Season 3 Episode 20

My Fault

Aired Tuesday 9:30 PM Apr 22, 2004 on NBC

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  • JD confesses his love for Elliot.

    A fantastic episode that was great buildup for the wedding episode. Turk & Carla prep up for the wedding, and Carla has gone in to stress mode. She ends up having to dis-invite some people. Dr. Miller seems to be oddly nice to Turk, but then she gets mad again,a and acts terrible towards him throughout the episode He tries to find out the cause throughout the episode. JD has to continue seeing Sean & Elliot together, and he finds out they're going to move in together. JD breaks it off with Danni... again. I don't like how they made her unlikable just for the sake of JD being likable. After he breaks up with her, Danni continues to show up at the hospital and she says when he gets Elliot, he will realize he wont want her, because he wants what he can't have. In the end, he confesses his feelings for Elliot. Elliot ends up breaking up with her boyfriend, Sean (Thank god!). I jumped for joy when Elliot & JD finally got together, but by the end it looks like Danni was right all along. JD does want what he can't have, and when he has it, he doesn't want it anymore. So when he finally has Elliot, he realizes he doesn't want her anymore, it was kind of upsetting considering how much buildup they have had for these two. Ever since "My Sex Buddy" JD has liked her, which was in season 2! I liked the full body scan plot, I also like how they brought the hypochondriac patient from the past, he fit perfectly with this episode. All plots were enjoyable, and Turk finds out that the reason Dr. Miller was being mad at him, was because she was uninvited to the wedding. Great episode.
  • J.D. and Danni apathetically break it off- again

    I liked Danni. I really did, so i was kinda wishing that she'd stay with JD for a little longer. But instead of more Danni, we get more of the annoying Sean. Elliot now wants to move in with him *sign*Carla freaks about all the last-second details for the wedding just a few weeks away, which i found kinda annoying.Dr. Cox makes a bet with Dr. Kelso against healthy patients taking full-body MRI scans. That was my favorite subplot! Back then, Cox and Kelso can save every episode. The hypochondriac Mr. Corman was also hilarious and i liked the Janitor and Cox in the bar.
  • Great ... Greater ... Greatest ... then Awwwwww!

    I thought this episode was so powerful, human and funny all the way through - until the end. I loved the vebal volleys throughout. All guest stars contributed signficantly and uniquely (especially hypochondriac guy &, I hate to say it, Tara Reid). I thought the lathargic conversation preceding their sexual rondezvous b/n JD & Tara Reid's character was hilarious! I love how JD got through to Elliot. It was so well played and sincere. I bought it.

    His 'I don't want her' seemed SO VERY arbitrary - just to prolong the dance! There was no reason for him to swing from getting back with her - to sprinting for the hills - so quickly. Nothing. I think it needed to be justified at a high level. It is THE significant on-again off-again relationship in the show. I don't care if they're together or not, but dramatic changes in that relationship deserve more justification that an internal scream. An amazing episode - a 'top-fiver' for me, prior to that proclamation. I must admit that the episodes that followed played off this storyline well - don't get me wrong. I just wanted them to get to that point in a better way.
  • Jd and Elliot

    Jd has to continue to watch Jd and Sean in their happy little relationship, as Elliot invites Sean to move in with her. But after Jd comes clean about all his feelings for Elliot she is forced to make a choice and in the end despite being in a relationship with Sean she choses Jd. And that's that. They are finlly together, happy, and in love. Or so we are lead to believe.

    JD's Narration: I think that the problem with most people who want what they can't have is that, when they actually get the thing they covet, they don't want it anymore. But not this guy.
    Elliot: Well, Dr. Dorian, you have me. You finally have me.
    JD's Thoughts: Oh, my God! I DON'T WANT HER!
  • A good episode, but it could have been great if they had of left out the final 5 seconds.

    My Fault is in many ways a great episode. It features an interesting plotline about the final preperations for Turk and Carla's wedding, showing them as a good couple who are willing to make sacrifices for each other. It also features a good plotline in which Cox and Kelso are battling over the morality of full body scans, with Cox attempting to convince Mr Corman (the hypochondriac patient from S2, My New Old Friend) not to get one. There are many hillarious moments in this episode, such as The Todd getting kicked out of surgery for making a sex jokes and saying "totally worth it." This episode features one of the funniest flashbacks of all time, when Turk and JD went to the NBA playoffs but JD made a mistake, so an excited Turk didn't get to see Michael Jordan and tore his hair out.

    But this episode is dragged down by it's 3rd plotline, involving JD and Elliot's relationship. In seasons 1, 2 and 3, this story arc led to many great episodes and moments. But in My Fault, the writers decided to butcher this brilliant element of the show using a weak plotline. At the beginning of the episode, a new character trait for JD, 'wanting what he can't have', is invented to justify the plotline. Later, a bad 'Ross and Rachel' comparison is made. And at the very end of the episode, JD and Elliot get back together, only to have JD scream out "I DON'T WANT HER!" Not only was this one of the worst moments of Scrubs ever, it was incredibly out of character for JD and was a bad plot contradiction against previous events in JD and Elliot's relationship. The moment where JD confessed his love to Elliot earlier in the episode was touching and sad, but was ruined by the ending.

    Overall, this episode is good, but was held back by the "I DON'T WANT HER" moment. But remember that even a bad Scrubs episode is better than an episode of any other TV show.
  • A good episode!

    This episode is a really cool episode. First of all is the fact with JD, Elliot, and Sean in which JD tries to get Elliot by every mean that he can, and when she announces that she invited Sean into her place, that only adds to his problems. While, Danni just keeps telling JD that he only wishes what he can have, and that causes JD to get really mad at her, finally he tells Elliot how he feels about her, and when he finally her, he finds out that he does not wants her. Meanwhile, Kelso and Cox fight over a patient that is afraid of all of his illness over doing full body scans, and Turk fights over Carla because according to him she is just doing the wedding in her own things.
  • A bad episode of Scrubs is still better than the best episode of almost any other show. . .

    It's the Sam and Diane episode, mark III. It's Maddie and David. It's the "They will!"

    And it's all wrong. I understand that the tension in the Elliott/JD relationship is crucial to a lot of the humor of the season, but the slap-dash way in which the issue is addressed is so amazingly out of character.

    JD wants what he can't have, thus summing up his relationship issues with Elliott in one phrase. Of course, the idea is only introduced at the top of this one episode. So when Elliott arrives in JD's apartment and declares her love, JD obviously has to _immediately_ decide that he doesn't really want her. And then there's Elliott, who left JD's bed to have sex with her just-returned boyfriend (don't get me started), only to dump the boyfriend after JD made one speech about love. So thirty seconds after they get together (again!), it's over.

    Is the point of this episode to make sure that each of these characters have one despicable act on their conscience? Because who can believe that JD (or anyone) can turn on a dime like that, especially about someone with whom he obviously has such a strong connection?

    My critism boils down to this: in a comedy that has put such a strong emphasis on character development, it is disappointing when that is left by the wayside in order to tell a joke. Much of the character development around JD and Elliott's relationship went awry this season, and this episode is the poster-boy for what's wrong.
  • Cox Vs Kelso to win Mr Corman's soul

    JD wants what he can’t have in this great Scrubs episode which explores the relationship between Elliot and JD and the wedding crises between Turk and Carla.

    There are terrific moments in this episode such as the comparison of JD wanting Turk’s cereal since it was the last of it and Turk not wanting white figures on his wedding cake along with memorable scenes like Dr Miller making Turk hold back fat flaps when she is uninvited by Carla to the wedding and of course the main moment where JD realises “Oh my god, you don’t want her!”

    Overall, this episode is very entertaining as it both ends Elliot and Sean’s relationship and buries Danni and JD’s. Another successful barrel of laughs from the third season of Scrubs.
  • Perhaps the most pivotal and heart-warming scrubs episode I have ever seen. The most epic love story.

    The past few episodes prior to this one, were about Elliot's ongoing serious relationship with Sean, and naturally, J.D. is mortified to the core. The plot only begins to thicken when it is established that Sean plans to move in with J.D.. But the episode isn't so amazing solely due to J.D. and Elliot's scene, there are two additional heartwarming storylines involving Turk and Carla about the wedding, and Dr. Kelso and Dr. Cox's duel against the body scans.

    As mentioned above, Elliot and Sean are in a serious relationship and J.D., naturally, is hurt (to say the least). The plot only begins to thicken when J.D., having just broken up with Danny, whom he was eternally grateful for, tells him, "You want what you can't have, J.D." J.D. thinks this through in his head for a while, but is distracted by the sight of the love of his life being swept away by her prince charming, Sean. After it is known that they (Elliot and Sean) are moving in together, J.D. is extremley resentful towards Sean. As always, J.D. decides to bestow his pain upon Elliot and Sean by being his typical, condescending self. He tells Elliot that when couples move in together they almost always break up and somebody ends up murdered. Elliot becomes frightened and rushes off. After having heard the lies J.D. imposed upon Elliot, Sean confronts J.D. and tells him, "Look, J.D., You've had so many chances and you've never stepped up to the plate. Me--I'm terrified. But I am going for it because that's how much Elliot and I mean to each other." J.D.

    Before I go into detail the conclusion of their tale, I must interject the very well written storyline of Kelso and Cox for this episode. Dr. Kelso asks Dr. Cox if he should go ahead and offer free body scans. Cox--being the arrogant, yet aggresivley, caring man he is, says it's ethically wrong to worry people like that. Kelso says, "Yes, I suppose it is a bit ethically wrong", and walks off. Cox is amazed that Kelso took his advice, until he finds out that he went ahead and did the free body scans. Cox tells Kelso that he is going to talk the first person out of a body scan, and if he fails, he kisses Kelso's ring. But like any hypochondriac would do, Mr. Corman (a returning patient), walks in to get one and Cox tries to buy him out with dinner. The bet slips out, and Mr. Corman becomes furious, and goes ahead with it. We find that Cox is still ardent to the ethical cause and tells him the blatant truth that any person, hypochondriac or not, would worry themselves to death. Mr. Corman is afraid of trusting him, but Kelso walks in, Cox says that Kelso wins and kisses his ring. "It's not about the bet anymore, now is it. Your shot, now." are the spoken lines he says to Corman, who in the end, does not take it and develops a sort of friendship with Dr. Cox.

    In addition to this, Carla is frustrated at Turk for not being so tolerant of her decisions. Turk decides that enough is enough when his new cheif surgeon, whom had just taken an interest in him as a docotor, is univited by Carla and thus leaving Turk on bad terms with his boss. Turk conrfonts her telling that the wedding is all about her, and grabs her wedding planner in a pit of frustration. He begins to read it and finds that she too is planning things for Turk with a big screen TV so he can watch the playoffs. Turk runs and hugs Carla and appoligizes.

    Now to the ultimate finale of all time. J.D. feels he's being unreasonable and that Sean is right about him never taking chances, so he confronts Elliot and tells her that he made all that stuff up and was just goofing around with her. Elliot thanks him and she starts to leave, but as she is leaving J.D. thinks to himself, "Maybe it's true that I'm someone who wants what can't have. But what if the thing I want, is the girl I'm supposed to end up with?" He shouts out "Should be me..", Elliot pauses and replies "What?". Then J.D. spills all and tells her that she means so much to him and how crazy he is about her. She slowly walks away while looking back, and as the other storie's finales are taking place, we see Elliot and Sean in the apartment and she tells him "Sean.. this.. This isn't going to work."

    J.D. does a recap and says how things work out in the end, except for old him sitting alone on a friday night watching Little House on the Prarie, when in comes Elliot, with a box of pizza and a whole lotta' love. She telsl him "You have me J.D., you finally have me." The last phrase spoken by J.D. in his narraration is the only thing that throws off the mood and lowers it, but I'll leave that for the viewer to watch.

    All in all--This episode contains the most beautiful love story I have ever gazed eyes upon or heard of in my life. What makes it all the more special is how much I can relate to how J.D. feels throughout the show. Combined with the other heart-worming storylines, this is easily the best episode I have ever seen. I definetly reccomened it to anyone, Scrubs fan or not.

    For these reasons above, I give it a 97 %
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