot ignored Dr. Kelso's warning that the treatment of the malaria patient was unwise. The death of the patient led to Elliot's feelings of remorse.

    • Featured Music:
      "Something Else" by Gary Jules
      "Put On A Happy Face" performed by The Blanks

    • Dr. Kim (the doctor who makes everybody drop their pants) is played by Ming Lo; Ming Lo plays another character by the same name in the season 9 episode of the X-Files, "4-D".

    • The balls Todd picks up from Dr. Cox's table to joke about when he fills in for J.D. have also appeared in Turk and J.D.'s apartment in many earlier episodes.

    • In the scene where Carla visits Dr. Cox at his home, the Scotch bottle still contains some, but when the camera angle changes, it is not only empty but also in a different position. If Dr. Cox supposedly poured out the remaining part in his glass then it should make a clear sound, since the table is made of glass.

    • This episode contains one of the few times Dr. Cox has called Zach Braff's character 'J.D.' as opposed to a girl's name.

    • Dr. Cox has only four lines in this episode.

    • The two balls on the table during the J.D. and Dr. Cox scene at the end changes position during the scene. The right one is at first closest to the couch, but later it is the left one that is closest to it.

    • If the Janitor is supposedly hitting J.D. on his hand, why is it making a sound that sounds like metal hitting metal?

    • When J.D. wants to hug Turk, but he throws him away, J.D. is thrown out of the screen, but when the camera angle changes, J.D. is in the middle of the screen.

    • There is no sign of anyone holding the button in the surgery room when J.D. and Dr. Stone are hugging, so how can Turk hear them?

    • J.D. teaches the boy's parents about Münchhausen Syndrome and how it causes parents to harm their children for the attention. Technically that was called Münchhausen Syndrome by Proxy; Münchhausen Syndrome is when a person fakes or causes illness in themselves for attention. In 2002, Münchhausen Syndrome by Proxy was renamed Fabricated or Induced Illness or FII.

  • Quotes

    • Dr. Cox: (Drunk) Newbie, would you give me some trouble, I'm having a little help here.

    • J.D.'s Narration: Maybe he just needed time to heal, or maybe he just needed to see how much everybody cared. But I'd like to believe that it was because of me that he was finally able to say this:
      Dr. Cox: You don't drink scotch.

    • J.D.: I guess after all this time I still think of you as like this superhero that will help me out of any situation I'm in. I needed that. But that's my problem, you know, and I'll deal with that. I guess I came over here to tell you how proud of you I am. Not because you did the best you could for those patients. But because after twenty years of being a doctor... when things go badly you still take it this hard. And I've gotta tell you man, I mean... that's the kind of doctor I want to be.

    • Jack: Daddy drinks a lot.
      Jordan: His first complete sentence. Fantastic.

    • Jordan: Hello Bob...No cheek kiss necessary.
      Dr. Kelso: Oh good, I have pipe breath. Sooo...When was the last time I was here, '97? I know it has been a while because Enid could still fit through that door. I shouldn't joke, she is very ill.

    • Elliot: You know what I do when I have a really tough time getting through things? I just leave the city, get into nature and just stalk of what really is important...Just make sure that you don't go to a popular parachute drop zone (gets hit by a parachuter.)

    • Patient: I'm just worried about this mole.
      Dr. Kim: Doesn't look cancerous. Eeeh, get in there and take your pants off.

    • Dr. Kelso: Hello Perry. I don't really know why I'm here but nurse Espinosa said that if I didn't swing by that she would stop coming over to my house and giving instructions to my pool boy. He speaks perfect English but he doesn't have any front teeth so I can never look at him without laughing.

    • Turk: Damn! That boy is going to town on that carrot.
      Dr. Kelso: You fellas want to go to a real donkey show? It's really very tastefully done. I understand that one of the woman who entertains the donkeys used to be on Soap.
      J.D. & Turk: Pass!
      Dr. Kelso: Well, standing invitation every Thursday.
      J.D.: Always pass, sir.
      Dr. Kelso: Well, I'll ask Mickhead.

    • Elliot: Oh it was so sad.
      Janitor: I know! When I first heard about it I was like, "Whoa! No way!"
      J.D.: You don't even know what we are talking about.
      Janitor: Sure I do - the donkey-boy on ICU.
      Carla: We are talking about Dr. Cox.
      Janitor: Oh...Well if anyone is interested, there is a donkey-boy in the ICU.

    • J.D.: You had a tough day at the office, so you come home, make yourself some dinner, smother your kids, pop in a movie, maybe have a drink. It's fun right? Wrong. Don't smother your kids.

    • Turk: How the hell am I supposed to cry?
      Janitor: You need to cry, let's brainstorm. I could hit you over the head with the wrench, or I could stab you in the gut with the knife. Knife-Wrench! Practical and safe.

    • Turk: Is there another guy on this planet who is that sensitive?
      J.D.: Okay, let it out. I've got you. J.D. has got you. Hold me tighter, a little too tight...There is a good spot.

    • Todd: Nurse I need you to help me to drain some fluid. But first we are going to have to get to work on this patient.
      Turk: Todd, take this scalpel and carve this into your arm: No nurse will ever touch your dangle.

    • Carla: ...unless there are any questions, this meeting is adjourned.
      Elliot: Oh!
      Dr. Kelso, Turk & J.D.: Awww! Gosh!
      Elliot: What?!
      Dr. Kelso: For God's sake, Reid! There is a donkey-boy upstairs.

    • Carla: Alright people, listen up! We are a family and what do families do when one of their own is in trouble?
      Elliot: When my brother Barry came out of the closet my parents send him to hetero-camp.
      Carla: Families that aren't from Connecticut.

    • J.D.'s Narration: The truth is, thanks to modern medicine, 80 isn't that big of a deal anymore. It's not like the olden days.
      Fantasy J.D.: Let us not feel sorrow for Bobby Adams. He was 12. He lead a full life. He will be missed, especially by his beautiful wife, Jenny, who stood by him even when he turned six, had a midlife crisis and was caught banging one of those people naked people that brought us corn.
      J.D.: I'd be the oldest man in Pilgrim Village.

    • Dr. Kim: Yep, you've got the pink eye.
      Patient: Can I put my pants back on?
      Dr. Kim: Right after I put some drops in.

    • (Janitor hits J.D. with a wrench)
      J.D.: Owww! (points at Turk) He is the one that needs to cry you idiot, not me!
      (Janitor hits J.D. again)
      J.D.: Owww!
      Janitor: Oh yeah, I forgot about that crying stuff...

    • Keith: Did Elliot leave without telling me?
      Jordan: Why is there an intern in my bathroom? It's not my birthday.
      Keith: She made me watch.

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • Dr. Stone: We're not so different, you and I.

      A phrase from Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery.

    • Jerome Bettis:
      J.D. tells Dr. Cox that he was able to watch the Super Bowl in Cox's apartment (in disguise) because he was a fan of Jerome Bettis, "whoever the hell that is".

      Bettis is a former NFL player who spent his career with the Los Angeles/St. Louis Rams and Pittsburgh Steelers. He won the Super Bowl with the Steelers in 2006, his final season in the league.

    • Celine Dion:
      Celine Dion is a Canadian singer, songwriter and actress. In 2002 she signed a contract to do a show combination of dance, music and visual effects in Las Vegas.

    • The More You Know:
      Airing since 1989, The More You Know is a series of public service announcements hosted by various NBC celebrities.