Season 4 Episode 10

My Female Trouble (2)

Aired Tuesday 9:30 PM Nov 16, 2004 on NBC

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  • Feminism.

    At first, when I finished watching this episode, I didn't really know what to make of it. At first it was sort of tying the loose end of that cliffhanger they had in the last episode, but then it turned in to a more broader topic, about female empowerment. I felt like they needed to have a better tie in to the amazing cliffhanger from the last episode, but other than that, this episode was pretty great. Great interaction that we don't see often from all the characters, such as JD and Jordan, and Elliot and the janitor. All plots were great though, and had a nice tie in with the female empowerment at the end. Elliot tries to prove herself yet a gain with a tough patient, and she pretends that she is a man because her patient is a sexist pig. Turk loses the lawsuit and pretty much is depressed throughout the whole episode, thanks to Cox for shattering his hopes and dreams with a speech, and JD for continuing to date Neena. When push comes to shove, and JD wants to break up with Neena, she wont let him. it was awesome to see Jordan battle it out with her, I'm surprised though that Jordan helped JD. It was nice interaction. Jordan, Carla, and Elliot end up to be the powerful women, the only thing that didn't set well with me is that they made men look like idiots compared to women. Isn't this supposed to be about equality? Amazing interaction from all the characters, and a good concept.
  • JD tries to break up with Neena, but she wont let him.

    Turk is being sued and he wants JD to break up with Neena. JD tries, but Neena wont let him. Meanwhile, Elliot tries to prove to Cox a patient of her's isnt a drug addict. Finally Carla trick Mr. Corman into dropping the lawsuit after she finds out he's only suing Turk because he doesnt have friends. JD goes to Jordan to break up with Neena for him and it works. Elliot finds out she was wrong about the patient and Cox was right. Cox cheers her up by saying he once gave the patient drugs and made the same mistake Elliot almost made.
  • Jd and Neena

    This is, not surprisingly, another really funny episode. Jd seeks to end his relation with the ball busting lawyer that is the legal attorney in the suit against Turk. After all attempts on his part fail he seeks to find the most evil and terrifying person he can, even more terrifying then Neena herself to break up with her for him. So, naturally that's Jordan (There's this very funny scene with her and a conical hat). Neena and Jordan face off Kill Bill Style and naturally Jordan wins.

    She also helps out Elliot, convincing her that she isn't the same intern she was four years ago when she started at Sacred Heart and she is much more competant then the other residents in the hospital. In case you didn't already notice I really like Jordan so I really enjoyed this episode.
  • As of Friday November 10th, 2006 this was the most recent episode on Comedy Central. Not that good.

    As of Friday November 10th, 2006 this was the most recent episode on Comedy Central. While it had some interesting interaction the episode as a whole was not that interesting. As with any Scrubs there were some chuckle points, and when Ted busts his head on a table, because he slips on his sweaty palms, a flat out laugh out loud moment. In general however this episode isn\\\'t that good, or that critical when put against the overall heirarchy of the show. You could skip over this episode as Comedy Central has done with some other episodes, and pretty much never notice. Comedy Central has skipped over some episodes that I personally are integral to the plot line, and they don\\\'t have a problem with it. This is a skippable one, but still good. I personally imagine this entire rambling nonesense that I just wrote down as a personal inner monolgue JD style that I hope no-one ever hears/reads..... I hate you all.
  • A female-focused episode

    The second part of the forth season two-parter in which JD is still seeing the lawyer suing Turk and doesn’t have the courage to break up with her.

    This episode is very good as it shows the three strongest women in the show, even Elliot, who recently acquired her strength while pretending to be a nurse on behalf of the male Dr Elliot Reid, whom her sexist patient thought his doctor would be.

    Cox breaking Turk’s spirit by showing how little they can do and Turk then passing this information onto a kid aspiring to be a doctor aswell as the “bunny in the hat the whole time” proof was also very good.

    Overall, this episode is very good and actually shows that the females in the show are ultimately a lot stronger than the males.
  • Some hysterical moments

    I especially love this episode for some quite hysterical moments. Like when Ted knocks himself out after slipping off the table in his own sweat. I just love the way he goes down. I laughed so hard I had to pause the playback. And of course the ending scene with Cox, Turk and J.D. as small kids - that one was just so cute.

    Summed up - a memorable episode.
  • Good episode

    Well I’m really liking season 4 of scrubs and I got to admit that the second part of yesterday episode was a lot more funnier then yesterday episode, I should start with Carla slapping J.D butt , that has to be first time I wasn’t turn on from the slap. It really did look quite painful. More disturbing was Turk flash-black with that women 6 months no action.

    Secondly, who figured out that J.D would of asked Jordan help to break up with lawyer?, loved kill bill joke with the two women. Still u would thought J.D would learnt his lesion first time with strong women (Jordan in S1)but he didn’t. I think he should avoid strong women but Elliot, for some reason I can’t think of her as strong women, she just too clumsy to be one.

    The ending with janitor taking little J.D to garbage bin was funny it would have been even more funnier if he tipped him in but we didn’t see it. Little Turk disturbs me for some reason, are 7 year-old meant to have bald head?.